1. C

    Lisa Page will not appear for Capitol Hill interview despite subpoena

    Lisa Page will not appear for Capitol Hill interview despite subpoena, attorney says | Fox News Former FBI attorney Lisa Page will not appear for a private interview with two House committees despite being subpoenaed, her attorney told Fox News Tuesday. In a statement, Amy Jeffress said...
  2. D

    Children don Mylar blankets, protest family separations on Capitol Hill

    Children don Mylar blankets, protest family separations on Capitol Hill By ALI ROGIN ################################################################################ Lorenzo is entirely right and I am glad they are all holding a protest because it is sure needed! The separation of...
  3. D

    Holy hell erupts on Capitol Hill after Speaker Ryan forces out House chaplain

    Holy hell erupts on Capitol Hill after Speaker Ryan forces out House chaplain By John Parkinson ==================================================== It's interesting to note that there was no talk of anyone replacing the priest in giving the invocation at the House. I hope they get to...
  4. Rasselas

    Hollywood Chooses Anita Hill

    This is a brilliant move, I think: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/arts-and-entertainment/wp/2017/12/16/anita-hill-chosen-to-lead-hollywood-sexual-harassment-commission/?hpid=hp_hp-more-top-stories_anita-hill-1255pm%3Ahomepage%2Fstory&utm_term=.03d9ecb5eca6
  5. D

    New efforts emerge on Capitol Hill to tackle gun control

    New efforts emerge on Capitol Hill to tackle gun control - ABC News By MARIAM KHAN ==================================================== It's about damn time they got that legislation finally passed! It's long overdue, Republicans! How many more lives have to be lost because...
  6. T

    Sessions under renewed scrutiny on Capitol Hill

    Liar, liar, thy britches are aflame. Indeed, Sessions seems to have the shittiest fucking memory in the history of the fucking world, at least when it comes to possible Russian conclusion. Turns out he was there when the coffee lad proposed using Russian connection, but Sessions never...
  7. the watchman

    can Jemele Hill sue Trump?

    the POTUS can't ordinarily be sued in connection to his official functions. However, posting misleading and slanderous comments about a sports announcer , trying to get her fire, etc....that's not part of his official functions. She should explore whether or not she can sue his ass.
  8. M

    Jemele Hill suspended

    She's the ESPN "journalist" who called Trump a "white supremacist" a few weeks ago. She "apologized" for that one, but yeah sure she did. Of course. Now she has violated ESPN's social media policy AGAIN, and she's off the air for two weeks. This time it was about boycotting NFL advertisers...
  9. the watchman

    Sarah Huckabee Sanders hit with ethics complaint for calling on firing of Jemele Hill

    The Democratic Coalition, an anti-Trump Super PAC, has filed an ethics complaint against White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders with the Office of Government Ethics. The Coalition is firing back against Sanders after the press secretary said that Jemele Hill’s comments stating the...
  10. cpicturetaker12

    Steve Bannon goes around Capitol Hill 'shopping' for a new Speaker to replace Ryan

    When I heard this tonight in the car, I was like--okay, WHAAAT? I heard it right. So let me get this straight, TRUMP plays 'let's make a deal' with Democrats today. The GOP is PISSED AS SHIT saying Trump gave Schumer and Pelosi everything they wanted. At the same time Bannon is shopping for...
  11. Southern Dad

    Police: Man claims to have bomb inside Wells Fargo on Windy Hill Road

    Talk about a plan that has went to crap. I'm sure he though telling the bank employees that he had a bomb would just get him a sack of cash, then he'd leave. Not so quick. Anyone want to be that this ends with him either going to jail or the morgue?
  12. cpicturetaker12

    The Hill (933PM) Justice Dept. requests MANAFORTS bank records in Russia probe....

    I'm pretty sure MANAFORT is going to be the nexus for all the TRUMP/RUSSIA dealings--old and throughout the 2016 election. Stay tuned... Justice Dept. requests Manafort's bank records in Russia probe: report BY BRANDON CARTER - 05/12/17 09:33 PM EDT 257 2,135.8K © Greg Nash The Justice...
  13. Amelia

    Capitol Hill Republicans not on board with Trump budget

    Capitol Hill Republicans not on board with Trump budget Some Republicans saying he's not spending enough on defense. And a lotta smart Republicans who will fight cuts to the programs which their constituents benefit from.
  14. cpicturetaker12

    Hill staff'rs worked secretly with Trump'rs--signed non-disclosures not to tell bosse

    How many times can one say UNBELIEVABLE? REPUBLICANS just GOT FUCKED OVER by TRUMPS TEAM. The heads of the most pertinent committees, you know REPUBLICANS, weren't even told by their own staffers that they were tasked with working on Trumps travel ban. And they had to SIGN NON-DISCLOSURE...
  15. ptif219

    Obama to Hill, 'Day of Action'

    Obama is showing his fear. Obama needs to let the government work and get out of the way of progress Democrats act to save ObamaCare from GOP repeal, Obama to Hill, 'Day of Action' | Fox News
  16. L

    Trump posse browbeats Hill Republicans

    Lawmakers are loath to say anything remotely critical, fearful they might set off the president-elect or his horde of enforcers. By RACHAEL BADE 12/21/16 05:08 AM EST Updated 12/21/16 09:58 AM EST In early December, Rep. Bill Flores made what seemed like an obvious observation to a roomful...
  17. D

    Hillary Clinton Begins Traveling With Press Corps on 'Hill Force One' Plane

    It is great that Secretary Clinton now has a much larger jet where she can accommodate members of the press and media. Previous to this her jet was quite small. And no doubt Hill Force One, I love that name, will be getting around all of the country very soon! ********** Hillary...
  18. HayJenn

    Hill Republicans despondent over Trump

    Senate Republicans have tried to work with Donald Trump. They’ve offered gentle advice and firm guidance, hoping he’ll morph into a general election candidate who won’t kill their chances of keeping the Senate, or better yet, will give Hillary Clinton a run for her money. None of it has worked...
  19. cpicturetaker12

    Closer to PROGRESSIVES dream team, HILL & LIZ. Reid working on filling Liz's seat...

    'Boy of boy oh boy oh boy--the strategies and machinations of this whole GD system. MASS has a REP Gov. so if Elizabeth Warren is chosen and 'they' win, it's open Senate seat for the gov. to 'temporarily fill' till their next Senate cycle (18?) but apparently there is another rule to call a...
  20. cpicturetaker12

    TRUMP meeting on Capitol Hill, NOT ONE REP in leadership in attendance...

    That's more than interesting! Maybe he served Trump champagne and steaks to get the other Republicans to show up. Trump huddles with DC Republicans, leadership absent By Scott Wong - 03/21/16 12:52 PM EDT GOP White House hopeful Donald Trump huddled with Washington, D.C., Republicans in...