1. boontito

    Because We Keep Hearing That Conservatives Or Christians Don't Boycott...

    It's routinely put forth here at PH by certain members that liberals/Democrats/progressives participate in boycotts and call for others to not do business with someone based on disagreeing with their point of view while conservatives/Republicans don't do that. It's even been said that...
  2. D

    Democrats urge 'immediate hearing' on White House's obstruction of government watchdo

    Democrats urge 'immediate hearing' on White House's obstruction of government watchdog agency By Kerry Eleveld ==================================================== Answers must be forthcoming and in an expeditious manner, nothing less. The American people have a right to know. Why is...
  3. KnotaFrayed

    "Wrap it up" We keep hearing complaints about the Mueller investigation...

    The suggestion is that Trump wants to "concentrate" on more pressing issues, yet if there is "nothing to hide" then why is Trump so obsessed with the Mueller investigation? Why can't he let Mueller do his work while he (Trump) "concentrate" on something other than juvenile tweets? There is no...
  4. the watchman

    Mueller team urges federal judge to reject request for hearing on leaks: report

    short article and an interesting read. But, this is what seems to have the most compelling implications....(emphasis mine) http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/387666-mueller-team-urges-federal-judge-to-turn-down-request-for-hearing-on
  5. Lunchboxxy

    Cohen Hearing

    Happening now, Judge Kimba Wood is hearing arguments about the search warrents executed last week against Cohen. Some updates from reporters in the court room: most interesting bit so far is that Cohen says he Only has 3 clients, and won’t tell the court under seal who the...
  6. Friday13

    Mulvaney throws a "Trumptrum" in Senate committee hearing

    The guy who wants to shut down the CFPB is in the director's chair at the CFPB...no conflict of interest there...just another tRump evil minion. Defiant Mulvaney tells Senate he doesn't have to talk to them, Elizabeth Warren gives him an earful
  7. the watchman

    Graham calls for hearing on McCabe firing

    Sen. Lindsey Graham on Sunday said the Senate Judiciary Committee should hold a hearing on Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ firing of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, telling CNN’s “State of the Union” that the decision merits extra scrutiny “to make sure it wasn't politically motivated.” “I...
  8. D

    House Republicans leaked closed hearing information to Trump's legal team

    House Republicans leaked closed hearing information to Trump's legal team By Mark Sumner ==================================================== That sure smells rotten doesn't it? Unfair advantage! Now what is going to happen?
  9. DebateDrone

    US Supreme Court Denies Trump Appeal to Expidite Hearing DACA Case.

    https://www.cnn.com/2018/02/26/politics/daca-supreme-court/index.html Now it is back to lower court to hear the case.
  10. MaryAnne

    FBI Hearing Today

    Anyone listen? Respectful and full of information. The FBI, Wray, Mike Rogers all ripped Trump with out once mentioning his name. Contradicted him on everything. Exposed that he had not done one thing to stop Russians from interfering, not held one meeting...
  11. Dittohead not!

    Trump Judicial Nominee Drops Out After Embarrassing Hearing, Per Senate Aide

    Trump Judicial Nominee Drops Out After Embarrassing Hearing, Per Senate Aide Score one for having competent judges. Sorry, Trump.
  12. cpicturetaker12

    MOORE apologist, Teens look 20! Did a 14yr. old look 20 at her OWN custody hearing?

    So how did this fellow PERV or DUMBASS apologist explain that Moore picked up at least one 14 year old while her mother was in court trying to get custody of her? Did she look 20? Do 20 year olds need courts to determine their custody in Alabama? PS If Moore claimed he got teenagers...
  13. T

    Betsy DeVos: I was 'undercoached' by Trump transition team for confirmation hearing

    What? Thou mispeaketh! You should never be critical of anything related to Trump. That can not be good for career longevity. Besides, if you were reomotely fucking qualified, why on earth would you need ot be coached. Indeed, the Christ cult centric Secretary of Education has come out with...
  14. Devil505

    AG Sessions hearing

    What have we learned so far: 1. Drug trafficking has been reduced by 50% since Trump took office.....ROFL 2. Sessions will not answer questions about private conversations with Trump. ....ie he will stonewall like he's always done even though Trump has not claimed executive privilege. (Sessions...
  15. MaryAnne

    Health Care Hearing Now On CSPAn

    Senator Whitehead speaking.
  16. MaryAnne

    Hearing Aid Bill

    Knowing many Seniors who pay up to $6000 for hearing aids,this bill has not been noticed. The profit in these things is enormous. Even with Insurance they pay more out of pocket. Clair's McCaskill mentioned it in a Town Hall...
  17. Saladin3

    Nazi Loser crys like a liitle girl hearing of his arrest warrant

    This white trash ass hole talked tough...But hearing he might get arrested and get his beat daily has made him "stressed"...He cried like a little girl...LOL White Supremacist Cries After Realizing He Could Be Arrested ? Mother Jones
  18. Claudius the God

    Questions for Callista Gingrich hearing re; Ambassador to the Vatican.

    I encourage others to add to the list. 1. The Catholic faith prohibits adultery. Did you commit adultery with your husband or did he commit adultery with you? 2. How long did you engage in a sexual affair with your husband while he was married to another woman? 3. Do you think the Pope and...
  19. Blueneck

    OJ parole hearing

    On cable news live. :popcorn:
  20. the watchman

    BREAKING: Don Jr. to testify in open session congressional hearing.

    MSNBC was first to break this news. Can't find any links as of yet.