1. DemoWhip

    Saved by lesbian capitol officer, Rep. Scalise goes and speaks at anti-LGBT hate grou

    Saved by lesbian capitol officer, Rep. Scalise goes and speaks at anti-LGBT hate group convention By Walter Einenkel https://www.dailykos.com/stories/1704332 ================================= Many times Republicans do not even stop to see who it is who has saved their life...
  2. Spookycolt

    Liberals showing their hate against the right, some have no sympathy for the victims.

    Not shocking but newsworthy. Many on the left have no sympathy because they believe that only right wingers go to a country concert and frankly they believe they deserved to be shot down because they support gun rights. Absolutely horrible what the left is capable of. CBS executive...
  3. MaryAnne

    Dear Hate

    By Vince Gill. Please post this video for me. IPad will not let me. https://parade.com/606782/alison-abbey/maren-morris-releases-new-song-with-vince-gill-dear-hate-to-raise-money-for-las-vegas-attack-victims/
  4. cpicturetaker12

    Las Vegas MASSACRE blamed by Pat Robertson on HATE for Trump, of the anthem and GOD!

    Yeah. that's it! Of course. People hate Trump and the anthem and GOD and ARMED a domestic terrorist with THOUSANDS of ROUNDS of ammo and a cache of GUNS and we checked him into a corner hotel room to MASSACRE a bunch of AMERICANS--mostly women!!Sure that's it PAT! You got it. ​ WATCH: Pat...
  5. J

    Of course we know that the president is a man of hate.

    What he has to say is usually different levels of hatred but he will go into over drive on his hate talk the closer they get to finding his part in the Russian scandal. The right don't give a dam about the Russians screwing with our electoral system, as long as their man/women wins. It's simple...
  6. cpicturetaker12

    RUSSIA stole real a MUSLIM groups real name to GIN MUSLIM hate during election

    And the Russians who gave us TRUMP used all our divisions strategically to BRING down one blonde grandma in a pantsuit! Here they actually used a REAL group's name and pushed anti-muslim sentiment and hatred. In this case targeted before the election. Russian operatives used Facebook ads to...
  7. Eve1

    Canadian Politician responds to hate with love courage

    On Wednesday, a woman interrupted Singh's event in Brampton, Ont. to accuse him of backing Shariah, a system of laws based on Islam, and supporting the Muslim Brotherhood. The Ontario MPP is Sikh. Video recordings of Singh deftly defusing the situation by urging his supporters to respond with...
  8. R

    Why people don't hate "NAZIs" anymore

    Today, Nazis are viewed more like the Punisher (from Marvel Comics) is - you may not think he's a nice guy, but you can sympathize with who he's out to get (aka ANTIFA). While the Nazis' enemies (e.x. ANTIFA, BLM) are viewed more like the Joker is, a bunch of genocidal drug-addicted maniacs who...
  9. cpicturetaker12

    SEC. MATTIS tells troops, 'hold the line' until country is less divided by hate...

    Now those are certainly some cryptic and INTERESTING words. And given the tenor of the administration he is working in, those are some most most interesting words! Anyone else think the 'good ones' in this administration AREN'T SLEEPING AT NIGHT? Defense Sec. Mattis tells troops: ‘Hold the...
  10. ptif219

    IT'S ON: Christian Group Sues SPLC and Amazon Over 'Hate Group' Designation

    It is time these democrat racist bigoted hate groups get shown for who they are. https://pjmedia.com/faith/2017/08/23/d-james-kennedy-ministries-sues-splc-guidestar-and-amazon-for-defamation/
  11. Devil505

    The new symbol for hate in America

    Duplicate (meant to post in an existing thread) Edit: since members are posting here...see Miller's post quote below to see the original post.
  12. R

    The follow up - The Hate from the Left on this Forum.

    I've just finished reading all 220 posts in the thread I started. My apologies for not getting back to it before it got closed. here's what I said. "You help fuel the hate that exist in our country. You pretend as if you have nothing to do with it. you blame your political foes for your...
  13. R

    The Hate from the Left on this Forum.

    You help fuel the hate that exist in our country. You pretend as if you have nothing to do with it. you blame your political foes for your response and why you do what you do. take responsibility for actions but you will not.
  14. jacobfitcher

    ACLU will no longer defend hate groups that protest with firearms

    The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) took a new stance on firearms Thursday, announcing a change in policy that it would not represent hate groups who demonstrate with firearms. ACLU Executive Director Anthony Romero told the Wall Street Journal that the group would have stricter...
  15. cpicturetaker12

    Interactive US map of HATE GROUPS: 917 listed by name/"specialty"/area of operation

    Yes, Americans are quite creative in their methods and choices of who and how to hate, so you will see a number of symbols of who they are and which areas they operate! They go by MANY names, so they could be neo-Confederates, KKK, White Supremacists (no end to what they call themselves) and...
  16. C

    Yeah, the hate is "...on many sides..."

    This is an actual article for Stormbringer.com, the current goto website for White nationalists, and Supremacists, following the running down of pedestrians by a White Supremacist in Charlottesville, yesterday: Heather Heyer: Woman Killed in Road Rage Incident was a Fat, Childless 32-Year-Old...
  17. cpicturetaker12

    PICTURES OF HATE: Graphic images from CHARLOTESVILLE hitS and run...

    We shouldn't HIDE these images. EVERYONE needs to look at them. They will be 'edited' and blocked on all the major media. UPDATE: 418PM KILLER ARRESTED! UPDATE:415PM This is video of the moment of MURDER (The 3rd video down is unbelievable). The crowd broke into "CLEAR THE ROAD" to let...
  18. T

    Sebastian Gorka: Trump won't comment on Minnesota mosque bombing until 'fake hate cri

    The ugly face of bigotry and ignorance on the part of the Trump administration? According to one of their own advisors, apparently hate crimes where the logical offender would be right wing are initially to be considered fake, but crimes by alleged Muslims are obvious acts of terrorism...
  19. DemoWhip

    Jeff Sessions addresses 'anti-LGBT hate group,' but DOJ won't release his remarks

    When this country's top attorney general cannot even reveal what went on and what was said in the meeting that he attended with that group, what are Americans to think? The worst that's what. It is utterly mind-boggling that Sessions would even think to address such a group. And just WHY were...
  20. Singularity

    Guy who made Trump's CNN wrestling video just happens to hate Jews

    Whoa! Never saw this coming.