1. Singularity

    President of France to grant asylum 2 migrant who scaled balconies by hand, saved kid

    Awesome story. Does it represent migrants in general? No. But it shows you can't dismiss people's value out of hand. The 4-year-old boy seemed to be suspended from a balcony. An adult standing on a nearby balcony seemed powerless to help. Disaster seemed the only possible outcome. Then, to the...
  2. bajisima

    High school rifle team gets big donation after NRA grant rejected

    An eastern Pennsylvania high school rifle team received a large donation from local businesses for new equipment after the school board rejected a grant from the National Rifle Association (NRA) earlier in the week. The Stroudsburg High School rifle team received over $6,000 in donations...
  3. Spookycolt

    Saudi Arabia is the first country to grant citizenship to a robot.

    This actually happened about a month ago and is a good discussion on its own but what's even more revealing is a recent interview where Sophia apparently threatens the existence of humans. For those not familiar with Sophia here she is:
  4. the watchman

    Judge: Sessions can't deny grant money for sanctuary cities

    CHICAGO (AP) — Attorney General Jeff Sessions can’t follow through — at least for now — with his threat to withhold public safety grant money to Chicago and other so-called sanctuary cities for refusing to impose new tough immigration policies, a judge ruled Friday in a legal defeat for the...
  5. cpicturetaker12

    2 storms in 2 wks: EPA Public Affairs can veto ANY grant which names 'climate change'

    You just can't make this shit up! No surprise here. NO STATE EMPLOYEE IN FLORIDA IS ALLOWED to use the word climate change. You know 'Florida'. Decisions rest in the fella's hands below... Prior to serving in the EPA’s pubic affairs office, Konkus served as President Donald Trump’s Leon...
  6. Goofball

    Dems control fewest seats of Govt since US Grant.

    When you look at local, state, and federal seats of govt, the Dims have the fewest seats at the table since Grant was President. Dims only have 15 Governorships. About the same number of State Houses, and Reps have the House, Senate, and White House. And to think, just a few weeks ago the...
  7. Djinn

    Ditching Benjamin and Grant

    Scrap the $100 bill and make life tougher for criminals, Larry Summers says - Feb. 16, 2016 An interesting argument. Speaking for myself, on those very rare occasions when I have one in my wallet, it's annoying because many stores don't accept bills higher than $20. And when they do accept...
  8. meridian5455

    Tenn. judge refuses to grant straight couple a divorce because … gay marriage

    Last week, a Tenn. judge refused to grant a straight couple a divorce because the U.S. Supreme Court allowed gay marriage. Many readers may be scratching their heads right now, wondering how the legalization of gay marriage could possibly disrupt straight divorce proceedings. But spare a moment...
  9. G

    U.S. to grant refugee status to some child migrants

    WASHINGTON — The U.S. government will launch a program in December to grant refugee status to some minors under the age of 21 who live in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador and whose parents legally reside in the United States. U.S. officials say parents can ask authorities free of charge for...
  10. C

    Should Obama be Impeached if he uses an executive order to grant amnesty to Illegals

    Obama's talking tough on amnesty despite the fact that most Americans oppose it and the GOP beat his party like a rented mule in last night's election. Should he be impeached if he tries it?
  11. Spookycolt

    Congressman optimistic Obama will grant immigrants legal status

    And so it begins. The King of America is simply going to use his magic pen and grant the illegal immigrants full status as citizens. Isn't it wonderful. Just think of all the money we taxpayers will save when Obama finally just disbands Congress and we no longer have to pay their...
  12. kmiller1610

    Feds grant equal federal benefits to same sex couples

    I support this decision. Will it apply to civil unions and domestic partnerships? Feds to expand legal benefits, services for same-sex marriages - If it does...
  13. L

    James grant & richard sylla: The great fed debate!

    Is the 100th anniversary of the creation of the Federal Reserve a cause for celebration or condemnation? Has the Fed, as Ben Bernanke said, “come full circle back to the original goal of preventing financial panics?” Two financial historians, James Grant and Richard Sylla, debate the benefits...
  14. MGunner

    Quarter-billion-dollar stimulus grant creates just 400 jobs

    Quarter-billion-dollar stimulus grant creates just 400 jobs - Washington Times More brilliant success from the Moron in Chief....
  15. EnigmaO01

    50 milllion grant for Republican Convention almost spent

    The republican convention got a 50 million grant from congress for security and all but 2.7 million has been spent. The things we could do in this country with 50 million dollars! This is ludicrous! Note: I'm sure it's the same for the Demoratic convention but that doesn't make it right...
  16. Tedminator

    TX to grant amnesty to illegal migrants

    Texas GOP Shift May Show Way Out of Immigration Stalement - Bloomberg Jun 29, 2012 Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson rose nervously to urge Republicans at the state party’s convention to support a national guest-worker program for millions of undocumented residents. Two years earlier...
  17. Mordent

    Who is Jimmy Grant?

    Who is Jimmy Grant? He's someone who "gets it" when it comes to financial/monetary policy. Wouldn't it be great if he had some position of influence? Say fed chairman, perhaps? James Grant (finance) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  18. Blah

    ACORN Gets FEMA Grant The fire prevention grant to ACORN is one of the largest grants on the list at just short of one million dollars I think Obama chose his "national civilian force...
  19. Blah

    DOJ Grant to Help Illegals For it not to be clear to someone our government has been actively promoting the illegal migration of millions is beyond sad. Border enforcement is kept to a minimum, benefits are extended, employment laws are...
  20. B

    Bush to grant 14 pardons.

    Bush grants pardons, commutations Dispicable, absolutely dispicable. Contsitutionally legal, but rediculous just the same.