1. Blueneck

    Notre Dame conspiracy theories

    Already! So far, the most popular ones seem to be blaming Muslims, but there are others: Even the president is getting in on the action: :zany:
  2. Bad Bob

    Notre Dame burning

    The Paris cathedral is burning out of control. I'm watching it burn on CNN. French authorities have cleared the streets around the cathedral but it appears the fire department isn't on scene.
  3. bajisima

    France's Macrons blunt response to bodyguard scandal angers

    Anyone following this? Kind of crazy stuff.. French President Emmanuel Macron came under fresh criticism from opposition leaders on Wednesday after appearing to dare opponents to take him on over a scandal surrounding his senior bodyguard and ripping into the media in front of supporters...
  4. bajisima

    Tour de France cyclists hit with tear gas and roadblocks

    Anyone see this? They all had to stop and wipe their eyes! Riders had to clean their stinging eyes after tear gas was used during a farmers' protest who attempted to block the 16th stage's route during the Tour de France on Tuesday. Four-time champion Chris Froome was among a group of...
  5. bajisima

    [GW #14] France is bringing back mandatory national service for 16 year olds

    French President Emmanuel Macron is bringing mandatory national service back to France. The service program, called the universal national service, will require every French citizen to participate when he or she turns 16 years old. The aim of the service program is to "encourage the...
  6. cpicturetaker12

    Trump BELLIGERENT at G7--I'll send you our MEXICANS, all the terrorists are in France

    This is from SPUTNIK NEWS. You'd think they would give Trump GOOD press. But it's also in the Wall Street Journal, Agence French Presse, CNN. Holy SHIT! Maybe they asked him to leave early. I saw his face on numerous occasions and he was positively sullen. He didn't want to go to begin with...
  7. Singularity

    President of France to grant asylum 2 migrant who scaled balconies by hand, saved kid

    Awesome story. Does it represent migrants in general? No. But it shows you can't dismiss people's value out of hand. The 4-year-old boy seemed to be suspended from a balcony. An adult standing on a nearby balcony seemed powerless to help. Disaster seemed the only possible outcome. Then, to the...
  8. The Man

    Azeri dissident shot in France, wife killed

    Gunman shoots exiled Azeri journalist in southern France Azerbaijan's dictator, Ilham Aliev, is on very good terms with his neighbor, Putin Their State Security Service (DTX), which handles intel and counterintelligence, as well as counter-terrorism and suppression of dissent (and was...
  9. Frecks1710

    Police Officer who swapped places with a hostage in France

    Lt. Col. Beltrame traded places with a female hostage yesterday. He just died. He was a hero. Isis attacks just go on/on. My family is taking my granddaughter to France this year. I pray. Yes, I know attacks can happen anywhere, but France is such a hotbed.
  10. The Man

    Former President of France arrested

    More: Suitcases full of cash? Ex-French president Sarkozy arrested as police probe allegations of illegal Gadhafi millions | National Post
  11. The Man

    Russian billionaire arrested in France

    Russian lawmaker Kerimov detained by French police in tax evasion case Kerimov (center) is a senator in the Federation Council in Russia, representing his home Republic of Dagestan, in Northern Caucasus In Russia, this gives him immunity from all laws (yes, seriously, a member of either the...
  12. T

    France: Trump not invited to climate change summit 'for the time being'

    Amazing. The president of the United States is simply not invited to a meeting with over 100 countries attending. That is the deep level of respect that the president has cultivated in his short tenure, in my opinion, whereas countries simply say why the fuck bother? He's just going to be a...
  13. bajisima

    France snubs Catalonias vote for independence

    Its getting pretty ugly over there. The French government has said it will not recognise Catalonia if it declares independence from Spain and such a move will mean expulsion from the EU. European Affairs Minister Nathalie Loiseau said the crisis following the banned 1 October referendum...
  14. L

    France and UK Double Coal Imports in 2017

    US coal use is down and at they same time that France and the UK are scolding Trump for leaving the Paris Accords they are doubling down on coal. That's just rich. US coal exports are up 60%. Asia has doubled US coal imports as well. U.S. coal exports soar, in boost to Trump energy...
  15. cpicturetaker12

    14% Trump approval rate-- FRANCE

    Well do you think they'll have him walking among the FRENCH people? PS Obama's approval rate is 89%.
  16. RNG

    France set to ban sale of petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040

    Any chance this is a move for Trump to ponder? It's too bad what should be a science topic has become a political football. I guess Macron is on the blue team. France set to ban sale of petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040 - BBC News
  17. bajisima

    France's Macron surprises with conservative PM

    Newly inaugurated French President Emmanuel Macron appointed a conservative prime minister on Monday in a move to broaden his political appeal and weaken his opponents before parliamentary elections in June. Edouard Philippe, 46, a lawmaker and mayor of the port city of Le Havre, is from the...
  18. cpicturetaker12

    UK, Poland, Estonia, CAN, France picked up TRUMP campaign/Russian CONTACT 2015-16!

    SEVERAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES from several countries picked up contact between the TRUMP campaign and RUSSIAN agents going back as far as 2015 and throughout 2016. Brits, Germans, Estonia, Poland, Australia, & Canada all picked up intelligence. I think we can all safely assume it was more than...
  19. L

    Obama to run for office in France?

    Petition calls on Obama to run for president in France
  20. bajisima

    Police thwart imminent France attack

    An "imminent" terror attack on French soil has been averted with the arrest of four suspects in Montpellier, Interior Minister Bruno Le Roux said. Three men and a girl of 16 were found with bomb-making materials by anti-terrorist police in a raid on a flat in the southern city. Home-made...