1. Babba

    hilarious way a German town turned neo-Nazis against Nazism

    I love this and the other ideas. https://thinkprogress.org/german-town-pranked-neo-nazis/
  2. The Man


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCLe_eLVecI Putin recently awarding Valery and Tatyana Novik, from Karelia, near Finland, the "Family Glory" medal, which he hands out, at the Kremlin, to "exemplary" Russian families every year (used to be "Maternal Glory", handed out to mother, like "Hero of...
  3. Ginger

    Colbert Mocks Maddow with a chicken - Hilarious !!

    You have to see this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0eB-xjDMGdQ See Colbert's commentary below.
  4. the watchman

    hilarious Megyn Kelly v. Palin word salad.

  5. B

    Hillary Clinton's tax returns: the most hilarious chart

    Blog: Hillary Clinton's tax returns: the most hilarious chart And libturds want to whine and cry about Bernie's taxes?
  6. TennesseeRain

    John Oliver Demolishes Donald Trump - Hilarious but True

  7. BYG Jacob

    Clinton ramps up attacks on Sanders, makes hilarious accusation.

    That Bernie sanders is a communist sympathizer, among the other numerous bullshit accusations. https://www.rawstory.com/2016/01/bernie-sanders-smeared-as-communist-sympathiser-as-hillary-clintons-allies-sling-mud/
  8. PACE

    Hilarious tweets from Trump's last YUUUUUUGE rally

    Somebody Live-Tweeted A Trump Rally?Hilarious Just Met Terrifying (TWEETS) ? Winning Democrats: Winning Hearts and Minds
  9. meridian5455

    Hillary Clinton Believes Attacking Women is Hilarious. - Strangle Carly - HA HA!

    WAR ON WOMEN ALERT: Hillary condones violence against women! Hillary laughs at audience member suggesting he wants to strangle female candidate https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYDTeb9rhkA Hillary fan tells her he wants to strangle Carly. Hillary doesn't repudiate the statement, tell him...
  10. The Man

    Hilarious... and sad

    Investigative Committee starts probe into murder of Russian in Tallinn riots in 2007 | Russia Beyond The Headlines Ganin had a Russian passport, like many ethnic Russians in Estonia, but he was a local resident. The riots I wrote about here...
  11. GordonGecko

    A really hilarious aspect of the Trump-mania on the Right-

    Remember how the Right has been parrotting that talking point (fed to them by Rightwing Media) about how the Democratic candidates (Clinton, Sanders) were "old and white"......to try to somehow paint the GOP as "diverse"? But now, they love and support Donald Trump.....who is WHITE.....and...
  12. T

    Indiana's Anti-Gay Law Has a Hilarious Surprise Consequence for Weed Enthusiasts

    Indiana's Anti-Gay Law Has a Hilarious Surprise Consequence for Weed Enthusiasts - Mic I say all the more power to them. They are going to have to present evidence and make an argument in court. You're going to have to show why smoking weed is essential to your belief in a god or gods. And...
  13. mrmike

    Hilarious video on Election night media reactions

    Well done. Take it for what it's worth. :distracted: http://youtu.be/W4lF_NBeu6M
  14. BoiseBo

    Rand's Republican outreach in Detroit is hi-larious! =:-)

    “Today’s opening of this office is the beginning of a new Republican Party,” Paul said. “This is going to be a Republican Party that is in big cities and small cities, in the countryside, in the city. It’s going to be about bringing a message that is popular no matter where you’re from, whether...
  15. whitedog

    It hilarious that the whingeing right wing loons here

    actually believe that the majority of citizens in ANY state in the USA would actually agree with them and vote to secede from the union! lol. These gazoonies have been listening to their own bullsh-t for so long now they actually think they are mainstream!! hahaahahahahahaahaha :deadhorse:
  16. HadEnough2

    Mitt Romney's Hilarious Religious Beliefs!

    What Does Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney Really Believe? He believes that Jesus Christ is Satan's brother. He believes that God lives near a planet called "Kolob." He believes in baptizing dead people. He believes that Jesus is married to a goddess wife. He believes that The Garden of...
  17. Ronin Tetsuro

    John McCain: I Didn’t Pick Romney Because ‘Sarah Palin Was The Better Candidate’

    BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! DOUBLE BURN! John McCain: I Didn’t Pick Romney Because ‘Sarah Palin Was The Better Candidate’ | TPM2012 I honestly can't say who's getting dissed harder here; Palin, Romney, or McCain's vetting team.
  18. T

    I apologize in advance for thinking this is hilarious.

    This is just so.... perfect. Anyone on whatever side of the mosque issue should love this. Greg Gutfeld | Gutfeld Gay Bar | Ground Zero Mosque | Mediaite
  19. F

    Hilarious Chuck Norris commercial!!

    Check This out folks!! and it's for State supreme court!! Pretty unusual to see Chuck Norris getting involved in low profile races like this.
  20. C

    30 Unintentionally Hilarious Political Signs

    30 Unintentionally Hilarious Political Signs - Urlesque Some of the highlights: