1. L

    Kofi Annan death: World leaders honour former UN chief

    3 hours ago Current UN chief Antonio Guterres hailed him as "a guiding force for good" and Russian President Vladimir Putin described a "remarkable person". Ex-US President Barack Obama said Annan had always pursued "a better world". The Ghanaian national served as UN chief from 1997 to...
  2. Dr.Knuckles

    National Day of Honour - May 09/14

    There was a National Day of Honour up here today. It's been two months since shutting down in Afghanistan and a day was set aside to honour the Forces, the deceased, wounded, vets and families. I won't harp on the day or ceremonies, but the CBC website had a fantastic feature that I wanted...
  3. The Man

    Must have had some honour left in him

    Siberian Cop Kills Self After Running over Girl | Crime | RIA Novosti
  4. Stefan Bandera

    Libya rape victims 'face honour killings'/fathers will kill their own daughters

    BBC News - Libya rape victims 'face honour killings' Libya rape victims 'face honour killings' I would like someone from the ME preferably a Muslim to please explain the rationale for these so called "honour killings' ! Are these people lliving on the same planet as the rest of us ?
  5. Djinn

    JK Rowling denied top US honour due to promotion of sorcery

    Just in case anyone else misses the Bush era: Whole article here.
  6. J

    Honour killings in Jordan cultural or religious?

    Some claim honour killing is a cultural phenomenon. However, when the culture is so thoroughly tied to the predominant religion in this case Islam (my favorite subject) it can be said that honour killings are based on the religious background of those who participate in honour killings. With...