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    Hell you can't make this shit up!!

    Pay for Play? Tax Credits for Paid Time Off I think the good folks at the CEPR need a break, the stress of bad economic policy is getting to them.
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    well that sure as hell didnt take long,.....

    Russian missiles to counter U.S. defence plan: Medvedev if you need me i'll be out back,.....diggin my bomb shelter,.....now where in the hell did i put my tin foil
  3. D

    Okay, how in hell does the Bush administration NOT accept responsibility for...

    the financial crisis. Everything under their watch SUCKS...911, Iraq, Katrina, $4+ gas, MIDDLE CLASS 401Ks GOING FUCKING BUST. It's time for a new broom folks.
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    Ex-CIA Exec Facing Trial Says He'll Expose Agents, Programs

    Ex-CIA Exec Facing Trial Says He'll Expose Agents, Programs Three words here; Hunting with Cheney!! The reason this idiot is doing this, in his world he is no more guilty than the next guy, he goes down so do others. This is one of the problems with a corrupt system!
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    People of Oklahoma, what the hell is wrong with you?

    Seriously, why do you keep this person in office? Tulsa World: Sally Kern says she is a 'warrior for Judeo-Christian values' NORMAN — An Oklahoma lawmaker who has said homosexuality poses a bigger threat to the U.S. than terrorism claims she is a "cultural warrior for Judeo-Christian...
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    Another maggot sent to hell,,

    Al qaeda chemical and bomb expert Abu Khabab al-Masri and 3 other commanders killed in U.S. air strike in Pakistan just recently. FOXNews.com - Al Qaeda: Explosives Expert Among 4 Afghanistan Leaders Killed - International News | News of the World | Middle East News | Europe News FANTASTIC...
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    If we let Bush be the "decider," he'll decide on war

    The above was received today by myself via e-mail; there was, therefore, no copyright attached. MeMyselfnI :(