1. the watchman

    Trump ? Then, why not Herman Cain?

    Herman Cain was a successful business man. Still is as far as I know. He made a lot of politically incorrect comments. Like Trump, some that might even be considered racist. He wasn't a politician. His campaign was based on upsetting the GOP political "establishment" . He had no...
  2. G

    Herman Cain Knocks GOP's 2016 'All White' Presidential List

    No use in leaving these ops intact..when all i'm going to get is a pack of admin spported sock fuckheads chasing me down.
  3. B

    Herman Cain: the Devil made those women say stuff about me

    666. Ok. RealClearReligion - The Devil and Herman Cain http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NzlG28B-R8Y :)
  4. the watchman

    Herman Cain: ‘I’d probably be the nominee’

    Herman Cain says if there had been a level playing field during the Republican primaries, he’d be receiving the GOP nomination in Tampa — and that he’s hired investigators to determine who spread stories that he says brought down his campaign. “If everyone had competed fairly and honestly...
  5. T

    Herman Cain Flops on Gingrich Endorsement, Says, ‘Let’s Get On With This’

    In a leap from bandwagon to bandwagon, one so mighty that even Olympic level athletes are awed, it would appear that Cain is now endorsing whomever the nominee will be. Way to stick with your principles. I digress. Perhaps his desperation for a cabinet level job, or better, has caused the...
  6. B

    Stephen Colbert's 'Rock Me Like a Herman Cain' Rally

    You can see all 36:18 of Stephen Colbert's 'Rock me Like a Herman Cain' Rally at the College of Charleston in South Carolina HERE. Putting aside the obvious jokes that Colbert intended, I must admit, this rally was much more sane than practically anything else that I have seen come out of the...
  7. Stefan Bandera

    Herman Cain Endorses 'The People'

    http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/01/19/herman-cain-endorsement_n_1216957.htm lHerman Cain Endorses 'The People' ` "I'm endorsing the people," added Cain
  8. R

    Obama Pollster Calls Herman Cain "Racist" ... Then Denies It

    i seems very clear where the left wants the direction of this election to go.... RACE!! watch the 2 videos. Obama Pollster Calls Herman Cain "Racist" On TV ... Then Denies It | RealClearPolitics i'll await the denials.
  9. B

    Herman Cain to endorse 2 days before South Carolina

    According to Hot Air: "The primary’s on Saturday the 21st. He’s promising to endorse on Thursday the 19th at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference, which happens to be hosting a presidential debate that same day. He’s timing it for maximum impact, in other words, right down to his...
  10. the watchman

    "What?! moment" Barbara Walters finds out that Herman Cain wants to be Secretary of D

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kea_gag5AZA Priceless. I can hardly add to it.
  11. B

    Herman Cain to make major announcement Saturday, December 3, 2011

    TPM is reporting: "Tomorrow could be the last day of Herman Cain’s wild ride through the presidential contest. NBC News reports Cain is making a “major announcement” about his campaign on Saturday in Georgia, just a day after he headed home to Atlanta to meet with his wife in person...
  12. Blueneck

    Is anyone on this forum still supporting Herman Cain?

    I'm just curious, because after the first or second debate, several members here thought he was the best candidate. If you supported him before I'm genuinely interested in hearing if you still do or not and why.
  13. HadEnough2

    Herman Cain Pre-Annouces Another Affair

    Herman Cain just pre-announced another affair. He's getting so many woman accusing him now he apparently knows when they're coming. This is getting beyond laughable.
  14. the watchman

    Herman Cain Gets Secret Service Protection

    Nov 17, 2011 6:44pm By Devin Dwyer Herman Cain asked for and has been granted Secret Service protection, according to the agency charged with protecting American officials. “[Homeland Security] Secretary [Janet] Napolitano, at the request of the Cain campaign, consulted with congressional...
  15. B

    Herman Cain GOES THERE!!!

    You get em, Herman. Herman is for legalizing Marijuana. Yepp. Wow. Guess he figured he isn't gonna get that nomination after all, but the book will sell real well. Chuckle, chuckle.
  16. Oscar99

    Herman Cain condemns Obama for cancelling the Space Shuttle program

    Cain criticizes Obama on space exploration - Yahoo! News funny thing is, it was done by Bush...not Obama. sorry Cain, but you iz an idiot. :)
  17. Blackbeard

    While we're distracted with JoePa and Herman Cain

    U.S. Plans Bomb Sales in Persian Gulf to Counter Iran - WSJ.com WASHINGTON—The Obama administration has quietly drawn up plans to provide a key Persian Gulf ally with thousands of advanced "bunker-buster" bombs and other munitions, part of a stepped-up U.S. effort to build a regional...
  18. Singularity

    Reporter pegs Herman Cain to scene in October when he met accuser

    Witness saw Herman Cain and accuser together last month | Tom Cohen | CNN.com
  19. Tedminator

    Have you been sexually harrassed by Herman Cain?

    :ghost: *If we get enough victims to speak out, a class action lawsuit mebbe?
  20. A

    What did any of you think of Herman Cains Press Conference answering the allegations?

    I just finished watching the press conference and I have to say, he did seem to answer to the best of his knowledge the questions presented by the MSM reporters. I think that the Cain campaign can recover from this possibly. What I did like is that he did lay it on the media about the...