1. cpicturetaker12

    PINK FLOYD's flying golden pigs will fly in front of TRUMP buildings...

    The connection of this 'art project' and the band, the book and the album (I didn't have that one) is beyond me, but it sure will be a sight, won't it?? Wonder if they'll bring the GOLDEN PIGS to Mar-a-Lago... Pink Floyd’s famed flying pigs will fly in front of Trump properties this summer...
  2. johnflesh

    Yes! I mean... Pink Floyd!!

    “If I’m the president, I’m going to try to, once and for all, reunite Pink Floyd to come together and play a couple songs,” http://thehill.com/blogs/in-the-know/in-the-know/268027-kasich-ill-reunite-pink-floyd-as-president This guy gets a nod vote.
  3. BDBoop

    Pink Floyd new album due in October

    Pink Floyd?s First Album in 20 Years Due in October - TIME Anybody else all kinds of excited??
  4. meridian5455

    Storm Thorgerson, Pink Floyd artist dies at 69

    British graphic artist Storm Thorgerson, who rose to fame after creating several album covers for Pink Floyd, Led Zeppeling, Muse, Genesis and many other bands, passed away Thursday at the age of 69. Read more: Pink Floyd artist dies: Storm Thorgerson designer of iconic Pink Floyd cover art...
  5. Blackbeard

    Floyd Corkins

    So.....this Cat walks into the Family Research Council's offices.....the FRC being a conservative group known for it's opposition to same sex marriage......and tries to get in....and he's armed......but when he's stopped by security, he shoots the guard. Even more interesting.....our Mr...
  6. T

    Cyclist Floyd Landis Admits Doping, Alleges Use by Armstrong and Others

    Nothing we already did not know...well most of us. From the WSJ