1. C

    Mitch McConnell: Gravedigger of Democracy

    Godwin's Law has been suspended for the duration of this emergency. The next two years are going to be very interesting, no matter what happens in midterms. And I mean interesting in the "ancient curse" kind of way. It's a very long article, but worth the read. Full length article: The...
  2. L

    Merkel responds to Trump: 'I have witnessed' Germany under Soviet control

    By Jennifer Hansler, CNN Updated 4:40 PM ET, Wed July 11, 2018 (CNN)German Chancellor Angela Merkel appeared to hit back at US President Donald Trump's claim that "Germany is a captive of Russia" by drawing on her own upbringing in Soviet-controlled East Germany. "I wanted to say that...
  3. The Man

    Germany "totally controlled", "captive" by Russia: Trump

    More: Trump blasts US ally Germany as 'captive to Russia' in tense opening of NATO summit I'm not sure if he was trying to insult Merkel, flatter Putin before their summit, or both...
  4. bajisima

    Germany losing climate edge

    Was there about two years ago and they were re-opening a lot of coal mines then. Al Gore said Germany is losing its status as one of the global leaders in combatting climate change as the country continues to depend on burning coal for its energy production. “Germany was a model for the...
  5. Darkman

    Time to pull out of Germany?

    U.S. assessing cost of keeping troops in Germany as Trump battles with Europe U.S. assessing cost of keeping troops in Germany as Trump battles with Europe
  6. BoiseBo

    Trump’s lies about immigration fan the flames of division in Germany

    Believe it was the Toronto Star who found over 70 Trump lies last week. That's an uptick from an average of 6.5 to over 10 a DAY. He's nothing if not prolific! Continued:
  7. excalibur

    Decide, Democrats: Is This Nazi Germany or Normal Politics?

    As Democrats hide behind children. Decide, Democrats: Is This Nazi Germany or Normal Politics? ... While no one credible is saying that Democrats should sign on, now, to every aspect of the various GOP plans, given the emergency — given the Nazi menace — you’d think they’d at least...
  8. The Man

    Trump lies about crime in Germany

    Much more: Trump slams Europe over refugee policies, falsely says crime in Germany is 'way up' | National Post
  9. RNG

    Parallels to Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany

    A long read by forum standards, but I found it very interesting. It parallels the Republican President to Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany and the lead-up to WWI.
  10. the watchman

    Viral G7 photo released by Germany.

    The G7 photo that went viral Saturday appeared to say 1,000 words: President Trump, sitting with his arms crossed, with German Chancellor Angela Merkel facing him, leaning forward and surrounded by other leaders. Released by the German federal government, it contrasted heavily with the official...
  11. cpicturetaker12


    Nazi in a Republican's clothing? And the problem is he didn't just piss off Germany, he's pissing off other European countries. Wonder what kind of allegiance he has to whom? Or was he a top fundraiser? Did I mention he made his remarks to Breitbart? Of course he was a FOX CONTRIBUTOR before...
  12. HayJenn

    Germany asks U.S. ambassador to clarify Breitbart quotes

    Germany's foreign ministry says it will seek clarification from the United States after Ambassador Richard Grenell told Breitbart he hopes to "empower conservatives across Europe," per the FT. Between the lines: Seeking to empower foreign candidates and parties is not part of an ambassadorial...
  13. bajisima

    Right wing unions gain foothold in Germany

    A number of powerful new unions appealing to right wing sentiments among the working class are springing up across the country. And they are targeting German business giants including companies such as Daimler, the producer of Mercedes Benz cars. Leader of the Zentrum Automobil union Oliver...
  14. bmanmcfly

    Germany involved in Syria chemical attack Why else would there be the chemical canister remains with German writing?? Terrorist wanting to expand their mind before killing kids?
  15. M

    Terror Attack in Germany

    A delivery van was driven into a crowd of people in front of a popular pub in Muenster Germany. 3 dead and some others critically injured. Authorities are saying it appears to be a deliberate attack. There's a history of using vehicles to kill innocents in Europe in recent years. A...
  16. The Man

    Van attack in Germany

    More: Germany van crash: Driver shoots himself after ploughing into crowd in Münster leaving three dead and over 30 injured
  17. Darkman

    HORROR IN GERMANY: Police Called After 80 Men Brawl in the Street w/ MACHETES (VIDEO)

    HORROR IN DUISBURG, GERMANY: Police Called After 80 Men Brawl in the Street with MACHETES (VIDEO) Let's bring some more of 'em migrants, unvetted refugees and peaceful Muslims over, Merkel!
  18. Goofball

    Dems blocking openly gay Trump nominee for Amb to Germany.

    More hate from the Dim party. Why are they continuing to hold up this nominee?
  19. The Man

    Poland vs. Germany

    Over a Russian gas pipeline, this time lol Germany grants permit for Nord Stream 2 Russian gas pipeline Poland wants U.S. sanctions to cover Nord Stream 2
  20. Goofball

    Obama compares Trump to Hitler, USA to 1930s Germany.

    And people claim this asshat has class? Wrong. He is a classless POS lefty hack who hates America. Please note the above comment is directed at Obama, and Obama only. In no way is it directed at any PH member.