1. B

    here I am the beachbum bob of the old politicalcrossfire forum from years ago

    Deciding to get back into the mix, I am sure some of the folks that raised hell with me (at me) in the day are around here too
  2. P

    Putin & Macron speak at St. Petersburg Forum On the menu: economy, culture, and politics. Bon appétit!
  3. TennesseeRain

    How does the NRA justify banning weapons at its Leadership Forum

    while wanting to arm teachers in a classroom?
  4. johnflesh

    Is Social Media a Public Forum? That is what part of the charge against Trump is stating.
  5. cpicturetaker12

    So I went to CONSERVATIVE forum yesterday--it's WORSE THAN I THOUGHT!!

    You know we tend to think WORSE of those on the other side. And if you are honest with yourself, you ask, is it that bad? Are they as racist, misogynist, small minded, OBTUSE, or just plain dumb as we want to make them out to be? Yesterday, I decided to poke around some different forums. In...
  6. S

    Hello. New To this Forum.

    I tend to lean left socially but right fiscally. I'm not married to the Democrats or Republicans. My stand on issues? ...Pro-choice. ...Against gun control. ...For freedom of religion and speech. ...Against the Invasion of Iraq. ...For a strong line of division between government and...
  7. A

    AntiTrump leaving forum

    This may be my last thread here, and this thread may very well be deleted and/or censored. A mod has issued an infraction for discussing one of the hottest topics in politics, even though political discussion is the central theme of this forum. This is likely the beginning of the end, the...
  8. R

    15 Roy Moore Threads on the Forum in 4 Days

    some just can't get enough
  9. R

    The follow up - The Hate from the Left on this Forum.

    I've just finished reading all 220 posts in the thread I started. My apologies for not getting back to it before it got closed. here's what I said. "You help fuel the hate that exist in our country. You pretend as if you have nothing to do with it. you blame your political foes for your...
  10. R

    The Hate from the Left on this Forum.

    You help fuel the hate that exist in our country. You pretend as if you have nothing to do with it. you blame your political foes for your response and why you do what you do. take responsibility for actions but you will not.
  11. puffin

    Hello Forum Members!

    Let's see, so the intro corner ... Those on the right think I'm too left; the left thinks I'm too right, I guess that makes me a moderate, but I've been calling myself an independent for years now. In truth, I just plain hate party politics. If you understand them, how can you not? *shrug*...
  12. Eve1

    People that are dishonest on this forum

    I invite you to the thread titled "Prediction Nafta won't be scrapped." Please read it and comment. What is the original bet proposed in that thread? Did one of the parties try to change the proposed bet? Who? Did one of the parties try to get out of answering if they would take the...
  13. the watchman

    Trump and Clinton Aides Clash During Election Forum.

    CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Top strategists from the campaigns of Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton, interrupting each other and sometimes raising their voices, engaged in an angry debate on Thursday about how Mr. Trump pulled off his upset victory. Emotions were still raw at the campaign...
  14. The Man

    Russia hosts World Grain Forum

    Russia looks lonelier as host of global grain meeting | Article [AMP] | Reuters Fuck Europe and their political bs. Of course many other countries will come. Lots of hungry people in the world today, they want bread, and who better to provide it than Russia, who is taking back her...
  15. Eve1

    What's happening, why is there very little today on this forum?

    What's going on, usually there is so much action on this form. Today it's pretty dead. What's going on?
  16. Sassy

    Obama is having an interesting forum discussion
  17. G

    Who will the Righties on this forum hate next month?

    Last month it was Muslims, the month before that it was BLM, before that it was prospective female presidential candidates.. this month it's Trans people...who's it gonna be next month?
  18. Cotton2226

    Today's Papers and Slate Political Forum That Was Abolished

    Were you a member? Who were you? I've always been Cotton.
  19. bajisima

    Edward Snowden will give address at the NH Liberty forum

    A whistleblower to some, a traitor to others, Edward Snowden will offer the keynote address at the Free State Project's annual Liberty Forum this Saturday via a video conference from Russia. The live video stream with Snowden is tentatively scheduled to begin at 11 a.m. "We've certainly had...
  20. MaryAnne

    Trump Forum

    Tomatoes thrown at Trump and is he saying he does not think he will make it to the White House,hmmm? Protester Throws Tomatoes at Trump at Iowa Rally (VIDEO)