1. Friday13

    'Pot Forest' ... In London

    'Forest Of Cannabis' Found Growing In London
  2. B

    U.S. Forest Service and ranchers fighting over grazing rights on federal land

    Where's the liberal outrage? Hispanic ranchers' case against U.S. Forest Service over grazing rights heats up | Fox News I see. That explains the lack of liberal outrage. A 'group of Hispanic ranchers' without grazing permits or appeals filed, as opposed to a white rancher.
  3. The Man

    Just for fun, forest war

    Lets say we took a think, jungle/taiga type forest and we threw in there the following units: US Delta Force British SAS (or Royal Marine Commandos, they are both equally tough IMHO) Russian Spetsnaz GRU German GSG-9 special force Norwegian FSK What do you say, who...
  4. mrmike

    Obamatoxicity and Democrat Candidates: Run Forest run!!

    It's pretty bad when a Liberal airhead goes uber-airhead right on TV. Is Obama that toxic to Democrat candidates? Apparently some Democrats seem to think so... McConnell sucks, but damn...the alternative looks/acts like a moron 40 painful seconds of Alison Lundergan Grimes refusing to say...
  5. Phaneron

    Monotheism and polytheism – desert and forest

    Monotheism and polytheism ? desert and forest « The Gospel According to the Romans In defense of our old decent culture, it was our own leaders who violently forced Christianity upon us, against our will. It is a better religion for controlling the dumb masses, turning them into Sheep instead...
  6. michaelr

    Forest lands in the East attract oil and gas bidders, but some question rush

    Forest lands in the East attract oil and gas bidders, but some question rush Well I said this would happen. The parks are collateralized, and the debt needs to be brought down to size. They are going to delay due to protests. Let me translate that. As soon as people get tired of protesting...
  7. G

    Huge pot bust in Northern Calif national forest

    Huge pot bust in Northern Calif national forest UKIAH, Calif. -- Law enforcement officials said Friday they struck a major blow against illegal marijuana cultivation on public lands in the heart of Northern California pot country. The two-week operation to purge the Mendocino National Forest of...
  8. Michael J

    For Clean Air and Forest Conservation

    It is amazing how much I have learned about the environment these few months. Each human activity has its pros and cons regarding the environment. While almost everything we do hurts it in some way, shape or form, some methods are less destructive than others. Take, for example, reading...
  9. Amit

    Forest Fires... in DC? Stimulus strikes again

    Unreal Wall Street Journal