1. Friday13

    A 14th human foot washes ashore in Canada

    Can't imagine why authorities would be alarmed...were they alarmed about the other 13? A 14th human foot — this one in a hiking boot — washes ashore in Canada
  2. Sassy

    Teen girl pulled off train for refusing to move her foot

    The video looks pretty bad, the cop dragging this very slight girl off the train, but at the same time, what are they supposed to do? In this case, the police have been instructed to crack down on train rules. No eating, drinking, vaping, and putting feet on seats. They can warn them, or...
  3. excalibur

    MS-13 Exploited DACA to Sneak 2,000 Foot Soldiers Into US

    Gee, thanks Øbama. The gift that keeps on giving. MS-13 Exploited DACA to Sneak 2,000 Foot Soldiers Into US
  4. Darkman

    Foot bridge collapses at Florida university, several hurt -reports

    Foot bridge collapses at Florida university, several hurt -reports
  5. MaryAnne

    5 Foot Tapeworm.

    Man pulls this out of his body. This post is for Sushi Lovers.
  6. Djinn

    Foot Insurance - A kick in the teeth

    So under the new Republican health plan being discussed in the Senate, feet, and foot-related conditions are excluded. This doesn't mean there's no coverage, but it means you'll need separate insurance coverage for feet, as related treatments and procedures will not be covered under general...
  7. Bourne

    Petition calls for Melania Trump to move to White House or foot NYC security bill

    It's about time that so called First Lady Melania Trump move into the White House and spare the citizens of New York City the incredible daily expense of security simply so that she can live in a gilded penthouse suite with her son. Get your ass up to Washington Melania or pay for your own...
  8. Ginger

    Obama Ends Cuban refugee wet foot/dry foot policy

    Obama ends controversial policy that allowed Cubans to enter U.S. without visas The Obama administration on Thursday pulled the plug on a controversial policy for Cuban migrants — essentially turning the clock back on decades of preferential treatment for Cubans and making those who arrive...
  9. Puzzling Evidence

    What ate this 9 foot shark?

    I don't even know if this is a true story, in fact, I doubt it. Supposedly, it's tag was recovered and it had evidence of being devourered. I'm guessing that something could have taken a bite out of this shark en la of eating the whole thing, who knows. I love a...
  10. Howey

    What If the Pootin Shoe Was On the Other Foot?

    QUESTION: If the election had been manipulated by The Pootin regime to ensure Hillary Clinton won the election, would our Trump supporters support a congressional investigation leading to a new election?
  11. BYG Jacob

    Ann Coulter sticks her foot in her mouth

    With this Tweet: And as Jake Tapper pointed out, that's a problem for Trump: Ann Coulter everybody.
  12. cpicturetaker12

    NY GOP cand offers Harlem voters watermelon, Koolaid & KFC, they offer foot in ass!!

    I'm giving them something for free, they should be thankful. That'll get 'em the vote, dumbass. GOP candidate offers Harlem residents free KFC and watermelon — they offer him ‘a foot in the ass’ BRAD REED 12 OCT 2016 AT 13:11 ET Republican New York State Senate candidate Jon Girodes...
  13. PACE

    100 foot tunnel discovered in Lithuania by geologists, that Holocaust victims dug

    to escape,,, Interesting read: Wisconsin researcher talks about major Holocaust discovery | Superior Telegram
  14. BDBoop

    GOP shoots self in foot calling Comey in

    Idiots. GOP accidentally does Clinton a favor with James Comey hearing | MSNBC
  15. Dr Sampson Simpson

    Right wingers have no foot to stand on

    Seriously, STFU ,you guys have absolutely no foot to stand on with all the stupid partisan bullshit you try to argue. Nobody is buying it 1. YOu had no problem with lies when it lead to the Iraq war that has cost trillions and many lives, and will continue costing for years to come, as well...
  16. BAZINGA DrumpF

    BOOM! Goes Central Park near Elie Wiesel's funeral severs! One foot gone?

    NYPD investigators suspected a mishap involving fireworks and said it did not appear an explosive device caused the boom heard from blocks away around 11 a.m. — but hours after the “amputation incident” the cause remained a mystery. Two friends of the victim, Connor Golden, 18, of Fairfax, Va...
  17. DemoWhip

    Taxpayers to Foot Bill for Arpaio's Defiance of Court Order

    Arpaio obviously thought that he could get away with what he was doing without any repercussions. Boy was he wrong! No doubt the poor taxpayers of Arizona are really feeling the sting of having to pay for his mess. But serves them right for allowing profiling to take place and not standing up...
  18. Friday13

    McConnell...Now the Shoe is On the Other foot...

    Mitch McConnell in 2005... Mitch McConnell in 2016... Schumer has to threaten the full nuclear option to move McConnell on Supreme Court nomination
  19. excalibur

    State Department Foot Dragging on Hillary Docs

    AP rebukes State Department for lengthy response to Clinton docs - POLITICO
  20. Dangermouse

    Carter shot in foot!

    Allie Carter, that is. She didn't even manage to shoot herself, she named her dog "Trigger", and then it was only a matter of time! Dog named Trigger accidentally shoots owner in the foot | Americas | News | The Independent