1. WisconsinCheeseNip

    Feeding the Frenzy - Have the Democrats Run Out of Ads and Twitter Outrages ?

    to Rebrand itself? The real reason Clinton lost the election was Sanders booster club stayed home in Nov. 2016. You know it, I know it. It is no mystery that your typical Progressive tuned out, toned down, and dropped in to new interests after Sanders lost the nomination. Scrambling to keep the...
  2. Darkman

    Pyongyang’s ‘Executed’ Pop Diva Creates Pre-Olympics Frenzy in South Korea

    8 hours ago Pyongyang’s ‘Executed’ Pop Diva Creates Pre-Olympics Frenzy in South Korea Yonhap via REUTERS Hyon Song Wol, the North Korean pop diva who was reportedly executed by a North Korean firing squad just four years ago, is creating a media frenzy in the run-up to the Pyeongchang...
  3. cpicturetaker12

    Trump campaign needs to give him sleeping pills-wee hours Twitter frenzy got WEIRDER!

    So aside from Trump saying Hillary should have looked into Miss Universe's past to find a 'sex tape', he apparently is claiming that "Crooked HILLARY" got Ms. Machado her citizenship in time for the election so that Hillary could use her to attack him. Trump continues attacks on former Miss...
  4. BDBoop

    New student debt rules trigger frenzy

    New student debt rules trigger frenzy | TheHill My sister's debt is around $140k. It started at $60k, she paid it down to $40k. They sold the debt and added $30k - according to her attorney "because they can." This happened repeatedly. Now, there's no way for her to pay off the debt. They want...
  5. Renaldo DuBois

    "Journalists For Obama" T-shirts create feeding frenzy

    This video is self-explanatory. Funny, in a sad pitiful sort of way. Punk'd: DNC Convention Visitors Scoff Up MRC Goof 'Journalists For Obama' T-Shirts | MRCTV
  6. meridian5455

    Rep. Anthony Weiner Retains Lawyer Amid Frenzy Over Lewd Twitter Photo

    Rep. Anthony Weiner reportedly has retained counsel after claiming that his Twitter account was hacked, allowing somebody to send a lewd photo under his name to a college student in Seattle. Weiner told The New York Post that his office has "retained an attorney who is going to give us...