1. MaryAnne

    Friend Of Vets?

    I do not think so. They even turned down a COLA for them. Republicans Care About Vets So Much That They Blocked a Bill Expanding Veterans Benefits
  2. BoiseBo

    Stiviano on Sterling: I'm his best friend.. his silly rabbit! :)

    Sure, he says a lot of racist crap.. but he's not a racist! :D V. Stiviano: Donald Sterling's not racist but should apologize -
  3. the watchman

    Girl who shaved head to support friend fighting cancer, allowed back to school.

    GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. — A 9-year-old girl was kept out of class Monday, because of her support for a friend who is fighting cancer. Tuesday night, the board of the charter school reversed its decision. Kamryn Renfrom decided to have a big makeover — shaving off all of her hair in solidarity...
  4. Cotton2226

    Sex; my best friend.

    SEX IS A MAN'S BEST FRIEND Usually, everyone who has a dog either calls him Rover or Fido or something like that. Well, when I bought my dog, the man told me his name was Sex. One night I took Sex for a walk and he ran away. I had been looking for that dog for hours when a cop stopped me and...
  5. nonsqtr

    Dark Money Democrats - or, why Citizens United is the Dems' best friend

    SuperPACs. They can raise (and spend) unlimited amounts of money to sway elections, as long as they can say they're not supporting a particular candidate. Which doesn't stop them from doing so. And now there's a new tactic - a cartel. What amounts to price-fixing, or the political...
  6. meridian5455

    Rodman in North Korea to visit his 'friend' Kim

    Rodman said the purpose of his visit was to display his friendship for Kim and North Korea and to "show people around the world that we as Americans can actually get along with North Korea." Speaking to reporters in Beijing ahead of his flight to Pyongyang — his second trip to the North — Rodman...
  7. Micketto

    Trayvon, the racist... and his dumb friend

    So "creepy ass cracker" is apparently not racist...(since the lefty media would jump all over it if it was, right ?) I mean... surely there is fauxrage on the left... somewhere ?? And what about the mental...
  8. MaryAnne

    McCain And Friend

    Poor guy should quit trying to push another war. McCain Didn’t Realize He Was Posing With Rebel Kidnapper, Spokesman Says - Democratic Underground
  9. justoneman

    Obama's friend moderates VP debate

    Clearly this is an obviously a breech of ethics having a friend moderate a debate for your side. ABC News scrambles to downplay Obama’s attendance at VP debate moderator’s wedding President Barack Obama was a guest at the 1991 wedding of ABC senior foreign correspondent and vice...
  10. bobgnote

    FIRE IS NOT OUR FRIEND, humans and zombies, chasing us, trying to eat brains:

    Rise in temperatures is accelerating, ACC or AGW or not, we need to cool off, or else: Arctic News: Fires are raging again across Russia Smoke from fires burning in Siberia can travel across the Pacific Ocean and into North America. A NASA analysis of satellite images shows that aerosols...
  11. Kropotkin

    Zimmerman Friend Defends Racial Slur: ‘Coon Asses’ Used Proudly In South

    Zimmerman Friend Defends Racial Slur: 'Coon Asses' Used Proudly In Parts Of This Country | ThinkProgress So can anyone in Dixie verify whether people are indeed proud to be called "coon asses" down there? Should Trayvon Martin have appreciated...
  12. R

    An Interview with a Zimmerman Friend.

    video is around 7 minutes long. Zimmerman Friend: Trayvon's Death Was Not Racially Motivated Zimmerman Friend: Trayvon's Death Was Not Racially Motivated | RealClearPolitics
  13. The Man

    Man's best friend indeed

    Yakutian man "forgotten" in the taiga by his construction brigade survived 2 weeks before help came Supposedly, 5 men from a indigenous deer herding tribe in Yakutia (Northern Siberia) set out deep into the forest to build a new outpost for herders travelling through the area. The group...
  14. R

    Qaddafi is our ally and friend, not enemy! (Urgent appeal for saving Qaddafi's life)

    --- Since 2004 Gaddafi has actually defected to the West, compensated all Lockerbie victims’ families and genuinely given up all his WMD; he also confessed his nuclear providers i.e. North Korea & China; that’s why China didn’t veto UN sanction...
  15. B

    Just a little joke I got from a friend today...

    A woman in a hot air balloon realized she was lost. She lowered her altitude and spotted a man in a boat below. She shouted to him, "Excuse me, can you help me? I promised a friend I would meet him an hour ago, but I don't know where I am." The man consulted his portable GPS and replied...
  16. michaelr

    The 2nd lost a friend

    Aaron was the reason I have given support to the JPFO, but the organization is why I continue. It is what this country needs, a 2nd Amendment group that apposes the BATFE, and they do so for a good reason. May he Rest In Peace!!!!
  17. S

    I have a friend who is owned by her fiance.

    *removed* *removed*
  18. USA-1

    For my friend USA1, Al Qaeda's Deep Tribal Ties Make Yemen a Terror Hub

    Al Qaeda Burrows into Yemen's Tribal Population - Sets it apart and makes it dangerous. I thought USA1 said it was 5-6 terrorists? He might have underestimated? Yer...gonna re-state the 5-6 person guess...U1...yes? Cause, it's an outstanding subtraction from your argument's...
  19. V

    WTF: Superior Judge (Murkowski Friend) Orders Joe Millers Personal Records Released

    Superior Court Judge Winston Burbank is doing this right before the election. This is how Barack Obama got elected as senator. A judge (Obamas friend) ordered the release of private records of his opponent Jack Ryan who was married to that Star Trek babe. The release of the records doomed Ryan...
  20. Stefan Bandera

    Best Comebacks To An Insult By You Or A Friend

    Tell us what was your best comeback to an insult that either you fired back or a friend of yours used on someone. I will post one that a friend of mine used in a crowded ellevator. Many moons ago when I was young I worked in a large buildng on the 20th floor. Al an older guy from a...