1. Kallie Knoetze

    Gotta say, I am highly amused by my fellow Californians

    Whining and complaining they may have to pay higher taxes.... Hmm, Californians pay the highest state income tax, sales tax of 9.75%, high property taxes, gas taxes just went up 12 cents/gallon to make California's gas tax the highest in the nation. State corporate taxes are the highest in...
  2. cpicturetaker12

    OMG you gotta see this!!! PUTIN'S grand entrance on his HARLEY... Can HARLEY say fuck you VLADAMIR?? Or did they consult with him for HIS bike? (If anyone can edit tape, someone wanna through Trump on the back, hugging Putin's waist)
  3. Kallie Knoetze

    Gotta love CBS News lying through their teeth as they

    show video proving they are lying. Analysis: Two sides of the Charlottesville clashes were not equal - Videos - CBS News Or maybe they were setting this poor young woman up. She's on tape saying "most of the counter protesters were unarmed" at the same time they were showing video of...
  4. Minotaur

    Gotta Love Millennials
  5. Davocrat

    Ivanka's gotta depose

    Hah-hah. Hopefully she gets her ass successfully sued. ------------------------------------------------ The lawyers also said that Trump should be exempt because of her "special circumstances." Forcing Ivanka Trump to be deposed "would be an unnecessary distraction and would interfere with...
  6. BAZINGA DrumpF

    Poland Gotta Bald Trump: Parliament lawmaker made sexist remarks during a debate!

    An argument erupted in European Parliament when a lawmaker made sexist remarks during a debate about equal pay :think: I give it to the girl! Good Job!
  7. cpicturetaker12

    TRUMP banged Russian girls, 'they have no morals, you gotta get out there' (AUDIO)

    He talks, no one listens! When they do, they hear what they want to and disregard the rest. Or TELL US we aren't hearing what our ears HEAR. He grabs women's pussies, he told us so. He liked to bang Russian women, he told his buddy who told Stern on LIVE RADIO. So how is that TRUMP "The...
  8. PACE

    Gotta love the Scots!!! Mexican flags flying to greet Cheeto Jesus when he shows up

    Such a sense of solidarity; brings tears to my eyes..... Lorna Doone gonna wax the ass of the Orange Buffoon. Mexican flags raised around Donald Trump's golf course - BBC News
  9. Goofball

    Gotta love Hillary's excuse for refusing to speak with the State Dept IG.

    After she said several time publicly she would testify and answer any questions in any investigation into her emails, she refused to speak with Obama's appointed IG from the State Department. Her excuse....."I talked about all that in public". WTF? The video is fucking hilarious...
  10. Sparta

    sometimes I gotta harm my kids

    They just don't understand. My oldest is flunking biology, he's getting a 51. That kid is going to pull a 51 for the next couple weeks then turn in enough work to end up with a damn 74 & it's pissing me off. He's capable of so much more with just a little effort. Worse though, he can't see how...
  11. vikingbeast

    Obama's Gotta Be Tired Of This Bullshit

    I'm no Obama lover, never voted for him either time, but Lavelle Crawford has gotta be right. I just wish one time he'd snap on someone. Hell, wouldn't be any different that Trump does every day. I don't care what you motherfuckers think, but that shit would be funny as hell...
  12. michaelr

    What's a guy gotta do.... get a beer around here??
  13. GordonGecko

    I gotta say, I'm a little disappointed in the Hillary Derangement Syndrome Right....

    Hillary Rodham....was 16 years old in November 1963. (just turned the month before). Hugh Rodham, Sr....her father...was a staunch Goldwater Republican. Goldwater was anti-civil rights, "Better Dead than Red" on Communism, and of course it's a good assuption Hugh was. Park...
  14. MeBelle

    Gotta love California 2!

    An estimated 6.5 million Californians will become eligible for paid sick leave for the first time starting Wednesday, July 1. The Healthy Workplace Healthy Family Act of 2014, authored by Assembly member Lorena Gonzalez, D-San Diego, guarantees up to three days of paid sick leave for all...
  15. MeBelle

    Gotta Love California!

    A California bill that removes all exemptions to vaccine requirements for school entry except those medically indicated has just become law. After the California Assembly passed SB 277 on Thursday and the state senate passed the same version Monday, Governor Jerry Brown signed the bill into law...
  16. BDBoop

    Ya gotta love Borowitz

    Congress' Approval Rating No Longer Detectable by Current Technology - The New Yorker
  17. NiteGuy

    Classic GOP Competence - Gotta Love It!

    Boehner - A legacy unmarred by success.
  18. Djinn

    Gun charges I gotta disagree with...

    Here's the summary: A Philadelphia woman legally owned a handgun. She is a mother with no criminal record whatsoever. She was driving in New Jersey, and was pulled over for a routine traffic violation. The officer asked her if she had a gun, and she admitted to having one in her purse, which...
  19. Spookycolt

    Obama announces cuts to medicare. Gotta pay for his program somehow I guess.

    Like we didn't know this was going to happen. Too many people sucking off the government and not enough paying in so cut those benefits for seniors. I think I will go stand near the pharmacy at Walgreens and laugh as the old people realize their medication has just jumped 100 bucks. Maybe I will...
  20. Michael J

    Gotta Love Those Criminals

    Have you been listening to those stories about the stop and frisk rule in New York City? Recently, a U.S. district judge found the policy to be unconstitutional, and then the city appealed...and now a whole bunch of other crap is going on. Well, recently an officer for the NYPD has been...