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    A Question for new(ish) homeowners.

    I have a question for those people out there in the middle of the housing crisis. I'm not being partisan, slagging anyone or trying to start a fight so... We all know that the housing crisis began during President Clinton's term. Making mortgages easier was a democratic must in order to make...
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    FDIC Chief & McCain Raps Rescue for Homeowners

    Isn't this what President McCain suggested. The housing market meltdown is the heart of our financial crisis. Stop listening to the Nobama lies. I don't care if it's government assisted or run by the government. The opposing argument is the taxpayer is spending money with no return on...
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    Why Should I Bailout Greedy Gullible Homeowners?

    I'll make it a poll, too. So why should I have to finance some stupid ass's greed? If he can't pay for his house, kick him out. It's a private transaction between him and his lender. Resell the house at auction, and let the market do it's thing. There's no valid reason for the government...