1. Southern Dad

    One surprising way money can buy happiness, according to scientists

    I am quite capable of pressing my own clothing. I've got the washer/dryer and iron. I know how to do it. So why do I send them out to be laundered and pressed? Simple it is worth the small amount charged to not spend that amount of time doing the task. When I read this article, I thought...
  2. PACE

    Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness

    What is Happiness? To some, it's an all exclusive funcation at a resort To some, it's the knowledge that three squares are on the table To some, it's the knowledge that their children will succeed To some, it's taking a drink of water and not worrying about lead poisoning And to...
  3. meridian5455

    Hillary: ‘There’s a constitutional right to life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness'

    The often confused Hillary Clinton sat down with Steve Harvey yesterday to talk guns. It’s about what you’d expect with her usual spin on “common sense gun measures,” but check out what she says at the 2:12 mark: “We’ve got to say to the gun lobby, you know what, there is a constitutional right...
  4. S

    Taking Happiness and Suffering Along the Path

    By Padgyal Lingpa. If I am well, I am happy for I dedicate my well being to accomplishing virtue: May happiness and bliss fill the skies! If I suffer, I am happy for I take upon myself the suffering of all beings: May samsara's ocean of suffering be emptied! If I am sick, I am...
  5. TrueMan

    Will There Ever Be Happiness In This Country?

    According to Huffington Post, the job market was lousy again in August after several months of decent growth. I don't believe it, I don't believe this data! I want to believe, that no matter what, there can be something good in this country!
  6. T

    Adam Kokesh on Liberty and Happiness

    Adam Kokesh on Liberty and Happiness HD - Save LI Forum - YouTube Adam Kokesh is at the forefront of liberty and civil disobedience activism. Please view this YouTube video and share your opinions. Thank you. Tori
  7. Loki

    Is not altruism the path to happiness

    I have found it is, whether knowledge or food.
  8. Inkslinger

    Former Navy SEAL comes out as transgender: 'I want some happiness'

    Former Navy SEAL comes out as transgender: 'I want some happiness' More power to ya Beck! I'm just dying to see what the military apes here have to say about this.
  9. zam-zam

    Does Money Buy Happiness?

    Apparently, not always. A tragic story about winning the lottery...... ECORSE (WWJ) – It was a tragic end for former million dollar game show winner and mother of two as friends discover her dead in a home in Ecorse. Police confirm that 25-year-old Amanda Clayton was found dead early...
  10. Loki

    I have a new idea, sell happiness and freedom

    If I sell a new religion with love I succeed, Lets sell it :encouragement:
  11. presluc

    Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

    Well that's what it says isn't it? To do this as a nation we must first become United. I'm reminded of an old song "Abraham, Martin, and John" It was about 3 great leaders of America. Abraham Lincoln after the Civil war was going to help rebuild the southern states to unite Americans...
  12. nonsqtr

    Unalienable Right: the Pursuit of Happiness

    Here's a thought that floated my way recently, wanted to share and get some input. Consider these words: Question: what is the Pursuit of Happiness? It's a whole lot easier to say what it's "not", than what it "is", isn't it? My short answer is: it equates with OPPORTUNITY, but it's...
  13. O

    The Political Happiness Poll: Hard Choice

    Ok folks, Which one? What? Yeah, which one are you happier about? Are you happier that Obama entered office or happier that George W Bush left the oval office?
  14. D

    The happiness and misery in this world are based on the bonds you have with the items

    The happiness and misery in this world are based on the bonds you have with the items present in the world The happiness and misery in this world are based on the bonds you have with the items present in the world. Real matter and real energy constitute the forms. The forms are...
  15. R

    Happiness: What causes it?

    What makes you happy? Fitness? Nutrition? Money? Spirituality? Hobbies? Friends? Alcohol? Dig deep, take a few seconds to think about it. I'm doing a survey to study this so I can write a piece on it, if anyone is interested in completing it, go here. For everyone else, what makes...
  16. A

    Ethnic pride = happiness and health, says study

    Ethnic pride can help teenagers maintain happiness when faced with stress, a Wake Forest University study showed. Teens with positive feelings about their ethnic group said they were happier than those who have a more negative attitude about their ethnicity, Wake Forest University said...