1. Friday13

    [GW99] Alex Jones’ Lawyer Seeks To Make Sandy Hook Parents’ Home Addresses Public

    This guy Jones is dangerous. His hatred and cruelty know no bounds. He is ruining the lives of innocent people and putting them in danger. Alex Jones’ Lawyer Seeks To Make Sandy Hook Parents’ Home Addresses Public Alex Jones’ Lawyer Seeks To Make Sandy Hook Parents’ Home Addresses Public.
  2. Two If By Tea

    Where The Democrats have FAILED hook line and sinkers

    Traditional Democrats "used" to be about Heartland Farmers and Working Class folks .. Democrats got way too "ACTIVIST" with all this side issues activist crap. Ya wanna win back the "MIDWEST".. WE could care less about Gays n Transgenders or Race Soybeans have taken an almost 20%...
  3. T

    Trump: DOJ must not let Wasserman Schultz, aide 'off the hook'

    Seeming to create whole new conspiracy theory, Turmp accuses Wasserman's idiot former IT guy of being a key to much of the imaginary corruption. Yeah, I don't get it either. The guy allegedly committed bank fraud of sorts, and is being charged with it, yet the president says the Justice...
  4. Darkman

    Six more families sue Alex Jones over Sandy Hook conspiracy claims

    Six more families sue Alex Jones over Sandy Hook conspiracy claims http://a.msn.com/r/2/AAxIrEE?a=1&m=EN-US --- That's life.
  5. Mister B

    Sandy Hook Parents Sue Alex Jones

    It's about time this crazy conspiracy theorist, right wing troll buddy of Trump was wiped out financially, not only for what he's said about the Sandy Hook tragedy but for his lies about the Parkman High School massacre...
  6. the watchman

    Sandy Hook Parents Sue Alex Jones for Defamation.

    Three parents whose children were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012 filed a defamation lawsuit on Tuesday against Alex Jones, the right-wing conspiracy theorist who has long claimed the shooting was “completely fake” and a “giant hoax” perpetrated by opponents of the Second...
  7. Babba

    Sandy Hook Parents Hit Alex Jones With Defamation Lawsuits

    I hope there is a hell for people like Alex Jones and anyone who frequents Infowars and believes the vile crap that is spewed on there. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/sandy-hook-parents-have-just-hit-alex-jones-with-defamation-lawsuits/ar-AAvYhj2?li=BBnb7Kz&ocid=U143DHP
  8. excalibur

    [GW #116] How Obama let Hezbollah off the hook

    The secret backstory of how Obama let Hezbollah off the hook An ambitious U.S. task force targeting Hezbollah's billion-dollar criminal enterprise ran headlong into the White House's desire for a nuclear deal with Iran...
  9. S

    5 Years Ago, Sandy Hook Shooting Happened.

    And we're still having issues with public shooters. For me that was the last straw. I don't support gun control, But I do support fixing this problem. It's become so political that any real answers or efforts are lost in the seas of rhetoric. We have schools that are training their...
  10. Macduff

    Taxpayers on the hook for Congressional sexual harassment

    Equal treatment for lawmakers? Don’t count on it. A little-known law has been on the books for more than a decade that gives anyone accusing a federal lawmaker of sexual harassment the right to sue – but only if they consent to a lengthy drawn-out process that includes a written statement within...
  11. PACE

    New FBI documents reveal Adam Lanza threatened to shoot kids at Sandy Hook in 2008

    FBI Documents: Adam Lanza Threatened To Kill Mother, Schoolchildren « CBS New York FBI report, I went thru the first thirty pages, shaking my head..... https://vault.fbi.gov/sandy-hook-elementary-school-shooting/Sandy%20Hook%20Elementary%20School%20Shooting%20Part%2001%20of%2003/view
  12. MaryAnne

    Sandy Hook Truther

    Goes to prison. No sympathy from the Judge for this pathetic piece of humanity. Judge hands Sandy Hook truther prison sentence - NY Daily News
  13. cpicturetaker12

    MORE FAKE NEWS FALLOUT: Sandy Hook TRUTHER makes death threats to DEAD child's dad!

    Man oh man! This guy LOST HIS KID, now he has to put up this KIND OF FAKE NEWS DRIVEN UTTER BULLSHIT? How much CRUELTY can you inflict on someone?? They ought to be real happy, I can't be called up for this case. I'd throw the fucking book at her and wouldn't let her ass out! Death...
  14. allegoricalfact

    Sandy Hook being taken to Court

    This is going to be interesting circus ---- ''In another shocking twist in the Sandy Hook saga, Filmmaker and Author William Brandon Shanley Launches Wave of Lawsuits for more than $1 Trillion Against Big Media Over Sandy Hook Massacre Coverage. “After exhaustive research, the good news is...
  15. PACE

    Bridgeport Court to hear dismissal plea wrt Sandy Hook lawsuit

    against Remington Arms, I want the gun supporters to read this, and I want you to review Remington's defense with an unbiased mind, and then,,, I want you to read it again as a consumer, and ONLY a consumer. Then tell me your reaction; mine was simple: Caveat emptor. Judge to Hear...
  16. Friday13

    Sandy Hook Families Get Access to Gun Mfr's Records

    Sandy Hook victims? families get access to gun manufacturer marketing records
  17. G

    Bernie's Sandy Hook Shame. Sandy Hook comments by Senator Sanders is facing criticism

    NY Daily News Slams Bernie Sanders. Sanders under fire for Sandy Hook comments | MSNBC Sanders under fire for Sandy Hook comments Senator Bernie Sanders is facing criticism for opposing efforts by families of Sandy Hook victims to sue gun manufacturers. Sanders’ supporter and former Ohio...
  18. G

    Parents of Sandy Hook victim: Sanders is wrong about the point of our lawsuit

    Mark and Jackie Barden, whose 7-year-old son Daniel was murdered in the Sandy Hook massacre in December 2012, have voiced their opposition to comments Sen. Bernie Sanders made during a Democratic presidential debate on March 6 that gun manufacturers should not be liable if a crime is committed...
  19. cpicturetaker12

    Trump. GREAT HONOR' for FL pastor endorsement. He says Sandy Hook parents were ACTORS

    Explain to me why CHURCHES are allowed to keep tax-exempt status again! Explain to me how many fucking crazy people are out there! Explain to me why the hell they have to come to Florida! Trump’s new Florida ally is a vile Sandy Hook truther who mocks parents with dead children Tom...
  20. cpicturetaker12

    Sandy Hook truther goes to trial for STALKING victims sister--says she DIDN'T EXIST!

    You know, I keep posting, I just can't seem to set the bar low enough for crazy and partisanship (and 'partisan crazy') to slime under. Some one new comes along at least once a week causing me to reset the bar. So this SANDY HOOK 'TRUTHER' is going to prove that one of the women who was SHOT TO...