1. excalibur

    Steele Knew Who Funded the Dossier

    Ex-British Spy Knew Who Funded Dossier; FBI Told Secret Court Something Different
  2. Devil505

    The NRA is a terrorist organization funded by V. Putin

    It's under FBI investigation as we speak. Cancel your membership if you love your country ........and don't vote for any Pol who accepts money from the NRA.
  3. Goofball

    Why isn’t Shutdown Schumer touting getting CHIP funded with his Shutdown?

    Oh yeah, because he didn’t. The bill he filibustered had 6 years of funding CHIP in it. 95% of Republicans voted for it. 95% of Dims voted against it.
  4. Spookycolt

    Democrat wants the FAA to quit tracking her taxpayer funded private jet

    She is upset that voters are questioning how she uses it and where she goes, on their dime of course. This democrat wants the information blocked from the people. Simply astounding. Claire McCaskill took action to hide travel on private plane from public Claire McCaskill took...
  5. PACE

    Dossier states that Russia funded Stein's and Page's trip to Moscow
  6. PACE

    Washington Free Beacon and Paul Singer first funded oppo research with GPS fusion on

    trump. So we have the battle of the beasts here........, And this just in, the free beacon is running like rats......, Edit: And who did...
  7. Monk-Eye

    Saudi Government Funded Surah 9:111 Dry Run

    " Saudi Government Funded Surah 9:111 Dry Run " * Dealing With Big Daddy Terrorist Bucks * Stick it to them ! Saudi government allegedly funded a ?dry run? for 9/11 | New York Post
  8. Goofball

    Obama Admin funded campaign to oust Netanyahu.

    Seems to me like an illegal way to spend tax dollars........meddling in foreign elections. Obama admin. sent taxpayer money to campaign to oust Netanyahu - Washington Times
  9. HayJenn

    Trump Tower Funded By Rich People From China

    Throughout his presidential campaign, Donald Trump has attacked China and warned about the dangers of deficient immigrant screening. "They’ve taken our jobs, they’ve taken our money, they’ve taken everything," he said of China in a speech late last month. He has called for a revamping, even a...
  10. Dr Sampson Simpson

    Scalia led court in taking trips funded by private sponsors Anybody surprised by this? And I want to know, how the hell is this even allowed? Supreme Court justices being able to go on trips paid for by private sponsors? Most other...
  11. Dittohead not!

    10 members of Congress took trip secretly funded by foreign government

    10 members of Congress took trip secretly funded by foreign government Thought you should know who is purchasing our government officials currently. Foreign state owned oil companies are people too, you know.
  12. BoiseBo

    Boehner to Chris Wallace: It will be DEMS fault if Homeland Security not funded

    Wallace was dumbfounded. CW: Can you guarantee the American people that DHS won't go unfunded in 11 days with the current level of terrorist danger in the world? JB: The House has done their job (repeated 4-5 times). Absolutely amazing that Boehner believes that the American people will blame...
  13. Meursault

    New Saudi King Funded 9/11?

    He was Prince Salman at the time, governor of Riyadh, when the "mastermind" of 9/11 acted as a courier for Bin Laden bringing info to the Saudi family. This, according to Zacarias Moussaoui, was just one of many high ranking Saudi's who funded Sunni terrorists. The list includes head of...
  14. BoiseBo

    The next time Republicans whine about taxpayer funded med research, remind them!

    Often, this research pays huge dividends... maybe even 35 years later! How A Failed Experiment On Rats Sparked A Billion-Dollar Infant-Care Breakthrough Though they had no way of knowing it [35 years ago], Schanberg’s team had taken the first step in a process that would see the upending of...
  15. B

    Democrats funded by billionaires complain about Republicans funded by billionaires

    Democrats funded by billionaires complain about Republicans funded by billionaires - The Washington Post Let me guess, libturds... that's just, different. Right? YOUR billionaire are filled with candy and fluff and love puppies, right? Please.
  16. Svengoolie

    Beach bum eats lobster tails funded by foodstamps & owns a Cadillac refuses 2 work

    Despite new cuts to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, Jason Greenslate – the ‘food stamp surfer’ who shot to infamy last year for proudly declaring he eats lobster and sushi and won’t get a job – continues to get food stamps. And, what’s more, the 29-year-old guitarist says his...
  17. StanStill

    Glenn Greenwald just launched a news website funded by eBay founder

    Greenwald debuts Omidyar-backed The Intercept The journalistic venture started by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar and former Guardian reporter Glenn Greenwald launched its first news site Monday, promising more stories based on intelligence documents leaked by Edward Snowden. The Intercept --...
  18. Meursault

    Hitler was funded by American/British capitalists?

    True or false. Was Hitler funded/put in power by American and British capitalists in order to fight the threat of communism arising in Germany?
  19. Babba

    How Would Single Payer Health Care Be Funded?

    PapaBull I thought you might find this interesting.
  20. Monk-Eye

    White House Traitors Funded by Saudi Arabia

    " White House Traitors Funded by Saudi Arabia " Another White House Play Date with Muslim Jihad