1. Dangermouse

    R.I.P. Danny Kirwan (Peter Green's) Fleetwood Mac guitarist.

    Danny Kirwan, one of the three Fleetwood Mac virtuosos died on June 8th in London aged 68. His solo starts at 1.25.
  2. DebateDrone

    Happy Birthday to Al Green

    Albert Leornes Greene, often known as The Reverend Al Green, is an African American singer, songwriter and record producer, best known for recording a series of soul hit singles in the early 1970s, including "Take Me to the River", "Tired of Being Alone", "I'm Still in Love with You", "Love and...
  3. Djinn

    Philadelphia Gets Green Light on "Safe Injection Sites"

    It appears that Philadelphia will be the first city in the U.S. to host "safe injection sites" for drug users. These sites will be staffed with trained medical personnel, equipped with Naloxone (a.k.a. Narcan), and provided with everything needed to connect addicts to outreach programs to help...
  4. excalibur

    Terry McAuliffe And Tony Rodham Sued Over Green Card Investment ‘Scam'

    Terry McAuliffe And Tony Rodham Sued Over Green Card Investment ‘Scam' More of that Clinton Crime Family connections. Terry McAuliffe Sued Over Visa Investment &#0 | The Daily Caller
  5. Tedminator

    NCIS investigating 2 SEALs in Green Beret death

    Navy investigating 2 SEALs in Green Beret death - CNNPolitics Washington (CNN)The Navy is investigating whether two members of the Navy's elite SEAL Team Six killed an Army Green Beret in Mali in June, a US official told CNN Sunday. Naval Criminal Investigative Service spokesman Ed Buice...
  6. MaryAnne

    Green Beret

    Thought this was appropriate for today.
  7. T

    Trump Played Golf Instead Of Paying Respects To Green Beret Who Died In Niger Ambush

    Fair criticism? I well, he was busy playing golf, and we knownthat is so important to him. Must be very important because he does it a lot. But Trump does seem oddly silent on this incident, which is odd be a use one would think the minor political firestorm the incident has set off he...
  8. syrenn

    Is child slavery the price to feel good about being green?

    I dont know about all of you but i will never look at an electric car the same way again. Is child slavery the price you are willing to pay to go green? An interesting thing to think about since the push to end gas powered cars. Child miners aged four living a hell on Earth | Daily Mail...
  9. Kallie Knoetze

    Electric cars create more green house gases than gasoline vehicles...

    Interesting article from 2012, but it is just as true today. Electric cars in China bigger polluters - Seems that in Europe and the US, electric cars may reduce the carbon footprint, but in the developing world, electric cars create more CO2 and pollution in general than internal...
  10. the watchman

    Texas Democratic Rep. Al Green to Start Process to Impeach Trump.

    actually think it's a bit early for this. But... there you have it. Rep. Al Green, D-Texas, said Tuesday he plans to draft articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump on Wednesday despite what he says have been multiple death threats. Green, who plans to make a formal announcement...
  11. DemoWhip

    Trump Army secretary pick Mark Green withdraws nomination

    It seems that Trump just can't pick someone without some type of controversy. Consequently, they have to withdraw. Very telling and speaks volumes about his picks! ---------------------------------------- Trump Army secretary pick Mark Green withdraws nomination - ABC News By JUSTIN...
  12. Singularity

    The green industry cat is out of the bag: Tesla surpasses Ford in value

    Environmentalists have a lot of reasons this year to be disappointed, but Elon Musk isn't one of them. Trump is undoing fuel efficiency rules and trying to prop up the corpse of coal, and that's bad, but it won't do irrevocable damage. Organic demand for low-emissions, renewable tech is...
  13. BAZINGA DrumpF

    The New MAGA Green Trump Hat! A celebration of St. Patty's' Day? Or INSULT by GOP?

    There isn't a sinner in Ireland that would refer to a Patrick as “Patty”. It's as simple as that! IT’S PADDY, NOT PATTY. EVER. @GOP FFS! SAINT PATRICK’S DAY? GRAND. @GOP PADDY’S DAY? SURE, DEAD-ON. @GOP ST. PAT’S? IF YE MUST. @GOP ST. PATTY? NO, YE GOAT! @GOP FFS! Official Team...
  14. GordonGecko

    We Shall Never Remember: Commemorating the Bowling Green Massacre-

    Where were you on February 31st?
  15. Lunchboxxy

    The Bowling Green Massacre

    Never Forget Kellyanne Conway Refers To Fake Bowling Green Massacre - The Daily Beast I heard Frederick Douglass was there. He will be recognized more and more for it Cant make this shit up folks. Eagerly await the spin.
  16. Minotaur

    Green Card Holder Dies a Day After Being Prevented From Returning Home

    THIS! This is the face of Trump's order. This is what the US shamefully did. If this doesn't make you sick you are sick. Green Card Holder Dies a Day After Being Prevented From Returning Home by Trump?s Order, Report Says
  17. L

    Trump's snub for the Green Prince: US President 'will avoid Charles on state visit to

    Donald Trump's visit to Britain has been hit by a row because he doesn't want to meet with Prince Charles while he is in the country The pair disagree over climate change, with Charles an avenger of the cause But Trump has said it was created to make US manufacturing non-competitive By Simon...
  18. Spookycolt

    Green Party drops bid for statewide Pennsylvania recount

    And that's all she wrote folks. Welcome President Trump. Green Party drops bid for statewide Pennsylvania recount
  19. L

    Green Day takes on Trump

    Good for them. We're going to need more of this. I knew we could count on you boys. AMAs 2016: Watch Green Day Chant ?No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA? | Pitchfork
  20. HayJenn

    Suppressing the Vote In Green Bay

    After the primary, leaders of eight different student groups—including the Republican, Democratic, and Libertarian parties and the Black Student Union—asked the city to put an early-voting location on campus to alleviate long lines. But city officials ignored the request and opened only one...