1. cpicturetaker12

    BOB GATES savages TRUMP, 'thin skiined, uninformed, clueless, wilfully ignorant'

    Now he doesn't go so far as to say he will vote for Hillary but he SAVAGES Trump. There are a whole bunch of adjectives describing his contempt for TRUMP. His utter disdain for how TRUMP talks about the troops sure seems quite a different take on what TRUMP says he will do for the military...
  2. cpicturetaker12

    ROBT GATES, GOP childish Defense promises- illegal/unaffordable/unconstitutional...

    WOW! I knew he has alluded to the IDIOCY of the RIGHT on more than one occasion. This is pretty in your face! They are 'MIDDLE SCHOOL EMBARSSING' on their promises for national defense issues. Doesn't seem to nuanced to me. Maybe Trump will explain to us what a LOOOSER GATES IS!!! Robert...
  3. Dittohead not!

    Robert Gates doesn't like the current candidates

    One of America's most respected former military officials is worried about the 2016 presidential field Gates has it right. None of the candidates are "presidential", nor do they have real solutions to actual problems.
  4. excalibur

    Former Sec Def Gates: Odds High Hillary Server Accessed

    Former Sec Def Robert Gates: 'Odds Are Pretty High' Russia, China, And Iran Accessed Hillary's Server [VIDEO] | The Daily Caller
  5. Goofball

    Robert Gates: High probability Russia, Chine, Iran accessed Hillary's email server.

    Well, no shit Sherlock. When a two bit hacker gets her emails you know the intel agencies around the globe have them. She should be in jail......countdown until the libturds start whining "WHERE ARE THE CHARGES!"....3....2....1.... Former Sec Def Robert Gates: 'Odds Are Pretty High'...
  6. Amelia

    Robert Gates: The kind of president we need

    The kind of president we need - Robert Gates - Washington Post Excerpts from the six aspects he describes: We need a president who understands the system of government bequeathed to us by the Founders — and grasps the reality that with power divided among three branches of government...
  7. meridian5455

    Irony Alert! Bill Gates claims only socialism can save us from "climate change" Bill Gates is now complaining about capitalism. What, does he think he got a raw deal? Some billionaires have figured out that if you get in good with the climate change and/or...
  8. R

    Hillary’s Libya Post-War Plan Was ‘Play It by Ear,’ Gates Says

    there's more to libya then just benghazi that clinton will have to answer to. ----------------------- She still defends the invasion as ‘smart power at its best.’ But war backers like Clinton had no plan for securing the country, says ex-Pentagon chief Bob Gates. -- Why did Hillary...
  9. P

    jBill Clinton at the Pearly Gates

    President Bill Clinton died and when he arrived at the Pearly Gates Saint Peter checked the big book. "Oh, my. I see here that you were a sexual predator for most of your life and abused many women." "Saint Peter, are you a lawyer?" "No, actually, I'm a fisherman." "Well, I'm a lawyer and...
  10. M

    Enemy at the gates?

    Today I decided to research some information about ISIS and I've found this article about people connected to ISIS living in Texas. When my home is no longer my castle. ? Hillton's Truth - My Telegraph Then I've found this interview with Cornell University’s assistant dean for students...
  11. meridian5455

    Bill Gates drinks his own poop

    Bill Gates recently got to check out the Omniprocessor, an ingenious machine designed and built by Janicki Bioenergy, which turns human waste into water and electricity. In places without good waste treatment plants, it could be a real game-changer.
  12. Khimary

    Bill Gates donated to rescue Africans from Ebola

    Okay, finally it’s time to admit that Ebola is a real threat to the world, especially because the celebrities and other wealthy people started to sponsor the healing programs. Just recently Bill Gates donated about $5 million to UNICEF to combat Ebola in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea Bill...
  13. Dangermouse

    Bill Gates stands for Gun Control.

    Bill Gates has put his foundation's funding behind the push for universal background checks. He's backing Initiative 154 in Washington State. Almost the best part of the article is the description of the Gun Lobby mascot Chuck Norris, who was embalmed years ago, as "An actor, in the sense...
  14. bajisima

    Robert Gates controversial new book

    Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates is releasing his memoirs in a new controversial book where he says that Pres Obama is "intellectual" but doesn't trust the military leaders. Going to be a big best seller. Don't really like the fact that he is criticizing a sitting president. Even GW...
  15. bajisima

    Will Bill Gates be forced out of Microsoft?

    A trio of shareholders and investors are trying to force Bill Gates out of the company he founded and loves. So far they don't have the numbers to make this happen but they could possibly have a mutiny. Wow. Bill Gates bad for Microsoft? Investors want him out as board chairman.
  16. lka

    Ted Cruz Death Threat: Nick Gates Accused Of Making Terroristic Threats Against Senat

    Learn more, Wow, this guy flew off the handle.
  17. meridian5455

    Koreans Slap Bill Gates for 'Rude' Handshake

    Koreans Slap Bill Gates for 'Rude' Handshake | ABC News - Yahoo! Imagine the uproar if he slapped her on the backside? (I thought it was funny that ABC had this on their "Top Stories" page. Apparently they can't find enough important topics to fill space. But if they say it is important, then...
  18. Blackbeard

    Gates and Buffet still the richest

    Video - Bill Gates, Warren Buffett Top Forbes' U.S. Billionaires List, Mark Zuckerberg Biggest Dollar Loser - And they're savage Democrats as well. Anyone define these two as the evil rich? No? I didn't think so. Got to go to the 4th or 5th richest to find evil rich, huh Libs?
  19. M

    Melinda Gates, Investing in Womens Health

    Melinda Gates' New Crusade: Investing Billions in Women's Health - The Daily Beast Thank you Melinda. Gates believes that by focusing on the lives of women and children, and by making it clear that the agenda is neither coercive population control nor abortion, the controversy over...
  20. Zaragunudgeyon

    Jobs v Gates

    Why is/was Steve Jobs generally regarded as the greatest man ever by so many and why is Bill Gates hated by so many?