1. T

    Trump slams 'Russian hoax' hours after administration says Russia is meddling in midt

    Today is August 2nd, 2018. At this time, the president has reversed his position for the n+1 time. Yes, as of a few hours ago, the Russia thing is again a hoax. A hoax hindering a good relationship with Russia. Just today, members of the administration stated, unequivocally, that Russia...
  2. cpicturetaker12

    FLA school activist HOGG'S HOME RAIDED by SWAT by a HOAX caller!

    FLA school activist HOGG'S HOME RAIDED by SWAT, a HOAX call in! Yeah, real funny! This young man is getting lessons VERY early on the nasty side of citizenship and hate. No I do not believe this was just somebody pranking. I think this was a MESSAGE. Let's be honest, maybe they thought...
  3. John T Ford

    Comey and the Hoax Pee Pee Dossier

    NEW YORK — James Comey took to Twitter on Saturday to respond to an earlier tweet by President Donald Trump about the Russia probe, with the former FBI director exclaiming that the “American people will hear my story very soon.” “And they can judge for themselves who is honorable and who is...
  4. Darkman

    Massachusetts man charged in Trump Jr. hoax threat letter

    Massachusetts man charged in Trump Jr. hoax threat letter Massachusetts man charged in Trump Jr. hoax threat letter
  5. Eve1

    Trump's theory reason for Mueller investigation was a big hoax was debunked today

    The press conference today by Rob Rosenstein blows up the theory that the reason for the Mueller investigation was a big hoax.Trump was one of the people that kept insisting there was no interference by Russians and that it didn't affect the election.That it was just Democrats crying about...
  6. Idiocracat

    Shep Smith fact-checks Dems Russia Collusion hoax

    And the survey says.... IT IS NOT! Fox's Shep Smith fact-checks Trump on-air after Russia comments Fox News’s Shep Smith on Wednesday fact-checked President Trump after the president again claimed during a news conference that the Russia investigation is a “Democratic hoax.”
  7. aboutenough

    Pastor who accused Whole Foods of writing gay slur 'F**' ADMITS that it was a hoax

    A pastor who accused Whole Foods of writing a gay slur in icing on a cake has dropped his lawsuit and admitted it was a hoax. Openly gay pastor Jordan Brown of Austin, Texas, claimed he ordered icing on a Whole Foods cake to read 'Love Wins', that instead read 'Love Wins F**'. He filmed a video...
  8. The Man

    Trump calls Facebook Russia ads 'a hoax'

    Trump calls Facebook Russia ads 'a hoax' :D Also: Kremlin Says It Doesn't Know Who Buys Political Ads on Facebook ;)
  9. T

    Trump says this is all a hoax. Mueller, Congress and Facebook disagree.

    Ivanka, Daddy got on his phone again! Better go talk him into sitting on the sofa and watching Fox anf Friends before he says yet another stupid thing. Indeed, the president appears to have been on Twitter again, this time calling another facet of the Russia investigation (not sure which one...
  10. cpicturetaker12

    Limbaugh implies HUR. IRMA is a hoax made up by the LEFT to push CLIMATE CHANGE

    Damn, we're good. Meorologists, radar, NOAA, hurricane hunters, satellite pictures, network weathermen, radio, TV, FEMA, Scott (FLA Gov) are all ON THE HOAX! Rush Limbaugh suggests Hurricane Irma is a liberal hoax ] NEWSWEEK 05 SEP 2017 AT 17:27 ET September 5, 2017Alexander Nazaryan...
  11. Minotaur

    Irritating: Media focused on asking if Trump believes Global Warming is a hoax

    Instead of basing the conversation on the fact that he said it was a hoax. They are buying into the "Trump doesn't mean what he says". Just stop it! If in fact that reality that he thinks it is a hoax is the last word on his stance then treat this discussion as if you know it because you do...
  12. John T Ford

    What is it with Liberals and Hate Crime Hoax

    George Nathaniel Stang gives new meaning to “organized crime.” The church organist confessed to spray-painting “Heil Trump,” “Fag Church,” and a swastika on his congregation’s Bean Blossom, Indiana, meeting place. “I suppose I wanted to give local people a reason to fight for good, even if...
  13. the watchman

    Donald Trump is 'very happy' with employment rate he once denounced as 'biggest hoax'

    During the election campaign, Donald Trump repeatedly denounced the official unemployment rate of five per cent as false. “The five per cent figure is one of the biggest hoaxes in American modern politics,” he said in a speech in the summer of 2016. But that was then Mr Trump was a...
  14. GordonGecko

    Some Good News- Trump's Interior Secretary pick says climate change NOT a "hoax"-

    Trump?s Interior nominee: Climate Change is NOT a hoax ? The Right Scoop Uh-oh, yet another Cabinet pick contradicting Trump and the Far Right. Hopefully, the Cabinet...and not the President...will be the ones REALLY in charge after Friday. ((BTW, wonder what Rush Limbaugh thinks of...
  15. the watchman

    do you believe that the russian hacking scandal is a hoax?

    yes, this is an actual poll question.
  16. excalibur

    Anti-Muslim Threat At University Of Michigan Was A Huge Hoax

    More of that fake news which Progs swallowed proven false. Anti-Muslim Threat At U. Michigan Was A Huge Hoax | The Daily Caller
  17. John T Ford

    And, Another Hate Crime Hoax

    How many of these stories are currently in the media? As Trump takes office and begins to implement his policies you can bet the leftist are going to become more and more unhinged. A man looking to blame President-Elect Donald Trump supporters for a hate crime confessed to police that he...
  18. TNVolunteer73

    Remember the Arab woman that claimed Trump suppoters attacked her on NY Subway.

    It was a FALSE FLAG another FALSE FLAG. Muslim Woman Lied About Trump Supporters Harassing Her on NY Subway: Police | KTLA Remember how HILLARY SUPPORTERS attacked and flame baited in this thread. Well I think THEY Owe Donald J. Trump and ALL yes ALL Trump Supporters an apology...
  19. L

    The Latest Pulse Tragedy: The Claim It Was All a Hoax

    More claims from the "fake news" idiots. These people make me want to vomit. Fucking sick MFs. The Latest Pulse Tragedy: The Claim It Was All a Hoax | Advocate.com Post edited to comply with site copyright policy.
  20. K

    Philly Black Man Arrested for Hoax Vandalism ProTrump, Race-Hate MSGs

    Just so you know... http://youtu.be/ozmndLVMHak So, when you see claims of Trump Supporters committing "Racial Hate Crimes"... Well, it is probably False-Flag, Hoax, "Bird Dogging" If you don't know about Bird Dogging, Well: h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IuJGHuIkzY So, if the Election...