1. Friday13

    New UCSD flu discovery could block illness entirely

    New UCSD flu discovery could block illness entirely
  2. DemoWhip

    Trump adviser says ignore flu shots and 'inoculate yourself with the word of God'

    Trump adviser says ignore flu shots and 'inoculate yourself with the word of God' By Karma Allen ==================================================== As a Born Again Christian I can understand what she is saying which is faith based, but the other side to that is that Jesus also gave...
  3. Singularity

    Ebola: 0 U.S. citizen death. Flu: 37 kids dead, more dying. Where is the leadership?

    Pretty straightforward. What is the government doing about this? Reminder: Obama sent the Army into Africa to contain Ebola and gave multiple press conferences to reassure the public. There were people on TV calling for international travel to be shut down, and certain restrictions were...
  4. bajisima

    Flu vaccines are lousy because they are grown in eggs

    Interesting. Researchers have identified one more important reason flu shots don’t usually work very well — it’s because they are grown in eggs. Flu viruses mutate every year and it turns out the methods used to make flu vaccines cause them to mutate even more, the researchers found...
  5. bajisima

    Study linking flu vaccine to miscarriages puzzles doctors

    Vaccine experts are puzzling over a study that appears to link one particular flu vaccine with early miscarriages. It’s far too soon to say the vaccine actually did cause miscarriages, and they say the study, paid for by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, did not find anything...
  6. Singularity

    All signs are DC is not conscious of the greatest threat in 100 years: Pandemic flu

    The number of strains being detected at pork and poultry farms, where patient zero is likely to manifest, is exploding. To simplify this as much as possible: When you get the actual flu virus, it was probably extremely deadly to your ancestors. If you didn't get a shot and your immunity craps...
  7. Bourne

    Have you gotten your flu vaccine?

    We're in the flu season and it is very important that you get vaccinated against the flu. If you haven't been vaccinated please do so. Regards, Bourne
  8. bajisima

    Wait for your flu shot?

    The pharmacy chain pitches started in August: Come in and get your flu shot. The start of flu season is still weeks -- if not months -- away. Yet marketing of the vaccine has become an almost year-round effort, beginning when the shots become available in August and hyped as long as the supply...
  9. The Man

    Russia swine flu epidemic: 126 deaths so far

    Russian Heath Ministry Confirms 126 Deaths as Swine Flu Spreads in Country That's today's report. Yesterday, they said 107 have died, including 4 pregnant women and 8 children Flu Outbreak Kills 107 People in Russia ? Health Ministry :( On the 26th, the toll stood at fifty: TASS: Society &...
  10. bajisima

    Minnesota declares bird flu emergency

    "Minnesota's declared a state of emergency because of bird flu, which has struck more than 40 poultry farms in the state. The state's also offering the anti-flu drug Tamiflu to workers who have handled the dead and dying birds, just to make sure they don't catch it, too." "H5N2 bird flu has...
  11. bajisima

    GlaxoSmithKline pays out 63 million to swine flu vaccine victims

    "GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is in the news again making headlines after having to settle another major lawsuit bringing the latest total to over $9.1 billion since 2003. This time, it is due to GSK’s product Pandemrix, which was the swine flu vaccine forced upon the public during the pandemic of...
  12. meridian5455

    A third of Americans think antibiotics cure the flu

    Last week researchers announced the discovery of a new antibiotic, the first such discovery in about three decades. The new antibiotic will be a powerful new medical tool, as overuse of antibiotics in prior years created resistant bacterial strains that are increasingly invulnerable to standard...
  13. bajisima

    Flu shot less effective; virus has mutated

    CDC is informing health professionals that this years flu shot wont be effective against a deadly strain because it has already mutated. "Scientists are concerned about what they're seeing so far this flu season, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Thursday, a...
  14. michaelr

    Study finds flu shot really did make people sicker

    Study finds flu shot really did make people sicker Well no shit, not only that, but a great way to start a pandemic, well hell that's easy, give millions the fucking flu. Oh those sprays, well they incubate in your children's nostrils for 21 day, spreading the virus with every breath. Now go...
  15. G

    Flu and pneumonia shot side effects.

    I got both about six hours ago, and am having a "hotflash". I am literally sweating buckets. Anybody ever heard of such a thing?
  16. Red Eft

    Vaccination may make flu worse if exposed to a second strain

    (Medical Xpress)—A new study in the U.S. has shown that pigs vaccinated against one strain of influenza were worse off if subsequently infected by a related strain of the virus. Microbiologist Dr. Hana Golding of the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research at Bethesda in Maryland and...
  17. bajisima

    Hospitals at capacity for flu in the US

    Hospitals are at capacity, while some have outdoor tents and are turning people away. Appears to be a very bad flu season. Boston has declared a health emergency. Boston declares health emergency as flu outbreak worsens - Yahoo! News Flu Outbreak Swamps Hospitals - ABC News
  18. bajisima

    Nurses fired over refusing the flu shot

    Several Indiana nurses were fired after refusing to get the flu shot. Their employer mandates them to have it for work. What do you all think about this? Indiana Hospital Fires Nurses for Refusing Flu Shot - ABC News
  19. michaelr

    Finland vows care for narcolepsy kids who had swine flu shot

    Finland vows care for narcolepsy kids who had swine flu shot Yeah but regular flu shots wont cause autistic behavior in children~The FDA Remember folks the swine flu vaccine is mixed into the regular flu vaccine. Go get your shots.
  20. Bourne

    Time to get your flu vaccine

    I received my flu vaccinination today at work and I'd just like to remind you all, especially those at increased risk, to do the same. H1N1 season is soon to be upon us so protect yourself by being vaccinated. It's inexpensive and most insurance plans cover the cost.