1. NightSwimmer

    Johnny Football got his butt kicked in Canada

    His first pass? An interception. He threw 4 before it was all said and done. The final score? Hamilton 50 - Montreal 11
  2. the watchman

    Looks like Rand Paul (aka Lucy ) is holding that football again.

    Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) is once again threatening to withhold support for one of President Donald Trump’s nominees. Paul on Sunday declared himself “undecided” on Trump’s nomination of U.S. Circuit Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court. Paul...
  3. Mister B

    Kneeling At Football Games

    Of course there is difference. The guy on the left can't find a job in football because of racist bigots; the guy on the right can't find a job because he sucks at football.
  4. P

    Israeli football club renames itself Beitar Trump Jerusalem Israeli football club who takes pride at being the most racist in the country renames itself after Trump. Seems Israelis love Trump even more than the...
  5. boontito

    NFL Football Talk 2018

    With the draft coming up, I suppose it's time to start the new year Football Talk thread. For fun:
  6. WisconsinCheeseNip

    So - do you still think NFL FOOTBALL isn't RIGGED ?

    :hellno::think: So - do you still think NFL FOOTBALL isn't RIGGED ? :f_doh: Ref looks in the pile, rules a turnover, player on Cleveland - still standing has the ball. ... NFL is Rigged Scripted Entertainment // Fixed Games P.1...
  7. R

    Tennessee Fires Head Football Couch Butch Jones.

    I knew this was coming. Should have been a couple of weeks sooner.
  8. The Man

    Division III football player dismissed for kneeling during anthem

    Division III football player dismissed for kneeling during national anthem
  9. KnotaFrayed

    Trump still "on it".....His demands that football players stand or be fired.....

    Trump renews call for NFL players to stand ahead of Sunday’s games - SEPTEMBER 30, 2017 Trump renews call for NFL players to stand ahead of Sunday?s games | Q13 FOX News...
  10. boontito

    2017 PH Fantasy Football League

    Even later than last year, but is anyone/everyone interested?
  11. BigLeRoy

    Pro Football Is Underway

    First full week of preseason football is underway. I find it remarkable that no team has chosen to pick up Colin Kaepernick yet. I mean, the Miami Dolphins lost Ryan Tannehill for the year, so they go out and get.....Jay Cutler?!?? Look: I watched Jay Cutler for three seasons when he was...
  12. Macduff

    Football fan vs. terrorists 'F*** you, I'm Millwall'

    London attack: Football fan shouted 'F*** you, I’m Millwall' and took on knife-wielding terrorists with his bare fists...
  13. bajisima

    Hank Williams Jr. returns to Monday Night Football

    Hank Williams Jr. is bringing his rowdy friends back to “Monday Night Football” six years after ESPN dropped the country singer for his comments about President Barack Obama. ESPN executive Stephanie Druley tells USA Today Network-Tennessee that a new version of Williams’ longtime “MNF” theme...
  14. bajisima

    "Alt-right's" favorite football team visits the WH today

    Though they play in deep-blue Massachusetts, the Patriots had already come to be associated with Donald Trump. There's the flag-waving name, for one thing. Then the “Make America Great Again” hat found in quarterback Tom Brady’s locker. Team owner Robert Kraft is Trump’s good friend. And Trump...
  15. OldGaffer

    Tennessee gets another bite at the Oklahoma college football apple.

    Oklahoma has scheduled another home and home with Tennessee, one of the SE Conference teams that is not afraid to schedule tough marquee non-conference games. They also scheduled LSU, Nebraska, UCLA, and Michigan over the next decade. Premium non-conference matchups are my favorite games every...
  16. BAZINGA DrumpF

    Worst NFL QB in football ever. Ex-CowGirl Tony ROMO is GONE! Free Agent now!

    Worst QB in football. Ex-CowGirl Tony ROMO is GONE! Free Agent now! Thanks for everything cowboy nation. Candiceromo Dallas Cowboys now expected to trade Tony Romo Cowboys will always SUCK under Jerry! Never were America's team FFS! Before or After Couch Jimmy was fired! Dallas Cowboys...
  17. boontito

    NFL Football Talk 2017

    How many days till football?
  18. thrilling

    The secret world of Russia football hooligans

    The secret world of Russia football hooligans - BBC News At the 2016 European Championships, violent clashes between Russian and English supporters in Marseille put the spotlight on Russian hooliganism. Russian hooligans injured over 100 English supporters, beating two into a coma. It...
  19. thrilling

    Jerry Jones just inducted into Pro football hof

    Wtf???!!!!! Hahahahahahahahaha
  20. R

    The left looks like charlie brown trying to kick the football.

    Lol. Fails every time.