1. J

    UN Report: 192 million global unemployment, good jobs very hard to find

    Lack of GOOD paying jobs is not just an American problem - it's a global one.
  2. Southern Dad

    Republic Steel - Canton, OH - 80 Good Paying Jobs - Thank You, Trump

    Good paying jobs with benefits coming back to this country. Thank you, Trump.
  3. Goofball

    Another example of good guys with guns stopping an active shooter.

    Killed the cretin. But guns don't save lives, right? Kudos to these guys!
  4. KnotaFrayed

    Good for you Steve......I could say what took you so long....but

    Just glad you've had enough of the BS.....even if it appears you helped to forward some of it. "WASHINGTON – Steve Schmidt has worked at the highest levels of Republican politics. He helped run George W. Bush's 2004 presidential campaign and oversaw the confirmations of Supreme Court Justices...
  5. KnotaFrayed

    Hey, but the "good" news is......

    You're gonna pay for that wall..... The stock market is down again and oil is up more than $2 a barrel..... Not only can you refuse joining a union, you can refuse a pay raise negotiated by the union where you work!! YIPEEE!!
  6. Dr.Knuckles

    Oh good. There’s a NATO meeting in July.

    If you thought the roaring tire fire that was The G7 leaders meeting was good for some entertainment, have I got news for you. Six of the ol crew are gonna hook up again on July 11th in Belgium. Will there be violent handshakes? Maybe. Will there be German tears? Likely. Will the Dutch ha e...
  7. Rasselas

    Good on this Trump supporter

    My friends and colleagues may be appalled at me, but I want to cheer for this guy with a sign: Why? While I agree with De Niro's attack on Trump at the Tonys, I think it was a bone-head, own-goal sort of move. But...
  8. MaryAnne

    Good Without God?

    Seems more and more are rejecting Religion as it exists today. I would like for you to share your opinions with me. A new group has formed in Northern Ohio, joining many over the world who miss the friendships they enjoyed in Churches. After losing friends when I decided I could no longer...
  9. Gnostic Christian Bishop

    Is hate good? Should we allow the censorship of hate speech?

    Is hate good? Should we allow the censorship of hate speech? 1 Thessalonians 5:21 Test all things; hold fast what is good. Proverbs 3:12 For whom the Lord loveth he correcteth; even as a father the son in whom he delighteth. God seems to think correcting hateful thoughts or actions is...
  10. Chief

    Fox: Obama is bad for doing something. But Trump is good if he does that same thing When Obama does it: "President Obama likes talking to dictators!" "He would meet some of these madmen without preconditions" "I think that's a mistake" "Obama is bowing and scraping...
  11. DemoWhip

    Very good news for Democrats: California's primaries yielded zero shutouts in key Hou

    Very good news for Democrats: California's primaries yielded zero shutouts in key House races By David Nir ==================================================== A large state comes through for Democrats! The fight is not over but it is looking good for them. Democrats and all others...
  12. the watchman

    Good Hops: Fan chugs beer after foul ball lands in it. too funny.
  13. vikingbeast

    Good Morning Mr. Model Republican!

    When is this party going to start denouncing these morons? This fucker's worse than crazy, he's evil!
  14. Davocrat

    How do you stop a good dancer with a gun? FBI agent accidentally shoots patron

    Personally, I think the agent should lose his job and face a big fine for injuring someone with his weapon. A couple weeks in jail might be nice, too. ------------------------------------------- An off-duty FBI agent's gun went off accidentally while he was dancing at a nightclub in Denver...
  15. excalibur

    Another Good SCOTUS Fourth Amendment Ruling

    Handed down today. Holding: The Fourth Amendment’s automobile exception does not permit the warrantless entry of a home or its curtilage in order to search a vehicle therein. Collins v. Virginia - SCOTUSblog
  16. Southern Dad

    Good food cooked by a robot?

    There's Flippy who can make burgers and now there's this invention that can make a variety of dishes. Customers order from a kiosk, and the robot cooks the meals. Is this our future? Will there be far fewer people working in the food service industry? Would you try a restaurant like this...
  17. P

    What good is NATO anyway?

    I understand the purpose of NATO if you're from Poland, or Canada. I don't have any problem with other countries being vassals of the US if they want. But from the point of view of France, it just doesn't make sense. Any problem with Russia can be resolved peacefully.
  18. excalibur

    Good Fourth Amendment Ruling by SCOTUS

    SCOTUS delivered a unanimous ruling. Opinion analysis: Justices rule unanimously for driver in rental-car case - SCOTUSblog
  19. vikingbeast

    Good Morning Mr. Uninvited!

    My admiration for John McCain grows even stronger! McCain says Trump should skip his funeral, wants Pence to attend | Fox News
  20. boontito

    Armed Suspect Stopped By A Good Guy With An Ankle

    A good guy with an ankle stops armed suspect. Alternate thread titles: Heel brings down heel. Man with cane takes bad guy on trip. Trouble afoot for armed suspect. --- Engaged with an armed suspect even though he wasn't armed himself. This...