1. G

    HCR Act question, can someone clear this up?

    I have insurance, will soon be on medicare, so I didn't follow this closely. Does HCR require employers to BUY health insurance for their full time employees, or, does it just require them to OFFER a plan? Big difference. If employers have no cost involved, what is the big deal? What...
  2. M

    Federal Judge In Virginia Rules HCR Under Mandatory Law is Unconstitutional

    A Federal Judge in Virgina has ruled that the Provision Ordering all US Citzens to buy HealthCare Insurance is Unconstitutional. This is a major blow to ObamaCare. Virgina was able to due this buy passing a law stating that no citizen was obligated to buy Health Insurance. The Judge did state...
  3. ksu_aviator

    Health care costs going up as a result of HCR

    Do any of the useful idots on the left get it now? You can't have someone pay your bills for you and expect that that will make your bills cheaper. On the contrary...it forces the entity that you pay to pay your bills to bill you for paying your bills. IT COSTS MORE!
  4. ksu_aviator

    Rasmussen Poll Regarding Repealing HCR

    Well, looks like HCR is going to be a BIG issue in this year's election. Anyone that runs on repealing this bill will automatically have a majority in most states. There are a lot of good stats in there. You should read the whole thing. I just didn't want to post everything because it would be...
  5. Granite

    Instructions to Democrats on how to talk about HCR

    http://www.politico.com/static/PPM153_pp.html This link takes you to a pdf on how to talk about HCR during the current campaign season. Very interesting stuff. Bottom line: Don't talk about the law...talk about how it'll be improved. Don't mention costs or deficits. In other words, use...
  6. ksu_aviator

    Insurance Costs Climb - Credited to HCR

    To be fair, I don't participate in the company plan because I bought my own plan outside of the company. However, I got this e-mail (sent to all employees): Obviously, this is very much anecdotal evidence, but it is still an example of how the health care reform bill had the opposite...
  7. Blah

    HCR fiscal fantasy

    http://www.newsherald.com/articles/rationalizing-82388-boyd-vote.html Lies, procedural tricks, fairy dust budget forecasts, and crushing debt, all to pass the Progressive dream to have government control health care.
  8. Amit

    Current version of HCR: Not enough votes per Pelosi

  9. Sparta

    Connecticut is making HCR it's bitch

    A walking path along the Naugatuck River. A better public safety communications system in Enfield. More than $28 million to support local homeless assistance programs in Connecticut. Those are just some of the projects for which U.S. Sen. Christopher Dodd recently helped win federal funding...
  10. Amit

    Tit for a Tat: Democrats Defeat Abortion Restrictions in HCR

    After a large setback on a public option yesterday the Democrats grabbed some momentum today by avoiding further abortion restrictions. It would have required women participating in the proposed coop to purchase a separate policy covering abortions and related services...