gun control

  1. remington50

    **GW #350** Would you Support A Handgun Ban?

    This is a specific question. I’m not talking about “assault weapons.” I’m talking specifically handguns. They represent the overwhelming majority of the firearms used in homicides. There is no argument otherwise. Here is a source (forgive wiki but they link several credible sources that all back...
  2. Hillofbeans

    What these cities do with gun stats, Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore,

    Inner city violence, it never gets addressed by politicians, or the root cause for the larger percentage of that violence. In Chicago, this weekend, and it's not over, 32 shot. At least 32 reportedly shot in Chicago so far on Fourth of July weakened | Fox News Year to date, over 1,700 shot and...
  3. Madeline

    MLK & The Right To Self-Defense

    Martin Luther King had complicated legacy on gun violence | Miami Herald One of the reasons I loathe the NRA is their incessant propaganda that whites need guns to shoot black criminals with. Decent white 2A people should embrace the rights of black Americans to own and carry guns, and they...
  4. A

    Florida teen kills brother, wounds another after argument over food

    Florida teen kills brother, wounds another after argument over food | Fox News It is clear to me now the situation with guns in the US is out of control. Previously gun legislation was loose and we could not see as many cases as we see now. We as a society have to do something to protect the...
  5. G

    Liberal defense for the right to bear arms

    Armed with rare political prescience, the founding fathers of the United States of America, knowing full well the ever evolving nature of language, wrote the affirmation of our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness on a parchment, carefully selecting the words that would best create a...
  6. Blueneck

    Ah, the good old days

    Gun laws were tougher in old Tombstone - Los Angeles Times Interesting. You couldn't do that now. So, where's all this tyranny I keep hearing about?
  7. Blueneck

    "and as if that weren't enough..."

    The NRA is now backing the use of [-]silencers[/-] noise suppression devices. Silencers: The NRA?s latest big lie - Are you shitting me? More on this here: Gunmakers and the NRA Bet Big on Silencers. What Could Go Wrong? | Mother Jones
  8. Blueneck

    Angela Davis

    So awhile back I was watching "The Five" on fox. Greg Gutfield, one of the hosts, went on this huge rant about Jada Pinkett "glorifying" Angel Davis in a film. Poxy Rants: FOX NEWS? GREG GUTFELD SAVAGES THE LEFT FOR EMBRACING VIOLENT RADICALS WHILE MOCKING GUN OWNERS: ?WHAT DIRTBAGS? The fact...
  9. Blueneck

    Just the facts

    On gun control: Gun Control - Just Facts Interesting statistics.
  10. Monk-Eye

    Tasers for Teachers

    "Tasers for Teachers" Taser - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Rand Paul: Teachers Should be Armed On my opinion list, teachers are somewhere near postal workers on the unpredictability list. While some have proposed that teachers be armed with concealed hand guns, in rebuttal - as an...
  11. A

    Liberal-minded Democrat, I endorse these high-powered weapons for all citizens.

    Our founding fathers were right; we do need the ability to defend ourselves from tyranny. But before we load our shotguns and head to city hall, we must assess the true nature of today’s tyrants. We need to find out who is really keeping us from living the life we would like to live, ruining our...
  12. B

    Gun Control, 2nd Amendment, Obama and Judaism

    In the presser / EA signing from yesterday, both President Obama and Joe Biden said at least once that if the Executive Actions signed yesterday and the proposed things that would need to go through congress saves even one life, then it is worth it. This is not the first time that we have heard...
  13. Blueneck

    Mandatory reporting of lost or stolen guns

    I think this would be a good start. I consider this an extension of the "enforce the laws you already have" narrative in doing something about guns. Dealers are now required to report lost or stolen guns to the ATF but individuals are not. So would "reaponsible, law abiding gun owners" be on...
  14. Blueneck

    Bob Costas please STFU

    First of all, he didn't even have the balls to use his own words, but instead chose to quote a KC sportswriter, and secondly, Sunday Night Football is not the place to discuss gun control (which I'm firmly against, btw) and certainly not in the context of some tragedy that is not the norm of...
  15. lka

    Obama admin flip-flops on gun control

    President Barack Obama may not know that AK-47 assault rifles are not used by the U.S. military but he seems to have realized that the country values the Second Amendment. Calling for more gun control measures will hurt Obama's reelection efforts in November. Obama Admin Flip-Flops on Gun...
  16. Spookycolt

    Reid tells Obama to STFU about gun laws lol

    Obama calls for strengthening gun rules, Reid says no time for debate I guess Obama is gonna tuck tail and go hide back inside the White House on this issue. Hilarious. No way in hell...
  17. Divine Wind

    Why Gun Control Is Patriotic

    Annnnd, here we go. The anti-gun wagon is just starting to roll. Sanjay Sanghoee: Why Gun Control Is Patriotic Of course what she skips over is that only part of the reason we have for the Second Amendment is personal self-defense from wild animals and marauding two-legged attackers. As...
  18. michaelr

    Witness: Someone let gunman inside Colorado movie theater

    Witness: Someone let gunman inside Colorado movie theater Of course someone let him in. That is a no brainer yet missed with our members. Emergency exists are steel doors mounted on steel frames, with steel door jams, and they by law open out. You can literally slam your car into them, and if...
  19. Devil505

    Opinion: NRA Responsible for Many deaths in Aurora

    AP source: Rifle in Colo. theater shooting jammed By ALICIA A. CALDWELL | Associated Press – 3 hrs ago WASHINGTON (AP) — A federal law enforcement official says the semi-automatic assault rifle used in the deadly Colorado movie theater shooting jammed during the attack. The official said late...
  20. Blueneck

    The Gun Culture

    I think this is becoming the new rock and roll. Case in point: I'm a little confused at how this delusion continues to become more and more popular even though the Dems had the Senate (a 60 vote majority no less) the House and the presidency and...