1. G

    Trump decries ‘phony’ polls showing him with a historically bad approval rating

    Were the polls rigged when this clown was doing his poll dances that took up 90 of his windbag speeches during the primaries? The idiot just refuses to accept reality. https://www.yahoo.com/news/trump-decries-phony-polls-showing-him-with-a-historically-bad-approval-rating-143804996.html...
  2. GordonGecko

    Trump enters office with historically low approval rating-

    Poll: Trump enters office with historically low approval rating | TheHill Now, don't worry Trump Cultists, Russian bloggers, Utterly Loyal Republican Partisans, and the few remaining Hillary Obsessed... just tell yourself (and us) "This poll is a lie put out by fake news!!!" and...
  3. Bluesguy

    Historically, Obama's fall is fast

    8 months for Obama. "President Barack Obama's approval ratings, once seen as historically high, could soon be among the worst early poll numbers for a modern American president. He has already, however, outlasted the brief honeymoon of the last Democratic president, Bill Clinton. The...