1. bajisima

    7'7" Game of Thrones actor, Neil Fingleton dead at 36

    2017 is sure getting off to a sad start. Neil Fingleton, a 7-foot 7-inch actor who played the giant Mag the Mighty in “Game of Thrones” has died at 36. The Tall Persons Club says Fingleton, who was Britain’s tallest man, died Saturday. British media reported the cause as heart failure. He...
  2. The Man

    New Great Game

    There is a new "Great Game" afoot in Afghanistan, a new struggle for control.of the country, between the US and its Western allies and the democratic Afghan government in Kabul on one side, and an alliance of China, Russia, Iran, and Pakistan on other, with the latter, apparently, supporting the...
  3. BAZINGA DrumpF

    Kellyanne Conway’s dangerous game! For a Pay Day down the road! Place Your BETS!!

    She looks So Happy! Kellyanne Conway is seen within the White House as a “Queen Without An Army,” according to a former campaign official. This starts for being female, just so we know! Kellyanne Conway once again put herself at the center of controversy last week when she went on...
  4. Eve1

    Topple Trump Game

    It's fun and I'd be surprised if anybody on the forum doesn't get it first try
  5. BAZINGA DrumpF

    GOP changes rules to approve Trump cabinet nominees after Dem boycott Game on!

    #BREAKING: GOP changes rules to approve Trump cabinet nominees after Dem boycott :idea:60 vote Rules going next seems! 2018 Leans Dems
  6. bajisima

    Battle breaking out over classifying video game addiction as mentally ill

    If you play a lot of video games, you have a mental illness—at least according to the World Health Organization. The WHO believes you suffer from “Gaming Disorder” and wants to include that condition in the latest edition of its International Classification of Diseases, which is used along...
  7. thrilling

    Pipeline protesters unfurl banner during Vikings game Two pipeline protesters who hung a banner from the rafters during Sunday's Vikings game were arrested and booked into Hennepin County Jail for misdemeanor burglary and trespassing. Minneapolis...
  8. thrilling

    Jeff Mclane ejected from Press Box, at Eagles game.

    Dallas Cowboys: Eagles explain why they ejected reporter from press box after argument | SportsDay This one is shady.
  9. Howey

    TRUMP Booed at Army/Navy Game!

    Demonstrators protest appearance of Donald Trump at Army-Navy Game - Baltimore Sun
  10. Ginger

    TRUMP Cheered by Fans at Army/Navy Game

    BALTIMORE (AP) -- Donald Trump was greeted with cheers on his arrival at the annual Army-Navy game on Saturday, basking in one of the nation's most storied football rivalries as he prepares to enter the White House. "I just love the armed forces, love the folks. The spirit is so incredible. I...
  11. CEngelbrecht

    They is fucking up your game, Vladimir....

    Hillary Clinton urged to call for election vote recount in battleground states | The Guardian
  12. BigLeRoy

    The Houston Texans Were ROBBED In The Monday Night Football Game

    Grand larceny on Monday Night Football in Mexico City! Anyone else watch that game? The officiating was HORRIFIC. It was bad enough that it might make some people think that at least SOME of these NFL games are 'fixed', with the refs being TOLD which team should win. On the very first...
  13. cpicturetaker12

    Trump CHEATS even at play--Sued for STAGING an unwinnable hole-in-one at charity game

    This guy is an endless piece of shit! This was a CHARITY TOURNAMENT. So he offers a $1million dollar prize for a hole in one at one of his courses. Some lucky son of a bitch GETS ONE! The guy is refused the pay off. Apparently Trump had the 'distance' fixed for the hole (a shorted one) so...
  14. Amelia

    Why do people keep playing Trump's game?

    Folks have been feeding that troll for more than a year now. And they're collectively taking him from sideshow to having a chance to win the presidency. Don't descend to his level. Do tell what you have to offer. Or don't be surprised when people can't tell the difference...
  15. Wonderer

    New Game: Name That Candidate

    Mods: This is intended to be a somewhat fun way to explore the candidates' stances on varying topics, but also to spur substantive discussion. I opted not to place it in the Lounge because of its political nature, but please feel free to do so if you feel that would be more appropriate...
  16. DebateDrone

    Charlotte NC Loses NBA All-Star Game Over Hate Law HB2
  17. texmaster

    Standing up to hate and bigotry. 4 police officers walk out of Lynx game.

    Outstanding. This is what you do when faced with hatred and bigotry. You stand up to it. Four Minneapolis officers working a Minnesota Lynx game walked out of their jobs in response to comments made and shirts worn by the team’s players Saturday.The Minneapolis Star Tribune first reported...
  18. The Man

    Scumbags are torturing kitten as a "game" These subhumans in Russia have posted this video today, mistreating this kitten and threatening to kill him if people don't "like" the video enough times. They think it's a fucking "game"! Police can't do anything, but, at least, regular folks are...
  19. FrankCoil82

    Donald Trump tweets amateur campaign ad narrated by proud video game racist

    What do you think of this? Donald Trump tweets amateur campaign ad narrated by proud video game racist · Newswire · The A.V. Club Should Donald Trump disavow the Illusive Man?