1. bajisima

    Tour de France cyclists hit with tear gas and roadblocks

    Anyone see this? They all had to stop and wipe their eyes! Riders had to clean their stinging eyes after tear gas was used during a farmers' protest who attempted to block the 16th stage's route during the Tour de France on Tuesday. Four-time champion Chris Froome was among a group of...
  2. RNG

    California meets greenhouse gas reduction goal years early

    And it didn't even hurt. GHG emissions are now below the 1990 levels. . California meets greenhouse gas reduction goal years early | CBC News
  3. cpicturetaker12

    AAA AVG gallon of gas $2.97 5/25 as 54% of consumers see NO increase in take home pay

    So that would mean that the 54% of all Americans who have seen NO RAISE in their paychecks after the tax cuts (the much touted tax cuts) are in the hole by at least the amount of gas they pump each month. 600 gals a year is the average. JAN 1, gas was 2.45 a gal. x .51 a gal--that's $306...
  4. BigLeRoy

    Higher Gas Prices Vs The Tax Cuts

    Interesting analysis on the effects of higher gasoline prices on the expected economic boost from Trump's tax cuts: Higher gas prices could spoil Trump's tax cuts Well, poor Joe Sixpack didn't get much of a tax cut, anyhow. Most of that went to America's billionaires. Maybe they'll be...
  5. cpicturetaker12

    Gas prices went up .03 overnight. $2.83 average nationwide.

    I hope this isn't a trend. Supposedly IRAN had already been factored in. Now that it is firm, we'll see what happens. Prices according to AAA went up .03 overnight. The national average is up .42 since JAN. (20% increase), highest prices since NOV 2014. Might in part be due 'seasonal'...
  6. Mister B

    Expect Gas Prices to Spike Higher and Higher

    Of course, Trump doesn't care how high gas prices go as a result of his pulling us out of the Iran agreement. His Saudi cronies will be richer. Maybe he's hoping they'll forget all the billions he owes them. 'Fill up now,' as Trump's call on Iran nuclear deal could make gas...
  7. L

    Protest in Puerto Rico Over Austerity Measures Ends in Tear Gas

    By Patricia Mazzei May 1, 2018 Leer en español SAN JUAN, P.R. — Thousands of demonstrators joined a general strike in the capital of Puerto Rico on Tuesday that ended in mayhem after the police fired tear gas and pepper spray to end a tense standoff with some of the protesters. The...
  8. T

    Gas prices going up. Crude oil prices are at the highest level in more than three years and expected to climb higher, pushing up gasoline prices along the way. Crude stocks down , consumption up. This may last...
  9. Friday13

    Gas and Missiles and Trump...OH MY!

    Trump’s strikes on Syria risk retaliation, escalation in a war he wants to avoid GOP rep: US Constitution doesn't give president 'authority to strike Syria' Democratic lawmakers renew calls for congressional authorization of Syria strikes
  10. bajisima

    Should electric and hybrid cars pay a fee to make up for lost gas taxes?

    Interesting debate going on in various states including here in New England. The New Hampshire House has approved a plan to charge a sliding fee to vehicles based on their efficiency, starting with those that get as little as 21 mpg, to compensate for paying less gasoline tax. The bill...
  11. The Man

    Russia turns off gas for Ukraine (again)

    Ukraine closes schools to save gas as Russia keeps pipelines closed This bs between them will just never stop...
  12. M

    U.S. now a net exporter of natural gas

    The US has now become a net exporter of natural gas on an annual basis for the first time since at least 1957. Net exports averaged about 0.4 billion cubic feet per daylast year, flipping from net inflows of 1.8 billion in 2016. America is getting energy independence and that's a very good...
  13. L

    Bill Bans Gas Powered Cars in California

    More nuttiness in California. California bill would ban new fossil fuel vehicles from 2040
  14. Macduff

    Oregonians to pump their own gas.

    So Oregon has changed their law so that people can pump their own gas. The best part of this is some of the responses on Facebook...
  15. The Man

    Venezuela hands gas fields to Russia

    Head of Russian state oil firm Rosneft Igor Sechin (standing L) shakes hands with Venezuela's Oil Minister and President of the Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA Manuel Quevedo, in front of Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro, in Maiquetia, Venezuela December 16, 2017. Miraflores...
  16. The Man

    Kurds hand over gas field to Russians in Syria?

    Breaking: Russian troops take control of key gas field from Kurdish forces in Deir Ezzor Russian soldier in Deir Ezzor area Hmm. Interesting development. Perhaps the Kurds prefer the Russians as a buffer between themselves and actual Assad forces, over there.
  17. ptif219

    California lawmaker wants to ban gas car sales after 2040

    California just keeps showing what LWNJ run that state. Looks like more people will leave that state Ban on gas car sales proposed by California lawmaker | The Sacramento Bee
  18. Rob Larrikin

    Coal, oil, gas and nuclear power MUCH greener than solar panels

    Greens like to say that solar panels are green, and this is a very political agenda nowadays, what with beatniks everywhere demanding we tear down power stations and start using solar and wind power. LOLOLOLOLOLOL! :D :D :D Coal, oil, gas and uranium are all made by nature, in a perfectly...
  19. Sassy

    Got gas?

    Might want to fill up sooner than you planned. I just waited 35 minutes in Bedlam at the gas station. And other people have waited over an hour. I went around back to the entrance from something that can barely be called a road to avoid being stuck in the street. I felt so bad somehow pulling up...
  20. M

    Got Gas?

    May want to fill er up. Harvey will be visiting Texas in the next couple of days and it may be a good visit and maybe not. Refineries on the Texas coast are already making preparations to close down. Depending on how the visit goes, gas prices could be affected, and not in a good way. If gas...