1. cpicturetaker12

    MARINE GENERAL, JAG, locked up in GITMO for doing his JOB!!!

    You just can't make this shit up! 3 attorneys for a GITMO detainee resigned. Said they would not and could not DEFEND their client due to military interference, egregious enough for them to resign. It was reviewed by the 2nd HIGHEST LEGAL OFFICER IN THE MARINES. He concurred. They threw his...
  2. cpicturetaker12

    Trump & CO. ready to refill GITMO with bad dudes!

    Are they just going to arbitrarily find bad dudes? Where have the bad dudes of the past past 4 years been going? Do these fucking dumbasses realize how EXPENSIVE GITMO is to maintain? This is so stupid, I don't know where to begin. But Sessions, his 'ownself', went down to do a site survey...
  3. T

    Trump hits Obama again, this time falsely with claims about Gitmo detainees

    In some early morning tweeting, Trump once again displays his abject ignorance or his outrageous dishonesty. G For some reason trying to blame shit on Obama, I would guess to distract from his own miserable failure or to overshadow the GOP version of Obamacare, which looks a lot like Macabre...
  4. BAZINGA DrumpF

    GITMO! What will President Trump do? Just Lock up more? Why? 2016' GE over folks.

    What will President Trump do with Guantánamo? Will President Donald Trump put pen to paper on Inauguration Day and declare the Guantánamo Bay prison Barack Obama couldn’t close officially open for business? Will he order his Secretary of Defense to start searching the globe for “some bad dudes”...
  5. the watchman

    Americans accused of terrorism should be tried at Gitmo: Trump.

    United States citizens accused of terrorism should be tried by military tribunal at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, according to Donald Trump — offering support for a proposal which, under current federal law, is illegal. “I would say they could be tried there, that would be fine,” Trump told the Miami...
  6. BAZINGA DrumpF

    12 Freed Gitmo Inmates Linked to US Deaths. Seems Dubya freed them. Oooh! Myyy!

    Information about former Guantanamo Bay detainees who returned to militancy is very slowly leaking out—and it will give ammunition to those fighting to keep the detention center open. Sources tell the Washington Post that around 12 released Gitmo prisoners—all of them freed during the George W...
  7. cpicturetaker12

    FOXr says Obama is closing GITMO now cause Scalia 'is conveniently dead'

    Frankly, Scalia doesn't have a GD thing to do with this! Obama said he wanted to. Ash Carter says we should. The UN says we should. Gates said we should have. Colin Powell says we should have. George Bush who created the ILLEGAL and FOREIGN RELATIONS NIGHTMARE as well as fucking MONEYPIT...
  8. bajisima

    Pres. Obama to call for plan to close Gitmo

    President Barack Obama on Tuesday will present a long-awaited plan to Congress to shut down the controversial detention facility at Guantanamo Bay. He is expected to discuss Guantanamo from the Roosevelt Room at 10:30 a.m. ET, the White House said. U.S. officials say the long-awaited...
  9. PACE

    Gitmo survivor goes back to UK, tells extremists to get the hell out of his country

    This,,, is a man who was tempered by fire Shaker Aamer: Extremists 'have no right to live in the UK' - BBC News
  10. Goofball

    Gitmo Terrorist released by Obama back to terrorism.

    Good job, Obama. Now, let's all try to figure out how this is Bush's fault. Ex-Guantanamo detainee now an al Qaeda leader in Yemen | The Long War Journal
  11. meridian5455

    Thanks Obama: 5 Gitmo detainees released to United Arab Emirates

    The Pentagon transferred five Yemeni detainees who had been held for more than a decade at the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to the United Arab Emirates, U.S. officials announced Sunday. The men, all of whom were once suspected of having ties to al-*Qaeda, arrived in the UAE on Saturday...
  12. BoiseBo

    Nikki Haley's feeble fear mongering over Gitmo

    No Nikki, the chances of any of them ending up in "your backyard" are slim to none. Supermax in CO. could handle them all, where they have a ZERO ESCAPE record. “We are absolutely drawing a line that we are not going to allow any terrorists to come into South Carolina,” Haley said. “We’re...
  13. Quorthon

    Closing Gitmo? Unbelievable.

    Obama to take last shot at closing Gitmo | News24 Finally he’d keep his word and close Guantanamo. But would it be the end of cruelty that Gitmo inmates suffer? Maybe, maybe not, but for sure convicts will be transported to some domestic prison territory or simply moved inland. So, Guantanamo...
  14. jackalope

    Gitmo Detainees Point To Hobby Lobby In Fight For Prayer Rights

    Let's see the religious right go to bat for the Gitmo Detainees now. :jaded:
  15. BoiseBo

    McCain wants to send captured Benghazi ringleader to ... GITMO???

    Ya gotta love ol' Grumpy McRage. He must have said 1000 times that Gitmo was the terrorists number one recruiting tool and that we should close it immediately. But with another huge success for Obama, Republicans must turn great news into horrible news. What? They're going to suggest that...
  16. Rev. Hellh0und

    Your thoughts on Obama and GITMO.

    It's been 2 years into the second term of this president. I would like to know your feelings on this broken promise to close GITMO especially from my liberal friends. Thank you.
  17. Sassy

    50 Shades of Grey Finds Fans at Gitmo

    MORE: Guantanamo’s Starving Students Read more: 50 Shades of Grey Finds Fans at Gitmo |
  18. meridian5455

    Gitmo prisoners get new gym after refusing equipment made by 'U.S. infidels'

    Americans are supposed to have sympathy for the accused terrorist detainees now on hunger strike to protest supposedly cruel conditions at the US military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. “I don’t want these individuals to die,” President Obama recently lamented, adding he intends to close Gitmo...
  19. Rev. Hellh0und

    Obama pledges to close GITMO...... Again.

    Should we believe him this time? lol..... Anyway Mr. President, GITMO is nothing compared to droning people for the list of hate and "international standing"....
  20. jackalope

    Eric Holder: We aim to close Gitmo before Election Day

    Hmm, the wording sounds like they don't think they'll be able to close it, but they're going to try.