1. T

    Jarrod Lyle; heart breaking news

    My primary outside activity is golf, so I watch quite a bit of professional golf. Jarrod Lyle, an Australian tour pro, has been engaged in a long time battle against cancer. On social media, his wife has let it be known that he has decided to end his care for cancer and enter palliative care...
  2. L

    Food for the heart in a new California health program

    This idea makes so much sense. I love it! ____________________________________________________________ By David Gorn | July 17, 2018 | HEALTH Sharon Quenton is feeling pretty good. She’s walking well, breathing well and feels like she’s going to be just fine. The 67-year-old is three...
  3. KnotaFrayed

    More on the mix of politics, ideologies, religion and more with changes of heart.....

    Not long ago I posted about a guy named Rob Schenck who was an obsessive anti-abortionist, anti-homosexual and right winged "religious" advocate who came to a change of heart and his discussion about what led him to that change of heart. Here are the stories of others and their changes of heart...
  4. KnotaFrayed

    Mixing Politics and Religion and a change of heart from severe religiosity

    A program that is very apt for today and considering how some are similar to how this man , Robert Schenck once felt and acted, before he came to a change of heart, after 25 years, perhaps seeing what so many Christians already saw, while so many others still seem blind to. 'Once Militantly...
  5. the watchman

    Breaking Kudlow just had a heart attack per Trump tweet.

    this is bad news.....https://www.marketwatch.com/story/economic-adviser-larry-kudlow-suffers-heart-attack-trump-says-2018-06-11
  6. Blueneck

    Ötzi the Iceman Was a Heart Attack Waiting to Happen

    Fascinating. So much for the "Paleo-diet". :D https://www.livescience.com/62689-otzi-iceman-mummy-heart-disease.html?utm_source=notification
  7. Darkman

    Arnold Schwarzenegger in 'stable condition' after heart surgery

    Arnold Schwarzenegger in 'stable condition' after heart surgery Celebrity Yesterday Source: https://twitter.com/i/moments/979756269832679424 Multiple US outlets reported that the 70-year-old actor...
  8. D

    'It is a death sentence': ICE to deport dad with incurable heart condition today

    'It is a death sentence': ICE to deport dad with incurable heart condition today By Gabe Ortiz ==================================================== That is just plainly inhumane. It is unconscionable to think that anyone with any bit of compassion for a really sick man could have...
  9. bajisima

    Doctors warn of heart risks from breast cancer treatments

    Save your life but harm your heart? Health experts are sounding a warning as potential side effects of a growing number of breast cancer treatments come to light. In its first statement on the topic, the American Heart Association on Thursday said women should consider carefully the risks and...
  10. Chief

    Saudis Turning to Russia as Assad's Foes Lose Heart / US standing in the world drops

    The Saudis Are Turning to Russia as Assad's Foes Lose Heart Another US loss. This is what happens when we half ass everything.
  11. bajisima

    Chocolate tied to decreased risk of irregular heart rhythm

    Eating a small amount of chocolate every week or so may decrease the risk of a common and serious type of irregular heart rhythm, according to a new study of people in Denmark. People who ate chocolate one to three times per month were about 10 percent less likely to be diagnosed with atrial...
  12. bajisima

    NSAIDS increase heart attack risk

    Taking even over-the-counter doses of common painkillers known as NSAIDs -- nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs -- has been linked to an increased risk of heart attack in a new study. The likelihood of experiencing a heart attack was calculated to increase by an average of 20% to 50%...
  13. cpicturetaker12

    "Congratulations" to Purple Heart recipient by Trump??

    Was this on the board and I missed it? Is this an appropriate salutation? Congratulations on being WOUNDED--on losing your leg? I saw the video. I didn't hear the words. I thought Melania looked bored or annoyed. Trump's own body language was awkward--at best. The recipient didn't look to...
  14. G

    Republicans wonder whether Trump's heart was in healthcare fight

    While President Donald Trump’s first major legislative push hurtled toward a major defeat, one of his top advisers, his son-in-law Jared Kushner, was photographed with his wife, Ivanka Trump, on a ski gondola in Aspen. Kushner may not have been the lead White House negotiator on the doomed...
  15. thrilling

    GIVE Donald Trump 2 words from your heart.

    I thought about it. Went back and forth on a few ideas. Some more encouraging than others. Then I realized, once again who I was about to address. So I went with..... Fuck you.
  16. cpicturetaker12

    Will she or won't she DIE? Iranian infant needs open heart surgery-can't FLY to US!!

    Well, AT LEAST, she wasn't "murdered" in her mother's womb at 6 weeks? I mean the RIGHT does have it's standards. How dire is her surgery? I'd say pretty much--4 month olds aren't cut open for a minor fix. We used to have medical visas, are those a thing of the past too?? PS Her...
  17. thrilling

    104 year old woman awake during heart surgery.

    104-year-old Richfield woman awake during heart surgery | KARE11.com This is a good story.
  18. Eve1

    Carry Fisher from Star Wars has heart attack

    Carry Fisher from Star Wars fame has a heart attack on plane
  19. cpicturetaker12

    SEN's say Russian attacks cut to heart of our FREE SOCIETY (REP senators!!)

    Uh oh, some Senators seem to think this story ISN'T fake. Some Senators think this is devastating. Some SEnators say it "cuts to the heart of our free society.: Some Senators say it should ALARM EVERY AMERICAN. Some Senators say this should this SHOULD NOT BE A PARTISAN ISSUE. Some of these...