1. Eve1

    All hope is lost in Trump's Governments honesty & in GOP held HOUSE and SENATE !!

    The House just voted to release the GOP memo regarding the FBI but voted against The DEM counter memo. There is no justification for this and is clearly an indication that all hope is lost in the Trump Government. It is not operating in the interest of American justice and in fact is proof...
  2. D

    New poll finds dipping approval, honesty ratings for Trump

    No, it's not all wine, caviar and roses for Trump. He faces disapproval ratings already and that will undoubtedly continue throughout his term in office but only to get worse. Since Trump is Trump few feel that he will ever change his style to truly benefit all Americans instead of his political...
  3. MaryAnne


    From one who has investigated Hillary for 20 years. The most thorough, profound and moving defense of Hillary Clinton I have ever seen.
  4. Thx1138

    Rating Trump and Clinton's Honesty.

    Here is a piece from Morning Joe that rates the candidates from two different sources. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KcyYqp80zMo Trump has the worst rating of any 2016 candidate while Hillary has one of the best. So I would put to you repubs who persist in attacking Clinton that YOU are...
  5. the watchman

    how the holy *beep* is trump polling higher on honesty than hillary?

    trump lies on a daily basis. here's the graphic. But, here are the poll numbers. Poll: Trump tops Clinton on honesty | TheHill
  6. excalibur

    Poll: Hillary Lowest Rating For Honesty

    She also loses to all Republicans except Trump in the latest Quinnipiac Poll. http://www.quinnipiac.edu/images/polling/us/us11042015_xsq33a.pdf
  7. Minotaur

    Bernie Sanders, Honesty or Puffery?

    I think he is honest but in a dishonest way. Lets look at some minor basics: 1. Government-run health-care program that covers every American - That was Obama's initial wish but Congress made that thought an impossible to pass pipe dream. The first step toward that goal, Obamacare, was...
  8. CEngelbrecht

    Have Volkswagen damaged their reputation for honesty beyond repair?

    VW scandal: Germany?s reputation on the line Or are they just the first house in a generally rotten industry to get caught?
  9. J

    The GOP, Honesty, And Social Security

    It is telling about this country that following the debates, we heard more about Donald Trump and some woman who can't spell Megan than Social Security. The latter drew about 4 minutes of discussion and almost nothing in that discussion was completely true. Yes, Christie has a 12 point plan...
  10. B

    Clinton's honesty and trustworthy problem extends to swing states

    Poll; Clinton honest trustworthy problem extends to swing states - CNNPolitics.com Damned right wing nut job media outlet and polling organizations...:topsy_turvy: This is just the tip of the iceberg, libs.
  11. meridian5455

    A Moment of Honesty: Jon Gruber Admits Obamacare is Full of Tax Hikes

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOgAm4zUXVs Well, duh!
  12. D

    Introducing, Your Next President America

    Howdy America, It’s me, Dick Johnson, Head of the U.S. Honesty Party and candidate to be the next President of these here United States of America. Here’s an intro video of me announcing my new Patreon Campaign. spread the word America, Here comes Dick Johnson, YeeHaaaaa...
  13. MaryAnne


    After all the lies,demonizing, Democrats found to be the most trusted. Guess the Republicans did not learn a thing after deionizing Clinton. GOP In Shambles As Poll Finds Americans View Democrats as More Ethical and Honest
  14. X

    A Survey on Honesty

    A survey! Please use the illustration above to answer the following questions regarding the public sector... 1. How accurately do the spending decisions of congress reflect your preferences? Where does congress place you on the above scale? 2. How accurately would your own spending...
  15. A

    Is honesty important in a politician?

    Yes: Honesty is the cornerstone of character. And character is the cornerstone of leadership. I reject the idea that a politician "has to" lie to the people if she wants to be elected or pass legislation. The lying that politicians do is extremely dangerous. If politicians are allowed to...
  16. meridian5455

    When dealing with Liberal authorities, honesty is not the best policy.

    Student Expelled, Charged With a Felony After He ?Tried to Do the Right Thing? When He Forgot His Shotgun Was in His Truck David "Cole" Withrow has been expelled and received a felony charge for accidentally leaving his shotgun in his truck at school and calling his mother to come pick it up...
  17. B

    Santorum: "We will never have the elite, smart people on our side"

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0n5oa55EsmI&feature=player_embedded One of the truest things that Rick Santorum ever said.
  18. Divine Wind

    Study finds honesty is healthy

    Benjamin Franklin was right. Study finds that avoiding lies can improve your health
  19. Inkslinger

    Finally, some honesty from the republicans...

    I guess a deep hatred of Obama does have its perks? "To say this is not about regime change is crazy," said Republican Rep. Mike Coffman of Colorado. "Of course this is about regime change. Why not just be honest with the American people?" Obama administration pushes dual-track policy in Libya
  20. S

    who killed honesty?

    Who killed honesty ? anyone know ? This isnt a flip bob dylan lyric this is seriuos . Honesty is not on any politicians dinner list nor is he invited for tea at the UN. Honesty knows where he is wanted and its usually only at the family get together . Its only in the certain layers of society is...