1. bajisima enrollment extended due to glitches

    New glitches in the website has caused enrollment to be extended until Feb 22. There’s also a growing chorus urging a separate special enrollment period around the April 15 tax filing deadline. That would be for people who do their 2014 taxes, discover they must pay a...
  2. UncleJoe

    Having a problem with glitches on this board

    I cannot get the 'view your threads' function to work I cannot get the reply or quote function to work? Anyone know how to fix the above?
  3. Liberal Doses

    Are glitches contagious?

    We all know that Obama is a pro-evil corporation President. That is, those corporations who will play ball with him to eliminate their competition and limit the choice of all Americans. American citizens will become the worlds new cheap labor market. Given this fact, I got to thinking that...
  4. Dutch

    Obamacare's website glitches. An overview by jon stewart. So, what do you guys think?
  5. bajisima

    Glitches with Obamacare system may cause it to fail

    The severe glitches we currently are seeing for signing up for the ACA may be harming the entire system more than many thought. Since it is so hard to sign up, fewer young people are going to bother. They are less likely to telephone or apply in person than older ones. A senior official says...
  6. C

    Alaskan Magnetometers Detect Glitches With 9/11 Events

    With the current financial problems plaguing the United States and the world, it is important for the following new evidence of September 11, 2001 to be taken seriously. Those who control the energy, control the world. 9/11 was orchestrated with free energy exotic technologies that have been...