1. J

    UN Report: 192 million global unemployment, good jobs very hard to find

    Lack of GOOD paying jobs is not just an American problem - it's a global one.
  2. Goofball

    Gallup asks what most important problem is. 36 responses, Global Warming not on list

    Seems that Americans have caught on to the MMGW Cult bullshit. I predict the usual suspects will show up and cry about the source. Be to Gallup is in my link. :popcorn: New Gallup Poll: Americans do not even mention global warming as a problem ? 36 ?problems...
  3. Friday13

    Russian embassy says Trump & Putin reached global security agreements

    WTF? How in the hell was Droomp, the giant orange fool, allowed by our government to meet in secret with Putin unrecorded? Did You Know Trump Putin 'Reached Agreements In The Area Of Global Security'? Russian Embassy Does Facebook: Russian Embassy
  4. excalibur

    Helsinki Talks - How Trump Tries To Rebalance The Global Triangle

    An extremely interesting look at geopolitics. Sophisticated readers will want to read the entire piece. Helsinki Talks - How Trump Tries To Rebalance The Global Triangle ... Kissinger’s view is more realistic. He sees that the U.S. can not rule alone and must be more balanced in its...
  5. L

    Trump Has Already Increased Global Temp by 12 Degrees

    So we have a Trump lead Genocide thread, and a Trump supporters are human garbage thread, so add a Trump has single handedly destroyed global climate thread. Heat waves bother...
  6. BDBoop

    Trump's private threat to upend global trade

    I swear it never ends. There's always some toy flying out of the playpen as he tantrums. So. Opinions? Should we leave? Why or why not. Axios Why this matters: A U.S. withdrawal from the WTO would send global markets into a spiral and cast trillions of dollars of trade into doubt. It would...
  7. excalibur

    [GW post #77]Did You Know the Greatest Two-Year Global Cooling Event Just Took Place?

    Well no, because the MSM did little to no reporting on this. Does not fit the agenda of the left. Did You Know the Greatest Two-Year Global Cooling Event Just Took Place...
  8. Arkady

    Global Warming

    One of the reasons I have a fair amount of confidence in the scientific consensus on climate change is because this same expert community went out on a limb and made some bold predictions over the years that have turned out to be pretty close to correct. The tests of a good scientific theory...
  9. bajisima

    IMF: Outlook upgraded for US and global economies

    Upgraded their outlooks for this year and next, but see economic trouble around 2020 and after. The International Monetary Fund has upgraded its economic outlook for the United States in 2018 and foresees a strong year for the global economy as well. The IMF predicted Tuesday that the U.S...
  10. Spookycolt

    Global Warming Study Canceled Because There’s Too Much Ice

    Boy the irony of this huh? Global Warming Study Canceled Because There?s Too Much Ice | John Hawkins' Right Wing News
  11. M

    Global economy growth at 3%, U.N. says

    The United Nations says the global economy is growing at about 3%-its highest rate since 2011-and a significant acceleration from last year. The report says that compared to 2016, when global growth was just 2.4%, "growth strengthened in almost two-thirds of countries worldwide in 2017."...
  12. Spookycolt

    Global Warming Scientists Are Now Calling For Population Control

    We warned you about listening to these guys and now this is one of their warnings to us. These are the same scientists pushing their liberal AGW on people and we can now see what part of their solution limit your ability to have children. This is what happens when you give these...
  13. Tedminator

    Global Confidence in US Leadership

    Trump on an uphill mission to Asean | Asia Times When US President Donald Trump lands in Manila for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) summit, his diplomatic mission could not be more urgent. America’s decades-long leadership in Asia faces its most severe test since the end of...
  14. OldGaffer

    Pruitt: WH To Abandon Obama-Era Clean Power Plan To Slow Global Warming

    Back to the "Good Old Days" of corporate malfeasance empowerment. Pruitt: WH To Abandon Obama-Era Clean Power Plan To Slow Global Warming ? Talking Points Memo Unfortunately, some of us are old enough to remember "the good old days" of burning rivers, polluted and dead lakes, and...
  15. DemoWhip

    Senate committee votes to overturn abortion global gag rule reinstated by Trump

    And now more and more the U.S. Senate is defying Trump's orders and in effect, trying to institute their own. Recently, they were livid that Trump took all recommendations from Democrats over theirs on the debt so could this be the Senate's pay-back to Trump...
  16. R

    Alternative facts promoter Bill Nye gets owned by real scientist on global warming

    In this video, global warming alarmist Bill Nye (who isn't a scientist) gets debunked by a real scientist on global warming, proving that the global warming narrative is just a front for progressive politics rather than real science:
  17. DemoWhip

    Global Warming

    Did you know that the U.S.A. is the only country in the G-20 summit to withdraw from Climate Change? It sure appears that all of the other countries of the world are far superior in their knowledge about the reality of climate change. So, we are seen as the Black Sheep of the world as it...
  18. the watchman

    russian influence in global democracies on cspan live

    (((just tuned in.))) The first impression I got is how our government failed us. Obama could have done more. But, it's also true that Congress was briefed. Secondly, that Trump is doing nothing to address Russian hacking. Third, our Congress is so partisan there's no reason to believe that it...
  19. zam-zam

    Global Catastrophe Update

    We're all doomed. Honest. Any minute now......... It's summer 2017 and the Arctic was supposed to be ice-free, hurricanes were going to be more frequent and more deadly, and sea levels should be rising alarmingly. Al Gore swore in his 2006 science fiction movie, "An Inconvenient Truth," that...
  20. Kallie Knoetze

    Global Warming Study Canceled due to...

    Unprecedented levels of ice: Gotta love it. Scientists went to the arctic to study the ice, but there was too much ice to get through... Of course they blamed this unprecedented level of ice on, you guessed it...