1. USA-1

    He wants his Gitmo cake and he wants to eat it too!

    Obama Strongly Backs US Trials for Terror Suspects :f_grr:What is Obama doing, does he even know? My joy at the suggestion he use signing statements to bypass Congress in keeping Gitmo open.........he's now.......well, I don't know what the f he's doing maybe someone does. declare...
  2. Divine Wind

    Yemenis at Gitmo Get Video Conferencing

    Progress at GITMO! Yemenis at Gitmo Get Video Conferencing
  3. justoneman

    Obama Gitmo Promise

    Remember this pledge to close Gitmo, in what, 6 months was it? Just another hollow vow by Obama, one of many. House acts to block closing of Gitmo In blow to Obama, ban on detainee-transfer funds part of spending bill Congress on Wednesday signaled it won't close the prison at...
  4. Lysander Spooner

    Obama decides not to close Gitmo WASHINGTON — Stymied by political opposition and focused on competing priorities, the Obama administration has sidelined efforts to close the Guantánamo prison...
  5. USA-1


    Officials: Obama restarting Gitmo tribunals - What ever happened to the outrage, it's been a year since this announcement and I still haven't seen any of my friends here upset about this. And in honor of summer, I'll just call this what it is. A flip flop. Looky here: Will...
  6. D

    Gitmo - A "Model Prision" So Says International Observers

    That's right, boys and girls, contrary to all the leftie lies Gimto has the best fed(three cultural correct meals a day), medically treated an care-for hardcore criminals in most of the world so says international observers from Europe and elsewhere. They refer to it as a "model prision" and...
  7. justoneman

    Closing Gitmo

    So Obama said he was closing Gitmo by January 22. Well? Will it be closed? No. Why not? It is what he said he would do. Several of those he did have released have moved on to rejoin Al Qieda. What is his plan now?
  8. G

    Illinois to house 100 Gitmo Prisoners?

    White House: IL prison eyed for Guantanamo inmates CHICAGO – The Obama administration may buy a near-empty prison in rural northwestern Illinois to house detainees from Guantanamo Bay along with federal inmates, a White House official said Saturday. The maximum-security Thomson...
  9. N

    Senate OKs Transfer of Gitmo Prisoners for Trials

    Trials for Gitmo prisoners slides in under a greater Homeland Security Budget Bill of 44.1B. If found guilty, they could face vacation at Club Maobama in the Virgin Islands.
  10. nonsqtr

    Obama sanitizing Gitmo reports to Congress? This doesn't sound good. Now we got a whole OTHER set of clowns, doing the same thing the LAST set of clowns was doing! !!! For a different reason, but the result is the same - the People are being LIED TO! Rrr....
  11. Dr.Knuckles

    Escape from Gitmo - on your x-box. Scottish game developer hires ex Gitmo prisoner as consultant on their "shoot you way out of Gitmo" x-box game. Think about it. You're the detainee and you run around gunning down Americans in...
  12. nonsqtr

    EU to take in Gitmo prisoners Six European Union member states have agreed to accept detainees from the notorious US facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, according to a report in the Washington Post on Thursday (20 August). The paper lists Britain, France, Ireland...
  13. S

    ama Eyeing Order for Gitmo Detainees - Indefinate Detention

    Another flip-flop and confirmation of the Bush policies - Obama Eyeing Order for Gitmo Detainees WASHINGTON – Stymied by Congress so far, the White House is considering issuing an executive order to indefinitely imprison a small number of Guantanamo Bay detainees considered too...
  14. D

    Er.... is this Gitmo info wrong?

    I happened upon this explanation of the Uighur prisoner situation - and it strikes me as... how shall I put this delicately.... the complete and total opposite of what Ive heard people on this website saying about their release. So as you can see. Nobody in this version of events, from Bush to...
  15. S

    Keep Gitmo open say the people

    The people ain't buying the line Obama keeps spouting. "WASHINGTON — Americans are overwhelmingly opposed to closing the detention center for suspected terrorists at Guantanamo Bay and moving some of the detainees to prisons on U.S. soil, a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll finds. By more than 2-1...
  16. B

    Montana town requests that U.S. government send 100 Gitmo detainees to its prison.

    Why not? Think Progress � Montana town requests that U.S. government send 100 Gitmo detainees to its prison.
  17. J

    Gitmo detainees can be released on US streets

    National Intelligence Director Dennis Blair made reference to releasing Gitmo prisoners a few weeks ago. The Associated Press: Official: Mexico not in danger of collapse .....During his news conference, Blair also said the Obama administration is still wrestling with what to do with the...
  18. J

    Gitmo status?

    So what is going on with the Gitmo closing? Has Obama done anything with regards to that other than just talk about it?
  19. J

    Gitmo transparency

    OK Obama said he wants transparency right? So he has announced he will close Gitmo. Surely he has a plan first before making this announcement right? Atleast I hope he has a plan. surely he is not so stupid as to announce such a thing without a plan. so where is the transparency? what is...
  20. N

    thank you for visiting Gitmo - we hope you had a pleasant stay

    Lieutenant-Colonel Yvonne Bradley, an American military lawyer, will step through the grand entrance of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London tomorrow and demand the release of her client - a British resident who claims he was repeatedly tortured at the behest of US intelligence...