1. T

    This might even make liberals gasp.

    Principal says standardized testing is ?modern-day slavery? | New York Post
  2. boontito

    Bait and Switch: Air Passengers Bound For London End Up In :::Gasp!::: Canada

    Passengers boarding a Friday night United Airlines flight in Chicago expected to be in London in time for breakfast, but instead spent almost 24 hours at a military barracks in Canada. United Airlines flight 958 was en-route from Chicago to London Friday night when it was diverted to Goose Bay...
  3. meridian5455

    Gasp! Aargh! "Pimp My Ride" was mostly fake!

    "Pimp My Ride" premiered on MTV in 2004 with a straightforward premise that was beautiful in its simplicity: Take a kid with a beat up car and have the rapper Xzibit orchestrate a massive and ridiculous upgrade. The theme song explained it all in just a few lines: "So you wanna be a player, but...
  4. W

    3 different Detroit homeowners used.. *gasp*.. guns

    [COLOR=#1A1A1A][FONT=Georgia] The obvious solution to these tragic assaults on criminals is to further restrict law abiding citizens' rights to keep and bear arms.
  5. boontito

    USA! USA! USA! - GASP! - Oral Roberts University Video

    On “Golden Eagle Day” at Oral Roberts University last week, a bald eagle named Lewis was part of a special chapel service marking the start of the 2013 fall semester when things went horribly wrong. Bald eagle flies off course into window, falls in a heap
  6. meridian5455

    Gasp! Aaargh! A DEMOCRAT caught using the "N" Word

    Gloria Platko: Michigan Democrat Caught On Tape Calling Town Official An ?Arrogant N***er? | Breaking News for Black America Once again proving that racism crosses party lines, Gloria Platko, a Democratic Township Clerk in Buena Vista, Michigan, is refusing to step down from her position...
  7. nonsqtr

    gasp - is this true? ??? Michael Boskin says: Your thoughts?
  8. S

    Gasp! - Rich Paying Fair Share

    A liberal pillar of the media is taking a decidedly conservative position. The Washington Post says in an editorial that the wealthy already are pulling their weight when it comes to taxes. “In 2006, the top 20 percent of earners paid 70 percent of all federal taxes. On average, they...
  9. N

    Biden's daughter busted for (gasp) drugs!

    Well, here it is folks - fitting justice for the Drug Warrior himself. Read 'em and weep. OPCSO Criminal District Court Docket Master MAG#: 359903 D O C K E T M A S T E R Date: 09/10/2008 Time: 17:01:59 ORLEANS PARISH MAGISTRATE COURT ==================================================...