1. R

    **GW #350** Would you Support A Handgun Ban?

    This is a specific question. I’m not talking about “assault weapons.” I’m talking specifically handguns. They represent the overwhelming majority of the firearms used in homicides. There is no argument otherwise. Here is a source (forgive wiki but they link several credible sources that all back...
  2. A

    Semi auto handguns vs AR 15

    I am no gun expert here, so maybe some of you experts can help out with this one. The Vegas mass shooting injured 851 people, and killed 58. From what I can find in wiki, it looks like the distance was about 490 yards. 1,100 rounds in ten minutes. My question here, is would the number of...
  3. Two If By Tea

    In Defense Of The 5 Day Waiting Rule For Handguns

    Yes this is why people.. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ejmYK-7PGm4
  4. Devil505

    Handguns on drones?

    Someone tried this out and I guess there are no laws against it.....yet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_kfUVZdTkU There will be<G>
  5. Oscar99

    Mass-shootings commited with handguns

    -Jared Loughner, 2011, Arizona, 6 killed. Used a Glock. -Scott Evans Dekraai, 2011, California, 8 killed. Used 3 handguns. -Eduardo Sencion, 2011, Nevada, 5 killed. Used a Glock. -Jiverly Antares Wong, 2009, New York, 14 killed. Had two Beretta pistols. -Robert Stewart, 2009, North...
  6. Oscar99

    Nixon wanted to ban handguns

    AP Enterprise: Nixon Wished for Total Handgun Ban - Yahoo! News I only wish he got his way. Crime and murder in Britain fell more than 40% since they banned handguns.
  7. Oscar99

    Permits for all handguns

    I propose Federal legislation requiring handgun permits be required to possess any handgun in the USA. Currently, many states allow no permits to buy a handgun, just a driver's license. Everyone who wants to buy a handgun should go through a thorough background and mental health check, before...
  8. Oscar99

    HANDGUNS are the problem!!!!

    The VAST majority of murders in the USA are committed with handguns. 75% to be exact. The ease of concealment, the ease of use, the ease of re-loading, is what makes these things soo dangerous. Its time to have a frank conversation in this country, about handguns.
  9. Blueneck

    Bob Costas please STFU

    First of all, he didn't even have the balls to use his own words, but instead chose to quote a KC sportswriter, and secondly, Sunday Night Football is not the place to discuss gun control (which I'm firmly against, btw) and certainly not in the context of some tragedy that is not the norm of...
  10. Oscar99

    Guns aren't the problem. HANDGUNS are the problem!!!!

    I mean come on folks. The stats never change. Handguns are what are responsible for most murders in the USA. For the last 30 years, the stat remains the same. In fact, for many years there are more murders committed by knives than with rifles & shotguns. Clearly, we need to find a way to...
  11. michaelr

    Most Americans Don't Believe Cities Can Prevent Citizens From Owning Handguns

    Most Americans Don't Believe Cities Can Prevent Citizens From Owning Handguns The court will most likely rule that you have the right to ownership, you may even be able to keep it in your home, under certain conditions set out by the states and cities. This will become very bad if your not a...