1. HayJenn

    SCOTUS denies stay in Pa. gerrymandering case

    Very good news..for PA and other gerrymandering cases up before SCOTUS he Supreme Court has denied a stay in a case requiring Pennsylvania to redraw its congressional map before the 2018 midterms, according to multiple reports. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled in January that the...
  2. the watchman

    Trump's reverse "Manchurian Candidate" gambit (my latest rant)

    to be clear, Trump has managed to win the nomination for a major political party, and dominate the news cycle on a consistent basis, based solely on making flame-bait comments ( most of which are bald-faced lies). We heard of The Manchurian Candidate. Trump is the reverse Manchurian Candidate...
  3. Divine Wind

    Bachmann plays risky anti-American gambit

    Bachmann appears to be trying to have it both ways. She needs to make up her mind because her inconsistencies make her look nuts. Bachmann plays risky anti-American gambit
  4. B

    The Losers In Iran's Latest Nuclear Gambit

    With the revelation that Iran has been secretly working on an undeclared uranium enrichment facility near the holy city of Qom, the world finds it's attention once again riveted on the recalcitrant regime in Tehran and it's opaque nuclear aspirations. Following the harsh condemnations and...
  5. D

    Obama’s Faith-based Gambit Is A Fraud

    OBAMA’S FAITH-BASED GAMBIT IS A FRAUD Like that of any good socialist, one of Obama's top priorities is to take control over the churches and turn them into complacent mouthpieces for the N.W.O.