1. Djinn

    Free web-based auto-transcriber

    I just discovered this tool recently. It's free, and it works respectably well (for the price). Go here. Upload a speech-based audio file of your choice in any common audio format, and the site will attempt to transcribe the words to text which you can copy and paste. Obviously, music and...
  2. knight

    Real men prefer debt free women with no tattoos...

    Conservative Christian minister advises women to avoid higher education and tattoos if they want to catch a man. Lori Alexander is a conservative Christian minister and author who teaches women that they should be “sober, love and obey their husbands, love their children, be chaste, discreet...
  3. BigLeRoy

    Trump Continues His Assault On Free Market Principles

    About six weeks ago, I pointed out how Donald Trump was becoming an enemy of free markets, as he was planning on forcing American consumers to pay higher electricity prices, just so he could bail out failing coal companies, and keep them in business, when they would otherwise be going bankrupt...
  4. J

    America, Land of the Free... and hypocrisy

    I love my country. No. Really I do. Our democratic institutions - while far from perfect - are revolutionary in scope and provide for the most effective democratic republic the world has ever known. Our constitution and the individual rights enshrined within are literally sacred to me. But...
  5. bajisima

    Microsoft in talks with Walmart for checkout free stores

    These "human free" options really seem to be accelerating. My kids love the idea of no people to deal with, I am a bit skeptical. Thoughts? Microsoft is now working on tech that would allow retailers to build checkout-free stores. However, instead of installing that tech in the smattering of...
  6. Friday13

    Javanka are working in the White House for 'free' ... and raked in $82M last year

    Nothing to see here, folks. Just more deceit, thievery etc from the Trump Crime Cartel. Ivanka and Jared are working in the White House for 'free' ... and raked in $82 million last year
  7. DemoWhip

    Koch brothers taking on Trump with free trade campaign

    Koch brothers taking on Trump with free trade campaign By Jonathan Karl and Arlette Saenz ==================================================== That can't be any too good for Trump and his image by any means. Those powerful groups and Republican people are now opposing him on the...
  8. BigLeRoy

    Donald Trump, Enemy Of Free Markets

    Donald Trump is waging war on free markets in the energy sector. His brilliant plan, a perfect example of the kind of hare-brained centralized economic planning we used to see right out of the Kremlin in the 'glory' days of the sickly Soviet economy, is to force American consumers to pay higher...
  9. cpicturetaker12

    NY JETS OWNER, 'feel free to take a knee players' I'll pay the fine!

    My kinda guy!! Not just do it quietly but tell the world he will. NY Jets Owner says if any player ‘takes a knee’ he’ll pay the NFL fine NEW CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT 23 MAY 2018 AT 17:50 ET New York Jets Owner Christopher Johnson DON'T MISS STORIES. FOLLOW RAW STORY...
  10. ptif219

    UN Poses Danger to Free Speech, Parents’ Rights. Here’s How Trump Administration Can

    Conservatives knew this was coming. The small minority is being given power over the majority. Free speech and freedom of religion will be gone and Gays will have power over what you say and think...
  11. The Man

    Iran signs free trade with EEU

    Iran Agrees Interim Free Trade Zone With Russia-Led Eurasian Union I posted before about how Trump's confrontation with Iran is benefiting Russia:
  12. Madeline

    Why Is This Woman Free?

    Yesterday, after serving 15 years of a 20 year sentence, Clara Harris walked out of prison. She was convicted of the 2002 murder of her husband, David, following her caught-on-cctv attack in which she drove her Mercedes over her husband's body three times with her stepdaughter in her car. Why...
  13. Devil505

    Does the U.S. need a free press?

  14. Eve1

    2 of the 3 prisoners in North Korea detained during Trumps presidency

    'Stay tuned' for news on Americans detained in North Korea, Trump tweets By ASSOCIATED PRESS MAY 03, 2018 | 6:55 AM 'Stay tuned' for news on Americans detained in North Korea, Trump tweets People watch a TV screen showing file footage of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and President Trump...
  15. the watchman

    Sarah Sanders thinks she's a champion of the free press? gotta love Jim Acosta. But, this WH trying to claim they're a champion of the free press is beyond delusional. Ms. Sanders is the most defensive, combative and, frankly, "full of it" press secretary in our nations history. She spends...
  16. the watchman

    EU and Mexico agree new free trade pact.

    BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Union and Mexico reached an agreement on Saturday on a new free trade deal, a coup for both parties in the face of increased protectionism from the United States under President Donald Trump. Since its plans for a trade alliance with the United States were...
  17. Ian Jeffrey

    The Fatal Flaw in the Bakers’ Free Speech Argument

    The Masterpiece Cakeshop Oral Argument and the Fatal Flaw in the Bakers’ Free Speech Argument 7 DEC 2017 MARCI A. HAMILTON The above article is a brief legal analysis of why Masterpiece Cakeshop's free speech argument for discriminating against a gay couple makes no sense, and the danger...
  18. bajisima

    Chemo free vaccine moves to human trials

    A recent Stanford cancer study that cured 97 percent of mice from tumors has now moved on to soliciting human volunteers for a new cutting-edge medical trial. The trial is part of a gathering wave of research into immunotherapy, a type of treatment that fights cancer by using the body's...
  19. bajisima

    Utah becomes first state to allow free range parenting

    So when did going to school by oneself become illegal???? A new law legalizing free-range parenting will soon take effect in Utah allowing children to do things alone like travelling to school. Utah Gov. Gary Herbert signed the bill on March 15, which takes effect in May. The bill...
  20. Madeline

    Read Almost Any News Source You Like, Free

    If you join your local library, they will share with you any news sources they subscribe to digitally. If something you want is not on offer directly from them, you can usually access a statewide shared data base. This is a massive savings, if like me, you fritter money away on subscriptions...