1. Arkady

    Honest Cowardice

    Sacha Baron Cohen's Israeli anti-terrorism-expert character managed to get a vile Republican state representative to reveal his bigotry -- yelling racist epithets, etc., to the point that even the Republicans are denouncing him...
  2. DebateDrone

    America Can't Win a Trade War. A Conservative's Honest Truth of What is Going On

    Peter Schiff gives an overall assessment of the tariffs, the economy and America today...I give him a 97% rating. I don't agree 100% with his assessment, but tell me he is not spot on. If you are a Trump supporter I dare you to listen to the whole pod cast. Can you handle the truth...
  3. Two If By Tea

    Honest Immigration Policy From The REAL McCoys

    Back when I was growing up was reruns of old black n white tv shows like the Real McCoys.. https://youtu.be/ATAshDSEpos Anyhow back in 50s they had a "Bacceroo" Program for Farm Labor... In the Real McCoys that was "Pepino"... Anyhow the "original" program was migrant workers got in for...
  4. Barbella

    Be honest... is anyone here dumb enough to fork over a dime for Hillary's book of

    bullshit and lies? Even worse, is anyone here one of the thousands of morons who actually stand in line to gawk at this insufferable, arrogant, inside-and-out ugly creature who cares about nothing and no one but herself? 'Fess up, people... did you sit there in 100 degree weather waiting for...
  5. T

    Chris Mathews has a moment of honest reality at Maddow's expense.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fUZ7eEGbwA8 Chris Matthews Owns Rachel Maddow
  6. The Man

    Honest question to American conservatives

    Are you guys all investors and stock holders in oil and coal and such fossil fuel companies or something? Or employed in those sectors, perhaps? I'm just curious why you are all so fanatical about the environmental, global warming issues, and always attacking those who want to talk about...
  7. Gnostic Christian Bishop

    If clergy were honest, would religions die?

    If clergy were honest, would religions die? I do not think so. Based on the fact, some clergy are maintaining religions based on telling the truth and have stopped lying to their adherents. Knowing this, I wonder why the clergy of all supernaturally based religions continue to lie to their...
  8. Two If By Tea

    Trump Supporters Really Want Single Payer If They Were Honest

    is Trump supporters who will be hurt most by the Ryan plan if they manage to breath some life into a new house bill. The problem with Trump voters isnt Obamacare itself but rather they want the same level of subsidies on exchanges or to qualify for that Medicaid their lazy "undeserving"...
  9. GordonGecko

    Gallup- Only 45% think Trump keeps his promises, only 36% think he's honest-

    Poll: Majority no longer thinks Trump keeps his promises | TheHill All together.... "FAKE POLLS!!!!!" :)
  10. BAZINGA DrumpF

    Sessions to provide AMENDED Testimony on Monday! Why? The Honest man. Trump said so

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions plans on Monday to provide amended testimony regarding his contacts with Russia's ambassador to the U.S. during the presidential election. In a statement Friday, Justice Department spokesman Peter Carr says Sessions will also respond to questions raised by...
  11. Isalexi

    An honest answer please from alt right

    If Trump lost the electoral vote but won the popular vote by the largest margin in a case like this, in history....do you think he would be declaring a recount? If red states went blue after historically not doing that do you think he would say it was rigged? Or do you think he would just...
  12. Two If By Tea

    Why I voted Hillary An honest explanation

    I may not be all that enthusiastic about Hillary and I'm probably more inline with Jill Stein and the green party but she ain't got a prayer so Hillary and Dems straight down the ticket. Trump pretends to be an outsider but a Trump win means establishment Republican majority in the house and...
  13. N

    Be honest, how would Hillary feel if Trump quit?

    I think it'd be the biggest betrayal of her life.
  14. Gnostic Christian Bishop

    Let us be honest. Islam’s ideology is immoral to its core. Should we ask the Haigue a

    Let us be honest. Islam’s ideology is immoral to its core. Should we ask the Haigue and U.N. to rule on the free world's first duty to the world. Should we declare war against this immoral ideology? Our collective leadership must lead by honor. Honor demands the first duty of all free people...
  15. KnotaFrayed

    News for "Honest" adulterer Newt..........

    Iran 1980 = 8 Beirut Deployment = 266 Bombing of Libya 1986 = 2 Persian Gulf Escorts = 39 Gulf War = 294 Operation Provide Comfort = 19 Somaila = 43 9/11/01 American citizens killed = 2,605 9/11/01 Foreign citizens killed = 372 Afghanistan War = 2,356 Iraq War = 4,497 Benghazi =4 Operation...
  16. Wrangler

    Who is more honest and truthful, Bernie or Hillary?

    I entered a poll this time
  17. meridian5455

    Hillary Clinton is fundamentally honest

    Is she serious??? Of course she’s serious … which is what makes this so amazing.Jill Abramson is a former New York Times executive editor. She is also, for all intents and purposes, utterly delusional. This may shock you: Hillary Clinton is fundamentally honest | Jill Abramson | Opinion | The...
  18. Two If By Tea

    Free College In Perspective ..."Honest" DEBATE Sought here

    Fact ...these days you need either college or a trade school to make a living... Sure at one time just a High School diploma was fine but those good paying factory jobs are a thing of the past... Fact the cost of College is almost what a HOUSE used to Cost....... In essence many are...
  19. meridian5455

    Finally, an honest gym ad

  20. Locomotive

    Be honest, libs...

    Did any of you actually think this thing would work? yahoo.com/obamacare-condition-gone-critical-life-113000762.html Read the article, read the responses. I fully expect a chorus of "Waaahhh! The repubs blocked single payer!!"