1. Sassy

    Fort Worth, Texas pays the homeless to pick up trash

    Yay! $10 hour with paid vacation days and benefits. Amazing. N. Mexico offered something similar to their panhandlers, and they took the jobs too. https://www.dallasnews.com/news/fort-worth/2018/01/27/fort-worth-pays-homeless-help-clean-citys-streets
  2. Puzzling Evidence

    Homeless, assaulted, broke: drivers left behind as Uber promises change at the top.

    Casmir Patterson, 32, found early on in her Uber-driving career that she preferred to work late nights, when the LA traffic was more tolerable and when she could provide rides to women looking for a safe way to get home. But on 13 June 2016, during her last ride of the night, three intoxicated...
  3. Ian Jeffrey

    Trump Could Feed Every Homeless Veteran

    Trump Could Feed Every Homeless Veteran [for two weeks] For the Cost of his Military Parade President Donald Trump's military parade is set to kick off on Veterans Day, but at a cost that even conservative estimates show could feed every homeless veteran for at least two weeks, a Newsweek...
  4. Southern Dad

    Homeless in LA? Fines and Jail for You!

    Los Angeles has a huge homeless problem. There are people who have moved into vehicles from cars to recreational vehicles. This is illegal. If you are sleeping in your car, on a park bench, or the sidewalk, you can be fined or even arrested. Living in a vehicle is a crime in Los Angeles...
  5. HayJenn

    VA slashes program for homeless veterans

    The Department of Veterans Affairs is slashing funding for a key program that helps provide housing to homeless veterans, according to a new report.Politico reports the VA told advocates and state officials in a call last week that the $460 million program would essentially end. VA Secretary...
  6. the watchman

    "patriotic" Trump admin cuts millions from homeless veteran program.

    "patriotic" Trump admin cuts billions from homeless veteran program. you won't hear this reported on any cable news network. It's the sort of thing that operates under the radar. You have to be in touch with the programs effected. In this case, it's the HUDVASH program. Which is the Veterans...
  7. GordonGecko

    Homeless Wino Nationalist calling the Princeling a "cuck" and a "globalist"-

    Report: Steve Bannon now calling Jared Kushner a ?cuck? and a ?globalist? « Hot Air Headlines Fargin' War....Part CXVII Dah-dah-dah-dah-dah....I'm lovin' it. :) WFRWASC
  8. GordonGecko

    Homeless wino-slash-nationalist carefully watching Georgia 6th election-

    Bannon closely watching Ga. special election: report | TheHill Apparently President Bannon is a bit worried that a Red-Red-RED District might flip to the Democrats.... I don't know why given how wildly popular and beloved His Orangeness is with Americans???
  9. John T Ford

    Black Lies Matter Arrested for Beating Homeless Man

    The victim was taken to a hospital for treatment, but his condition was not released. Two 18-year-olds, identified as Gabriel Mendez and Joseph Pino, as well as Christian Lorena, 22, were arrested on charges of battery and resisting arrest, police said. All three are Stockton residents. MORE...
  10. John T Ford

    7 Muslims Set Homeless Man on Fire on Christmas Eve

    Germany remains under attack by the foreign invaders. Six Syrian "refugees" and one from Lybia ages between 15 and 21. Again, Merkel should be imprisoned for allowing these military aged devout muslims to invade her country. American is heading for the same fate as Europe. Thank...
  11. Wonderer

    Overdoses continue among homeless in downtown St. Louis, with authorities blaming syn

    Overdoses continue among homeless in downtown St. Louis, with authorities blaming synthetic cannabis St. Louis Post Dispatch November 10, 2016 <Excerpt>: Paramedics treated more than three dozen more people Thursday after they apparently overdosed on synthetic cannabis. The additional...
  12. Madeline

    San Antonio Officer Fired For Giving Fecal Sandwich To Homeless Man

    https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2016/11/05/a-vile-and-disgusting-act-officer-accused-of-giving-fecal-sandwich-to-homeless-man-is-fired/ I realize we don't know what ethnicity the homeless man he victimized was, so this might not fit in the Racism forum, strictly speaking...
  13. Ginger

    Homeless Black Woman GUARDS Trump’s Hollywood Star

    After Donald Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was destroyed by a vandal with a sledgehammer, an unidentified homeless woman took up a vigil "guarding" the star to prevent any further attempts at vandalism. The woman had a sign identifying herself as homeless and as a Trump supporter...
  14. Snikitz

    Homeless in America

    This is pretty much a bi-partisan bitch fest - I don't point fingers here one way or the other because the establishment is the problem, right and left. New York City - 60,000 homeless Fighting homelessness in New York City - Story | WNYW Las Vegas - 7000 Kids homeless Las Vegas Hard...
  15. bajisima

    Homeless woman proves US govt owes her $100K

    Feel good story of the day.. It took a homeless woman who lives on the streets of our nation’s capital more than 10 years, but she finally proved that Social Security owes her more than $100,000. "Wanda Witter, a former machinist from Corning, N.Y., who is divorced and the mother of...
  16. DemoWhip

    Homeless Man Lights Candles for Victims of Orlando Massacre

    This story really touches you in a very special way. To see that there are people who are down and out and in need themselves stopping to light candles for the deceased in the Orlando shootings really touches your heart. May God bless him for his kind act in remembering others. Homeless Man...
  17. C

    cannabis tax to help the homeless

    sounds like a good idea to me, smoke away to help your fellow man... Colorado city will use $1.5 million cannabis tax revenues to help the homeless Aurora, the third largest city in the state, will donate funds to organisations which help low-income people with housing and community...
  18. Cotton2226

    Another poem written by my homeless friend!

    My Circus Poem As he closed his eyes, he knew where he had been, Peace engulfed his every nerve, let the fun begin. All the madmen, connivers and the circus hawks, Sleep was the best time he had, tell life to go get lost. The eyeless lady, when he was gutted on stage was a blast, Time to...
  19. L

    Homeless ordered to vacate camp they were pressured into before Super Bowl

    Residents have been ordered to vacate the San Francisco homeless encampment under a highway overpass after police and public workers pressured the city’s homeless to relocate there from areas of the city slated for Super Bowl 50 festivities. The 21st-century Hooverville became a symbol of the...
  20. mrmike

    Classy move: Jilted bride donates venue to homeless

    Wonderful gal... that idiot (dude) seriously missed out on someone beautiful and very special. Obviously, he didn't deserve her... 'If we can’t have a good night, I hope they have a great time': Jilted bride donates wedding reception to homeless families" Dana Olsen was set to wed fiancé...