1. KnotaFrayed

    Hey, but the "good" news is......

    You're gonna pay for that wall..... The stock market is down again and oil is up more than $2 a barrel..... Not only can you refuse joining a union, you can refuse a pay raise negotiated by the union where you work!! YIPEEE!!
  2. Devil505

    Hey Trump......still having fun playing President?

    (Didn't think so.) Hey dude.....you fucked up yours and your families lives. LOSER!
  3. cpicturetaker12

    Hey, what happens if the government is in shutdown for State of the Union address?

    Isn't it coming up? Fixed day, 3rd week, whatever day in JAN? It doesn't float, correct? Will he have it, not have it, fly to Mar A Lago and play golf? Seriously, I have no idea what protocol would be? ADD: YEP, CHAOS... But the shutdown has poisoned the chances of bipartisan legislative...
  4. the watchman

    psssst, hey creepy perv (roy moore) even the young republicans aren't into you.

    The Young Republican Federation of Alabama, which represents party members between the ages of 18 and 40, suspended its support for Roy Moore on Saturday after a super-majority vote. The resolution that was approved by the steering committee also said Moore should step aside if he cannot...
  5. Idiocracat

    Saying Hey!

  6. the watchman

    pssst , hey Ivanka and Jared..where ya at?

    just saying. Suddenly , they just happen to be out of the WH doing who knows what? On an scheduled event that takes Jared away from his myriad responsibilities as ....Here are all the duties Jared Kushner has in the Trump administration - Business Insider Criminal justice reform: Kushner...
  7. PACE

    Hey, this is funny isn't it???

    Here's what's hysterical about it, the douche bag who posted it, is the Gateway Pundit white house correspondent, calls himself a "Twink for Trump", and was called out by the Fox news white house correspondent as being a white supremacist...
  8. Dittohead not!

    Hey, Republicans! You won! Now, get busy and govern!

    Hillary Clinton fires back after official GOP Twitter account asks for her healthcare plan We know that the Republicans have no plan. So, now they want to see the Democrats' plan. Has anyone told them that they won the election?
  9. D

    Democrats chant 'hey hey hey, goodbye' at GOP after health care bill passes

    And indeed this appears to be the straw that broke the camel's back. Republicans are now slated to pay a BIG Price in 2018 and 2020 for trying to screw the American people with their health care plan among other things unbecoming to Americans. ----------------------------------------...
  10. L

    Hey Man, Nice Shot

    Wonder how many times this has happened? https://www.yahoo.com/news/alabama-man-shot-himself-online-185511477.html
  11. cpicturetaker12

    HEY LADIES, KISS YOUR RIGHTS GOOD BYE. Gorush could give a ratzzass...

    about you! Typical REP--he cares about his OWN. Marry well, get your education, if you can't afford it don't have babies and don't whine if you're stuck in shit jobs for your entire working life. That would simply mean you have no character or are DUMB. If you must work, you'll just to put up...
  12. K

    Hey Democrats! Would'a, Could'a, Should'a... Jim Webb! LOL, Russia/Saudi/Islam Wins!

    The Democratic Party, forced by party internal generated: threat, manipulation, extortion, and voter fraud in the primary, selected the least viable candidate in 2016. And they voted in unprecedented numbers, in strategically chosen swing states, to vote in GOP Primary as well, to pick the...
  13. Wonderer

    St. Louis-area Muslims post 'HEY ISIS, YOU SUCK' billboard

    St. Louis-area Muslims post 'HEY ISIS, YOU SUCK' billboard By Kristen Taketa St. Louis Post-Dispatch Oct 5, 2016 <Excerpt>: St. Louis Muslims are assuring people, in case they're still unclear: Muslims are against ISIS as much as anybody else. A new billboard on Manchester Road...
  14. zitiboy

    Hey Charlotte PD, where's the video?

    Keith Lamont Scott: victim of a police culture of "us vs them" or suicide-by-cop? Which is it? Are the police lying about him threatening the police with a firearm...twice...or is the Scott family lying, to indulge a desire for revenge by stirring up protests? Who knows, the police, who have the...
  15. Cicero

    Buffet: Hey Donald I'll show mine and you show yours...

    Warren Buffett challenges Donald Trump to discuss tax returns by Tami Luhby @Luhby August 1, 2016: 7:08 PM ET Warren Buffett challenged Donald Trump Monday to discuss their tax returns publicly. "I'll bring my tax return. He can bring his tax return...Just let people ask us questions...
  16. MaryAnne

    Hey Senate

    Do your job. Stephen Colbert takes the gloves off
  17. TNVolunteer73

    Ho Ho Hey hey is this all liberals have to say

    protesters will work for minimum wage to stand outside (In this case Chicago) singing HO HO Hey Hey (fill in the blank) has got to go.. or Stay
  18. cpicturetaker12

    Hey GOP-who's scarier? Trans's in LADIES rooms or Hasterts/Sanduskys in MEN's rooms?

    I don't know if REPUBLICANS are unintentionally ignorant or belligerently so. The chance that your wife or daughter or mother would end up in ladies rooms with a transgender man and anything HAPPENING is a helluva LESS than your boys in bathrooms, locker rooms, or even the confessional with...
  19. Babba

    Hey, Hillary: Smile, Girl

    This piece is spot on. You just have to laugh at the troglodytes. They're pathetic. http://www.nationalmemo.com/hey-hillary-smile-girl/