1. Darkman

    Stanley Cup: Go Jets, Go .... Winnipeg Jets are flying high! :)

    How about 'em Jets! Wow ... Jets have a really good team this season... Best performance ever Winnipeg is creaming LA in Game 1, so far :) Stanley Cup is next baby! :D
  2. Devil505

    Trump is making flying dangerous

    Yesterday a woman was killed on a Southwest flight due to unchecked metal fatigue on an old engine. Trump has been rolling back safety regulations: The Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committee voted on Thursday to approve a report with the recommendations...
  3. CEngelbrecht

    North Korean delegation flying to Russia for talks on 'mutual cooperation'

    North Korean delegation flying to Russia for talks on 'mutual cooperation' | The Independent Oh, sorry, wrong picture.
  4. The Man

    HoverSurf flying motorcycle

    From Russia, with love: World's First Flying Motorcycle: The "Hoverbike" Safety last: Russian hoverbike is equally amazing and horrifying Dubai police already want to buy them Flying motorbike joins Dubai Police's...
  5. The Man

    Flying car, Russian style :D Russian Man Fined for Taking Car on a Hot Air Balloon Ride Brave innovator hampered by overbearing bureaucracy... Typical Russia... lol
  6. cpicturetaker12

    North Carolina woman confronts man with swastika flag

    She's bold! Probably a little bit stupid. However, if one was flying in my neighborhood, I'd stop too! You'll have to open it, the entire video is posted. This is Nazi f*cking America!’: Watch what happens when a NC woman confronts man with swastika flag SARAH K. BURRIS 15 AUG 2017 AT...
  7. BAZINGA DrumpF

    AirAsia X (A330) aka Flying Death TUBE Engine go BOOM! And rattles like washer! WHEE!

    AirAsia X flight lands after 'shaking like washing machine' An AirAsia X flight bound for Kuala Lumpur was forced to turn back to Australia after an engine problem left it "shaking like a washing machine". The pilot said the decision to return to Perth 90 minutes after leaving was made...
  8. cpicturetaker12

    PINK FLOYD's flying golden pigs will fly in front of TRUMP buildings...

    The connection of this 'art project' and the band, the book and the album (I didn't have that one) is beyond me, but it sure will be a sight, won't it?? Wonder if they'll bring the GOLDEN PIGS to Mar-a-Lago... Pink Floyd’s famed flying pigs will fly in front of Trump properties this summer...
  9. the watchman

    Graham: Assad Told Trump 'F. You' By Flying From Bombed Base

    there's video in the link. Graham: Assad Told Trump 'F. You' By Flying From Bombed Base | Fox News Insider Graham is such a war monger. Why does he seem to think having such an erratic president is a good thing? He's seems perfectly elated at the thought of some kind of military regime change...
  10. BAZINGA DrumpF

    So 100% American Flying Gun Nutters in action! Spewing Down MP5 sub machine gun love!

    Video shows group firing a machine gun from a plane flown out of Peter O. Knight! Video shows group firing machine gun from plane flown out of Peter O. Knight Two men and a woman take turns poking a fully automatic Heckler & Koch MP5 9mm sub machine gun out a slightly open window...
  11. cpicturetaker12

    OK people! Navy jets flying around HERE (and the weather SUCKS)

    We never hear military jets flying around here. What's more the visibility sucks. Just 2. I'll keep an ear out. Weird. No backup to post, just an observation.
  12. L

    WATCH: Flight attendant gives shout-out to planeload of ‘nasty women’ flying to DC fo

    DAVID FERGUSON 20 JAN 2017 AT 23:32 ET flight attendant on Spirit Airlines saluted the “nasty women” on her flight into Baltimore on Friday, urging them to “look out for their fellow sisters” at the National Women’s March on Washington on Saturday. Mashable reported that the...
  13. BAZINGA DrumpF

    Robber pulled out a GUN in sex shop and lost to flying DILDOS and ran. HAHA

    This robber pulled out a gun and was met with a barrage of sex toys December 16, 2016 A robber didn't get what he expected after attempting to rob a sex store in San Bernardino, California. Workers behind the counter thought his gun was fake and angrily threw three Pocket pals, used for...
  14. T

    ICE spends millions flying illegal immigrant children across US

    ] - Breaking News | Latest News | Current News ICE spends millions flying illegal immigrant children across USThe administration, which continues to grapple with waves of Central American migrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border and has gone to great lengths to ensure the safety of...
  15. Robert Urbanek

    Should Hillary be flying?

    Medical professionals recommend putting air travel on hold when a patient is suffering from certain illnesses because the changes in air pressure in the cabin and the resulting reduced oxygen levels can create serious consequences. These illnesses include ear infections, bone fractures, COPD...
  16. PACE

    Gotta love the Scots!!! Mexican flags flying to greet Cheeto Jesus when he shows up

    Such a sense of solidarity; brings tears to my eyes..... Lorna Doone gonna wax the ass of the Orange Buffoon. Mexican flags raised around Donald Trump's golf course - BBC News
  17. BAZINGA DrumpF

    MEXICAN FLAG! FLYING Uugely atop Trump Tower in Vancouver! Viva la revolución!

    All Heil!....Mein DrümpFrer! All Heil Mexico? Mexican Flag Flying High, atop the coming newest DrumpF Tower! Seeing all this love for all Mexicans north, and more north of the borders? DrümpFrer Tower! Showing the LOVE? A Mexican construction worker placed his country’s flag atop the...
  18. bajisima

    Airbus wants us to sit stacked while flying

    Holy crap..check out the photos of how Airbus wants people to sit on an airplane. How would you like someone sitting over you on a plane? What could go wrong??? Airbus 'mezzanine' patent has passengers stacked on top of each other (Wired UK)
  19. P

    Hillary Accused of Flying

    Carly Fiorina, the former Hewlett-Packard CEO who is flirting with a Republican presidential bid in 2016, took some tough shots Tuesday at the likely Democratic front-runner – effectively accusing Hillary Clinton of running for office on a record of air travel. "Like Hillary Clinton, I too...
  20. L

    Why Airlines Collude To Make Flying As Miserable As Possible

    Few experiences are as universal to Americans as the shared degradation and misery of flying on our nation's air carriers. These corporate behemoths have somehow managed to wrap up everything wrong with this country and present it to us as a package deal: income inequality, corporate...