1. meridian5455

    Gates donates $750 million to fight AIDS, TB and malaria

    Gates donates $750 million to fight AIDS, TB and malaria - That's fine. But did he pay his fair share in taxes? That's important.
  2. Tedminator

    Israel an ungrateful ally : Robert Gates

    Robert Gates: Israel an ungrateful ally - Israel News, Ynetnews 09.06.11 WASHINGTON – Former US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates blasted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, saying that his policies were ungrateful towards the US and were isolating Israel on a global level. Gates' harsh words...
  3. M

    Gates blasts nato.....

    Secretary Gates Blasts NATO, QUESTIONS FUTURE of ALLIANCE..... Gates blasts NATO, questions future of alliance - Yahoo! News By ROBERT BURNS, AP National Security Writer Robert Burns, Ap National Security Writer – Fri Jun 10, 5:30 am ET BRUSSELS – America's military alliance with Europe —...
  4. B

    Bob Gates on 60 Minutes - Overtime

    Couric played a word association with Gates over the 8 presidents under which he served. The almost 4 minute segment is simply fantastic and I find myself very much in agreement with his assessment of these 8 presidents. Click on the link above and watch. Notice how he pauses at Carter. Notice...
  5. jackalope

    Gates: SEALs who killed bin Laden concerned for their safety

    Someone here posted an article, and expressed worry for the SEALs identity and safety. Looks like the SEALs themselves agree with that poster.
  6. B

    Gates on Obama (60 Minutes)

    The whole segment will air on Sunday. Here is a clip of the interview. May 12, 2011 4:01 PM Gates on "courageous" bin Laden raid decision (CBS News) Defense Secretary Robert Gates believes President Obama's decision to go ahead with the mission that killed Osama bin Laden...
  7. Inkslinger

    Gates: U.S. to use Predator drones in Libya

    Gates: U.S. to use Predator drones in Libya FU've pissed me off.
  8. M

    Gates Tries to Soothe Saudis Rattled by Unrest.....

    Sec Gates is over to Soothe the Saudis......this is a very interesting piece! I would note the 60 Billion In Arms Deal......think that could help with the budget? Also the issue of Egypt. Gates tries to soothe Saudis rattled by unrest - Yahoo! News RIYADH, Saudi Arabia – Defense Secretary...
  9. Tedminator

    Bill Gates on malaria, baldness and mosquitos.

    Great talk. Gate's philanthropy philosophy is brilliant.; how to save the most lives per dollar he donates. worth the watch.. it's a TEDtalk so under 20min :) Bill Gates on mosquitos, malaria and education | Video on Bill Gates hopes to solve some of the world's biggest problems...
  10. Dittohead not!

    Gates warns against further ground wars

    Defense secretary warns against fighting more ground wars A future defense secretary advising the president to get in a big land war should have his head examined. Now, that's pretty clear, and IMO, great advice. We didn't learn our lesson in Vietnam. Maybe we have now.
  11. Singularity

    Gates: Boots on the ground era is over

    Defense secretary warns against fighting more ground wars - I think this pretty accurately reflects how the U.S. will fight future wars, and how it should fight them, there is no real sense to engaging in protracted, bloody land campaigns involving large armies. It is kind of...
  12. TheHighForester

    Start another war like Iraq? You're nuts, Gates says

    NYT: Start an Iraq war? You're nuts, Gates says - World news - The New York Times - What was obvious to Douglas MacArthur sixty years ago has finally been recognized by the Pentagon. US troops cannot reshape Asia in our own image, will suffer needless casualties in doing so, and...
  13. M

    Secretary Gates to Visit China.....

    Secretary of Defense Gates is arriving in China for Military talks.....this marks the First time that a Secretary of Defense is visiting China for Serious Talks Since the year 2000 when Cohen was the last to have any talks.....This coming after last years muscle flexing by the Chinese, which in...
  14. michaelr

    Bill Gates: mobile health technology will save lives, help overpopulation

    Bill Gates: mobile health technology will save lives, help overpopulation Help with what Gates??? Can anyone splain that?? I can. well ya, give them cancer, change their sex drive, do lots of good things... There it is people in your face, use vaccines to curb overpopulation....
  15. Seraphima

    Defence Sec Gates says Afghanistan Surge is working

    CBC News - World - Afghanistan troop surge paying off: Gates Does this change anyone's opinion of US invovlement in Afghanistan or the future of the mission?
  16. P

    Gates to leave in 2011 -- or not

    The defense secretary is happy to leave 2012 quote open to interpretation. More...
  17. Granite

    Gates to Leave Pentagon by End of 2011

    The best man, bar none, in the Obama administration is leaving. Too bad.
  18. michaelr

    Gates hints at US ground force strikes against extremists holed up in Pak

    Gates hints at US ground force strikes against extremists holed up in Pak But I am the only one talking of a build up to war with Pakistan...... Well I saw this coming, it was rather easy, and instead of two failed wars, we will have a huge regional war, that we can't sustain. Meanwhile...
  19. P

    Gates: Spending 'gusher' now off

    Gates orders the Pentagon to tighten its belt in ways that could squeeze its massive bureaucracy. More...
  20. H

    Declassified: Secretary of War Robert Gates proposed the "use of airstrikes" against Nicaragua and w

    They're comin out of the woodwork. This guy is a hardcore imperialist. Right out of his fuckin mouth.