1. The Man

    Quebec to offer guaranteed basic income

    More: Quebec to offer basic income for 84,000 people unable to work Interesting.
  2. Southern Dad

    Walmart announces guaranteed pay for military workers

    I know that some will say that it isn't enough but this is something that other employers are not doing. Average Walmart employees make $13.60 per hour and the maximum hourly wage is $24.70.
  3. bajisima

    Ontario to launch North America's first guaranteed minimum income

    Have to keep an eye on this.. The province of Ontario will start its pilot project testing universal basic income in three Canadian cities this summer, premier Kathleen Wynne announced on Monday. About 4,000 residents of Hamilton, Thunder Bay, and Lindsay will be randomly selected to take...
  4. DemoWhip

    HHS Secretary Tom Price dodges on whether new health care plan is guaranteed to cover

    Well here you go folks! The Republicans are already admitting their new health care bill isn't worth the paper it is written on. Dodging important questions is not what should be happening. With no guarantees that the GOP healthcare bill would be lower than Obamacare we can consider it an utter...
  5. thrilling

    Name changes that would have guaranteed HRC victory.

    Sprinkling in some truth here, what name would you have had Hillary change her name to, that you believe would have gotten her elected. Seriously, when you see some people say the name H I L L A R Y, their faces change. Here are a few possibilities. Mora Gunz Pole Dansa Midwest...
  6. HenryPorter

    Democrats, don't think Hillary is guaranteed to win.

    Well, I got my wish, Cruz is out of the race. Whew. Now there is the reality of Donald Trump. He is a huge question mark. Both Hillary's and Donald's likability are low. Trump however has the edge. He's animated. He can flip-flop on any issue with impunity. He hasn't defined any policies...
  7. N

    Liberal minimum wage & tax-the-rich obsessions vs. the Guaranteed Basic Income

    The problem conservatives have with the proposal below will boil down to the difficulty accepting the fact that the federal debt of a fiat currency nation does not work like any other type of debt. The problem liberals have with this has yet to be intelligently articulated, which is why I...
  8. G

    Guaranteed Minimum Income

    Regional differences aside, what would be a fair, guaranteed minimum income? I say $1200 a month for adults, and $600 for each kid, payable by the Federal government on the first of each month. No other welfare, food stamps, etc. I easily live on $1,200 a month, so that is what I base...
  9. S

    Guaranteed Basic Income

    The idea is building steam, from both the American Left, and the libertarian right, for different reasons. The proposal would essential pay every American citizen, outside of prison, and over the age of 21, a monthly lump sum as part of a guaranteed basic income, something around $10,000 or...
  10. michaelr


    MONEY MARKET FUNDS NO LONGER GUARANTEED - SEPTEMBER 18 If your 401 is tied into MM, you might want to get out now. I like the author's suggestion, place your funds into a local bank. I have no idea the leverage on MM's are but when you see a decline of 15% then the ball holding the elephant...
  11. M

    Adam Kokesh's Run for Congress - Guaranteed to Shake Things Up in 2010

    Adam Kokesh's Run for Congress - Guaranteed to Shake Things Up in 2010 This rat bastard will read the bills, not if Obama has his way. I will be sure to donate to his campaign!!!
  12. T

    what's more guaranteed?

    Death, or taxes?