1. L

    Chechen gay men hopeful of finding refuge in five countries

    Chechen gay men hopeful of finding refuge in five countries - BBC News How can this country sit by and deny these folks asylum? It makes me ill. People wanted to know what Trump could do to help this situation, well- this is it, take these people in.
  2. bajisima

    Most positive and hopeful political ad of 2016

    They may be difficult to recall, but there were some things about the 2016 presidential election that made people happy and hopeful. Perhaps even harder to believe is that some of those things were campaign advertisements. A few 2016 campaign ads stand out for how happy and hopeful they made...
  3. PACE

    Feeling hopeful

  4. M

    Dem hopeful drops out!

    Another Democrat is out of the race. Just heard that Harvard Law Professor Larry Lessig had dropped out and apparently had some bad things to say about the Dem Party on his way out the door. Good ole Larry...he was THAT close, I tell ya! Imagine Hillarys relief!
  5. BDBoop

    "Dred Scott is still the law of the land" says presidential hopeful Huckabee

    Huckabee: Dred Scott Decision 'Remains To This Day The Law Of The Land' (AUDIO) No really. He did. He said it. Audio included. And really, I don't care what point he was trying to make? He was wrong. Huckabee appeared on conservative radio host Michael Medved's show to defend Kentucky county...
  6. G

    Oregon Senate hopeful accused of stalking boyfriend

    This is the same twitt who is running campaign comericals with her wearing hospital scrubs declaring that everybody should vote for her because afterall she was the first to speak out against "Obamacare". Other than that apparently she has no other redeming qualities. Oregon Senate hopeful...
  7. the watchman

    GOP hopeful wants Obama hanged. Instead he got a surprise visit from secret service.

    I'm just going to link to the entire article because of fair use. It's not so long. I'll just say that even Rick Scot is calling for Mr. Black to step down as a candidate. But, this guy is real idiot, the likes of Ted Nuggent, and refuses. Word to the wise, when you post on social media sites...
  8. Old Ridge Runner

    I cling to my Bible, guns,’ says black female Senate hopeful

    'I cling to my Bible, guns,' says black female Senate hopeful | Conservative News, Views & Books Ms. Lenard has it correct and sees the current gun grab for what it truly is, an attempt by the elites in this nation to do away with the rights of the people and to subjugate the masses to their...
  9. michaelr

    Ohio GOP Senate hopeful shorting U.S. Treasury bonds and betting on default

    Ohio GOP Senate hopeful shorting U.S. Treasury bonds and betting on default This guy should know that being the smart guy in the room is politically incorrect. He is right, and everyone should bet on and brace for a default.
  10. jackalope

    Is Romney the Most Consistent Presidential Hopeful?

    :icon_ohyeah: That would be something if it were true. A whole field of "I was for it, before I was against it" candidates.
  11. TennesseeRain

    Birthers love Sarah Palin far more than any other 2012 GOP hopeful

    The new poll from the Dem firm Public Policy Polling finds that a majority of likely GOP primary voters falsely believe Obama wasn't born in the United States. But this breakdown of their attitudes towards Sarah Palin is of particular interest: A 51% majority of national GOP primary...
  12. C

    Another GOP White House Hopeful Goes Down in Flames...

    Gov. McDonnell apologizes for omitting slavery in Confederacy proclamation - CNN.com Ho boy... he even got a "my friend is black" in there. :rolleyes: Man that's just sad.
  13. D

    Presidential hopeful refuses to be wishy-washy

    Presidential hopeful refuses to be wishy-washy - Salt Lake Tribune
  14. P

    Preacher, thug, racist, race baiter and 04 Democratic Hopeful

    Videotape shows Sharpton cutting a deal | Philadelphia Inquirer | 12/15/2007 I believe Sharpton ran as a democrat for president, yet there are those here that claim only republicans are crooked. Seems ole Sharpton will be looking at some time after all this falls into place. And yes I know...
  15. M

    Why Do Hopeful Presidential Candidates....

    Always write a book? Some of them don't seem to have even read a book, then they write one? Do people actually read the stuff? I have not read one book that a candidate has written (ghost writers?) I figure it has to be more campaign gimmicks.
  16. I

    Congressional Hopeful Blames Troubles on the Devil

    And you're right John Jacob, it's the devil in the White House that fuctitup for you... http://www.ksl.com/?nid=148&sid=324262