1. M

    Robert Gibbs Stepping Down

    Robert Gibbs White House Press Secretary will be stepping down from his position.....The Administration thinks they have had a communications problem, but Gibbs is thee man when it comes to the President. One of Obama's very best friends. Is this a good move and can any see Gibbs going to Chief...
  2. TennesseeRain

    Obama Press Secretary Robert Gibbs out

    Robert Gibbs, the media face of the Obama presidency, will leave his post as White House spokesman and will boost the president's reelection drive from outside the West Wing. The departure of Gibbs as the chief spokesman has been rumored for weeks, but it was unclear whether he would stay in...
  3. michaelr

    Robert Gibbs says leftwing critics of Obama 'ought to be drug tested'

    Robert Gibbs says leftwing critics of Obama 'ought to be drug tested' michaelr says Gibbs should pull head out of ass. So you folks on the left, you better hope this isn't the new "talking point" or all those on the right will thing your a bunch of drug crazed freaks....not to worry...
  4. Singularity

    Gibbs: Liberals Who Compare Obama to Bush on Drugs

    Alienating and attacking people who voted for you, who are upset simply because you haven't done the things you promised can usually be considered a really bad move. Of course this is coming from someone who didn't vote for you, Mr. President, so maybe you don't care, or wouldn't care in any...
  5. Granite

    Gibbs Forgot To Say "Pretty Please"

    (highlighting in this quote is done by me) So, there you have it, folks...our Great President reduced to begging. Somehow, I don't think George would have done this...he would have kept quiet while taking firm steps to deal with this WikiLeaks guy. This is what y'all get for putting a...
  6. Granite

    Gibbs Eats His Foot....Again

    Gibbs just blew his whole speech with this gaff.
  7. P

    Gibbs apologizes to Sherrod

    Sherrod says she accepts the apology. More...
  8. P

    Pelosi rips Gibbs's House prediction

    House speaker bashes press secretary's assertion that Republicans could take control. More...
  9. P

    GOP woos K Street with Gibbs's words

    The W.H. has said Dems could lose House. More...
  10. P

    Gibbs stokes Dems' November anxiety

    Strategists grumble over his prediction that Republicans could win the House. More...
  11. P

    Gibbs warns of GOP House

    White House issues very public man-the-battle-stations call to Democrats. More...
  12. Rasselas

    Gibbs bites Fox over Brown segment

    This came across in the headlines forum, but I'm re-posting it here because it's so darned funny. It's just the kind of off-the-hinges thing you'd find see on an internet forum. Robert Gibbs bites Fox over Mike Brown segment - Glenn Thrush -
  13. P

    Gibbs bites Fox over Brown segment

    Gibbs singles out network for airing unsubstantiated conspiracy theory spun by Bush FEMA Director. More...
  14. C

    Press Secretary Gibbs Mocks Sarah Palin's Crib Notes

    YouTube - WH Press Secretary Scribbles Notes on Hand Gibbs Mocks Palin, Reads Grocery List Off His Hand Obviously it wasn't the most appropriate remark for a press secretary to make, but this certainly isn't outrageous, nor is it the first time a press secretary has taken a dig at a political...
  15. steezer

    Can Somebody Tell Me What The Hell Gibbs Is Talking About?

    President Barack Obama’s strategy for Afghanistan will include a plan for “how we’re going to get folks out†after a secure environment can be passed to the Afghan government, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs told reporters aboard Air Force One on Thursday. Obama’s Afghan...
  16. wingrider

    gibbs warns Rush seems the white house is upset with rush again... seems they are incensed about Rushes nazi statement.... Bush was called every name in the book.. compared to Hitler numerous times ..but the Obama crowd have...